The transportation decisions you make will be some of the most important of your trip, right along with accommodations, food and sightseeing. Making the right choices will go along way to making the time you travel from one place to another, efficient, convenient and pleasant. And let us be clear, depending on where you are traveling from and to where some forms of transportation are better options than others.

First, depending on where you are departing from and going to in Europe you need to find your best options in Getting to Europe. Then when Arriving in Europe, what to do and your choices to from the airport to your destination.

Once in Europe traveling by plane, train, bus or auto will vary depending on where your destinations. Best choices and in some instances services available will be if you are Traveling within the Cities, Day trips from the Cities, Traveling within a Country and Traveling from one Country to another.

With just a little searching and reading you will be able to make the right choices.

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You may read more about:
1. Proper Trip Planning for your trip.
2. As you travel what Available Services are at your disposal.
3. Finding the best Accommodations and Dining & Food that are right for you.
4. How to find Places To See & Things To Do at the Destinations page.

The more you know and understand, the better your European experience will be.