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Besides visiting all the typical tourism sights there are other activities that may appeal to you. We like to breakdown activities into different categories. Each one usually fits a travelers style more than others as some are family oriented, amusements venues or festivals. For the more adventurous travelers, hiking or biking across trails out in the rural natural beauty or Europe or within its fascinating cities. There are the entertainment venues for those whose seek some form of excitement and nightlife. Then there are things less strenuous activities like like shopping, leisurely walks in a park, laying on a sunny beach or taking a day at a spa to soak and get a massage.


Tours & Guides

Find tours that are theme oriented – Free Walking – Tour Operators – and Local Guides at the Tours & Guides page.


Europe has Amusement Parks, Aquariums, Zoos, Water parks and more for family fun. Read more at the Attractions page.


Sharing bike systems is an easy way to move around in a city. Europe also offers incredible bike paths and routes. Read more at the Bicycling page.

Cultural Routes

These are routes of pilgrimage or retrace significant routes of important value to Europes heritage preserved by the council of Europe . Read more at the Cultural Routes page.

Festivals & Events

Europe celebrates 3,000 years of traditions & events cross the continent. Find more information at the Festivals & Events page.


Europe has some of the finest scenic hiking trails crossing through seem of the most spectacular natural scenery. Find trail information at the Hiking page.

Industrial Heritage

Europe is the birth of the Industrial Revolution which change our world forever. Read about its heritage at the Industrial Heritage page.

Parks & Botanical Gardens

Some of Europe’s cities have the most incredible parks with a variety of attractions and activities. Read more at the Parks & Botanical Gardens page.

Winter Sports

Once an important form of winter transportation, skiing became a popular sport. With other winter sports Europe has become a winter holiday destination. Read more at the Winter Sports page.


Nightlife is big in the major cities with venues for music and dancing. Some cities, like Berlin, are know for their variety of nightlife. Casinos are almost in every country for those who like to chance it. Read more at the Nightlife page.

Performing Arts

Musically, from classics like, opera, symphonic and more. Mega music festivals featuring Rock, Pop, Jazz from around the world. The stage in London for the best know musicals and plays. Read more at the Performing Arts page.

Sporting Events

Europe is home to some of the best football (soccer) – It’s the birthplace of Golf, Tennis, Alpine & Nordic Skiing, Cricket, Cycling, Curling and Rugby. Formula car racing is also popular. Europe also has professional Basketball & Hockey leagues. Read more at the Sporting Events page.


The home to design and fashion for famous brands you will find shopping areas, department stores designer shops throughout major cities. Read more at the Shopping page.

Spas & Wellness

Since the time of the Romans Europeans have embraced the comforts of baths and hot springs. They’re a great restful escape and well worth a visit. Read more at the Europe Spas & Wellness page.

Beaches & the Sun

Europe is home to some of the worlds most beautiful & romantic beaches. Find famous resort areas along its coastlines and islands. Read more at the Beaches & the Sun page.