Traveling to Europe can be a rewarding and memorable experience. Having some basic understanding, prior to your visit, will help you to avoid commons mistakes, thus enhancing your trip. The information below will provide an oversight that will help you to understand Europe and how it is different from the United States.

If you read our post “Why Travel to Europe” we have given you some very good reasons to visit. So now, what does a visit involve and what can it be?

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Getting To Europe

Find International Airlines and those that have Non-Stop Flights to Europe – Your flying Class choices – European Airports – The Airline Alliances and more at GETTING TO EUROPE page

Arrive In Europe

Know your transportation choices when in Europe – From airport to city – Best choices City to City – Country to Country and more at ARRIVING IN EUROPE page

Airlines In Europe

Learn about your flying options within Europe – Airlines Directory – Passenger Right in Europe and more at AIRLINES IN EUROPE page


Learn which European Rail Lines are your best choices – Find Rail Passes & Tickets – Find Train Stations s and more at TRAINS page

Public Transit

What’s your best options – Metros – Trams/ Light Rail – Share biking and more at PUBLIC TRANSIT page


Know your options when traveling on City Buses – Inter-City & Regional Buses – Tour Buses – and more at BUSES page

Autos & Taxis

Find Rental Car agencies – Taxis options – Ride Share services – Driving in Europe – Scenic Roads and more at AUTOS & TAXIS page

Boats & Ferries

Know what to expect on arrival at European Airports – and more at BOATS & FERRIES page

Alternative Transportation

Sometimes other modes of travel are your best choices – Aerial Trams – Bicycles – E-Scooters – and more at ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION page

Categories on our web site you may find helpful.

You may read more about:
1. Proper Trip Planning for your trip.
2. As you travel what Available Services are at your disposal.
3. Finding the best Accommodations and Dining & Food that are right for you.
4. How to find Places To See & Things To Do at the Destinations page.

The more you know and understand, the better your European experience will be.