Europe has a vast network of rail lines that will get you almost anywhere you want to go efficiently and easy. In many situations you can reduce your overall travel time by using the trains rather than flying or driving. Trains are great in getting you from the middle of one city to another, unlike airports which are almost always located far outside of the city centers. This means easier and quicker access to stations and overall less travel time. Train makes good sense when traveling within a country or to adjoining country’s. This is especially true in western and central Europe where the rail network is excellent. The large cities can have multiple stations with trains coming and going continuously on busy schedules. This high frequency of trains will provide you the traveler with an excellent selection of times to depart to another destination.

There are several ways to purchase tickets. You can choose to purchase point to point tickets or if you plan on extensive rail travel you can opt for a rail pass. Several web sites allow you to compare buying rail passes as opposed to purchasing individual point to point tickets. Remember to get your tickets validated at the station prior to boarding the train. Otherwise the conductor will have to charge you and extra €10. Once you arrive at the station check to see what platform your train is departing from. If your early and do not see your train listed on the big schedule board ask a rail employee and they will assist you.  If you are connecting to another train find its platform before you do anything else. There are many trains arriving and departing and they are precisely on time so you do not want to miss your train.

If you plan on doing a lot of train travel then a rail pass maybe the answer. However, compare the trips you want to take on the train and price the point to point tickets as opposed to the rail pass. You may find buying point to point tickets will be less costly. Levels of train service can vary from one country to another. Trains in France go just about everywhere with good schedules, are comfortable and inexpensive. Greece is not the same situation, There a bus will probably be your best option and less costly.

You can find more detailed information at pages on specific rail topics listed below.

While Europe has high speed trains, they only run on high demand routes and usually cost more than the intercity or regional trains. However, they are modern comfortable and will get you there a lot quicker than the other trains that will make more frequent stops. High speed trains require reservations even with a rail pass. Look at airline flights if the trip time on train runs over 5 hours. At that point you may save time by flying. However, there are night trains available on some long distance routes. A night train allows you to travel at night saving your day time hours for other activities as well as the cost of a hotel room.

European Rail Lines…

international rail lines

These rail providers have departures from one country and a terminus point in another. Their routes are from one major city to one in another country. These rail lines do not provide regional services from their main points of service.

National Rail Lines

These are the largest railway companies within their respective countries and are typically state owned and operated. They provide most of the rail infrastructure and routes that even some of the smaller regional rail companies may use. Some may provide limited cross border routes to high demand destinations in other countries.

regional rail lines

Smaller rail lines that provide limited services to specific areas or regions and not nationally or internationally. Some may only serve a single route and web sites may be available only in the local language. 

Rail LineTypeService Area
Oy Karelian (Allegro)International RailwayHigh-speed cross boarder service by VR & RZD Allegro train from Helsinki, Finland to St. Petersburg, Russia
ICE(Inter-City Express)International RailwayCross boarder service operated by DB from Germany
IC -EC (Inter-City – Euro-City)International RailwayCross boarder service operated by DB from Germany
Venice-Simplon-Orient-ExpressInternational RailwayLuxury vintage train between London or Paris to Venice
EurostarInternational RailwayHigh speed trains through the Channel Tunnel. From London to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam & other France locations
Euro TunnelInternational RailwayTransport your car by train from Folkstone, Uk to Calais, France
Intercity DirectInternational RailwayCross boarder service from Amsterdam to Brussels operated by NS
RailJetInternational RailwayService operated by ÖBB & ČD between Austria & Czechia
Optima ExpressInternational RailwayTransport your car by train from Villach, Austria to the Edirne, Turkey
ØresundstågInternational RailwayCross boarder service between Copenhagen,
Malmö & Lund Sweden by DSB & SJ
ElipsosInternational RailwayTGV and AVE high speed trains between France and Spain. Paris-Toulouse-Lyon-Marseille-Barcelona- Madrid by SNFC & Renfe
TGVInternational RailwayFrance, with cross boarder services to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain & Netherlands by SNFC
TGV LyriaInternational RailwayFormed by SNCF & SBB to provide high- speed rail service between France and Switzerland
ThalysInternational RailwayA consortium of 3 companies provide high-speed rail between Belgium-France-Germany- Netherlands
thelloInternational RailwayTrenitalia overnight service between France & Italy. Marseille-Milan, Paris-Venice
JSCNational RailwaySerbia’s National Rail System
HŽPPNational RailwayCroatian National Railways
CFMNational RailwayMoldova’s National Rail System
ZCGNational RailwayMontenegro’s National Rail System
HSHNational RailwayAlbania’s National Rail system. (Website in Albania only)
MZ TransportNational RailwayNorth Macedonia’s National Rail System
National RailwaySlovenia’s National Rail System
PKPNational RailwayPoland’s National Rail System
Deutsche BahnNational RailwayGermany’s National Rail system
BDZNational RailwayBulgaria’s National Rail System
NMBS / SNBCNational RailwayBelgium’s National Rail Line
ČDNational RailwayCzechia National Rail System
CFLNational RailwayLuxembourg’s National Rail System
CFRNational RailwayRomania’s National Rail System
CPNational RailwayPortugal’s National Rail system
DSBNational RailwayDenmark’s National Rail System
ElronNational RailwayEstonia’s National Passenger Rail System
Irish RailNational RailwayIreland’s National Rail
LDzNational RailwayLatvia’s National Rail System
LietuvosNational RailwayLithuanian’s National Rail System
MÁVNational RailwayHungary’s National Rail service
National RailNational RailwayUnited Kingdom’s National Rail System
NSNational RailwayNetherland’s National Rail System
ŐBBNational RailwayAustria’s National Rail system. Also includes Liechtenstein.
OSENational RailwayGreece’s National Rail System
RenfeNational RailwaySpain’s National Rail System
BelarussianNational RailwayBelarusian Railway System
SBB CFF FFSNational RailwaySwitzerland ‘s National Rail System
SJNational RailwaySweden’s National Rail System
SNCFNational RailwayFrance’s National Rail Line
TCDDNational RailwayTurkey’s National Rail System
TrenitaliaNational RailwayItaly’s National Rail system
YKPNational RailwayUkraine’s National Rail System
VRNational RailwayFinland’s National Rail System
VYNational RailwayNorway’s National Rail System
ŽFBHNational RailwayBosnian National Railways
ŽSSKNational RailwaySlovakia’s National Rail System
AdifRegional RailwayHigh Speed rail service in Spain
Appenzeller BahnenRegional RailwayRail service in cantons of Appenzeller Innerrhoden & Ausserrhoden & St. Gallen
MOBRegional RailwayGolden Pass scenic route from Montreux to Gstaad, Guryéres, Les Pléides or Broc
TfLRegional RailwayRail service by Transport for London
TFWRegional RailwayRegional rail service in Wales
westbahn.atRegional RailwayRail service in to Salzburg, Vienna, Upper & Lower Austria regions
Avanti West CoastRegional RailwayLondon Euston to Scotland, Manchester, Liverpool & Birmingham
blsRegional RailwayPassenger service from Bern & Luzern to areas in the Swiss canton of Berne.
C2CRegional RailwayRail service From London Fenchurch station east to Essex
CFCRegional RailwayChemins de fer de la Corse Rail service on the island of Corsica
Chiltern RailwaysRegional RailwayLondon Marylebone to Birmingham, Regional rail service in Scotland
CP zouRegional RailwayChemins de Fer de Provence Narrow gauge railway from Nice to Digne.
Cross CountryRegional RailwayBirmingham to Cornwall, Bournemouth, Cambridge, York, Cardif, & Scotland
East MidlandsRegional RailwayRegional Rail System serving England’s Cities
CircumveruvianaRegional RailwayRegional service in Naples, Pompeii & Amalfi areas.
euskotrenRegional RailwayRegional service for Hendaye-Irun-San Sebastian-Bilbao
Grand CentralRegional RailwayLondon King’s Cross to York, Bradford & Sunderland
Greater AngliaRegional RailwayLondon Liverpool St to northeast England & Stansted Express
GWRRegional RailwayLondon Paddington west to Cornwall, Wales & Bath
Hull TrainsRegional RailwayLondon King’s Cross to Hull
italoRegional RailwayPrivate Italian High Speed rail service
IVBRegional RailwayOperates the Stubai Valley Railway from Innsbruck to Fulpmes
Bernese Oberland Bahn / JungfraubahnRegional RailwayInterlaken to Lauterbrunnen/ Grindelwal/ Wengen/ Kleine Scheidegg/ Jungfraujoch
leo expressRegional RailwayPassenger service from Czechia to Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia & Ukraine
LNERRegional RailwayLondon Kings Cross north to Scotland, Leeds, Newcastle & York
London North WesternRegional RailwayLondon Euston to Birmingham, Coventry, Liverpool & Milton-Keyes
Matterhorn Gotthard BahnRegional RailwayZermatt to Disentis / Mustér
Mersey RailRegional RailwayLiverpool area rail service
Mitterrhein BahnRegional RailwayRuns the route from Cologne to Mainz along the river Rhine.
Mt. Blanc ExpressRegional RailwayLine from Martigny, Switzerland to Chamonix, France
NÖVOGRegional RailwayOperate a number of secondary lines in Lower Austria
OuigoRegional RailwayLow-cost high-speed line from Paris CDG
to Marseille, Montpellier, Rennes & Nantes
RATPRegional RailwayTransit system operating rail lines around Paris area
Regio JetRegional RailwayTrain and bus routes from Czechia to 14 European countries
Glacier ExpressRegional RailwayScenic route from Zermatt to St. Moritz
ScotScot RailRegional RailwayRegional rail service in Scotland
Caledonian SleeperRegional RailwayOvernight rail service London Euston to Scotland
SOBRegional RailwayRail service in Southern Switzerland (site in German only)
South WesternRegional RailwayLondon Waterloo & Victoria southwest to Southhampton, Bournemouth & Portsmouth
SZURegional RailwayRail service in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland (site in German only)
Thames LinkRegional Railway3 Railways (Great Northern, Southern, Southeastern & Gatwick Express) Operating from London Bridge, St Pancras or King’s Cross.
ThurboRegional RailwayRail service in eastern Switzerland
NorthernRegional RailwayRail service in Northern England in the United Kingdom

TILORegional RailwayTrains in Ticino and Lombardia, including over the old Gotthard pass route
Transpennie ExpressRegional RailwayRail service in Eastern England to Manchester and Scotland
TranslinkRegional RailwayRailway provider in Northern Ireland
West MidlandsRegional RailwayRegional trains from Birmingham
ZentralbahnRegional RailwayNarrow gauge railway from Luzern to Interlaken and Engelberg
ŽRSRegional RailwayTrain service in Republika Srpska in Bosnia & Herzegovina. (Website in Serbian only)
mbsRegional RailwayMBS operates the Arlberg line
FLiXTRAINRegional RailwayRail service in Germany to Stuttgart, Berlin and NW Germany
Stern HafferlRegional RailwayOperates regional trains lines in Upper Austria
Wiener Lokal bahanenRegional RailwayWLB operates a light rail service from Vienna to the spa town of Baden
NJRegional RailwayAalborg, Hjørring, Frederikshav, Skagen, Hirtshals, Skørping
Go RailInternational RailwayCross boarder service from Tallinn to St Petersburg and Moscow
Arriva.dkRegional RailwayPrivate Rail out of Aarhus, Struer
LokaltogRegional RailwayService out of Nykøbing, Køge, Tølløse & Holbæk
Rhätische BahnRegional RailwayBernina Express & 10 other lines throughout Switzerland
Bla*TågetRegional RailwayPrivate rail line between Stockholm – Göthenburg, Sweden
GYSEV / RaaberbahnInternational RailwayCross boarder rail services in Hungary and Austria
GW Train RegioRegional RailwayRail service in Bohemia and Moravia regions of Czechia.
Westfalen BahnRegional RailwayRegional rail service in Western Germany
PolregioRegional RailwayRegional rail service in Poland
Koleje MazowieckieRegional RailwayRail service in Masovia Voivodeship of Poland
Koleje ŚląskieRegional RailwayRail service in Silesia Voivodeship of Poland
Koleje WielkopolskieRegional RailwayRail service in the Greater Poland Voivodeship of Poland
Koleje DolnośląskieRegional RailwayRail service in Lower Silesia Voivodeship of Poland
Koleje MałopolskieRegional RailwayRail service in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship of Poland
TCFRegional RailwayRail service in Romania (site in Romanian only)
Srbija Voz Regional RailwayRail service in Serbia
BRBRegional RailwayTrains from Munich to Tegernsee, Lenggries and Bayrischzell.
BOBRegional RailwayTrains in North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia
SWEGRegional RailwayRegional rail service in Bavaria Germany
cantus-bahnRegional RailwayRegional express trains on routes out of Munich to Lindau/Oberstdorf, Regensburg, Furth im Wald
EurobahnRegional RailwayRegional trains from Berchtesgaden to Freilassing and Salzburg
Erfurter BahnRegional RailwayRegional trains in the region around Erfurt
erix xRegional RailwayRegional trains in Northern Germany Bremen, Brunswick, Hanover
evbRegional RailwayRegional trains from Cuxhaven via Bremerhaven to Buxtehude
ODEGRegional RailwayRegional trains in the Berlin area
HLBRegional RailwayRegional and suburban trains around Frankfurt/Main
HzLRegional RailwayRegional service in southern Baden-Württemberg
metronomRegional RailwayRegional trains from Hamburg to Bremen and Hanover
Zillertal BahnRegional RailwayOperate local trains on the line from Jebach to Mayrhofen
NEBRegional RailwayRegional trains on regional lines around Berlin
TransdevRegional RailwayOperate region lines NOB, BRB, HEX, WEG & NordwestBahn in Germany
RutalbahnRegional RailwayRegional trains from Düren via Jülich to Linnich
The Following web sites contains in depth information on train travel

➾ The Man in Seat Sixty One

Night Trains

High Speed Rail Lines & Routes…

Europe’s high speed rail routes are excellent for getting to a destination quickly. They will cost slightly more for a ticket but, going up to speeds of almost 300 km/h they do not make very many stops, unlike the other trains, increasing your overall travel time. You can also find some regional trains marked “Rapid” which also means they will not make many stops allowing for quicker travel time. Remember, even with a rail pass,  you must make a reservation on the high speed trains.

There are two types of high speed lines with one dedicated and another upgraded. The dedicated lines which means they can travel at 250 km/h (155 mph) on newer and faster tracks. Upgraded lines can travel at least 200km/h (124 mph) for upgraded tracks. Trains may have to slow down while traveling over older tracks, those not upgraded or traveling through metropolitan areas.


The Alfa Pendular travels down the coast of Portugal. 
Routes: Braga-Porto / Porto-Coimbra / Coimbra – Lisbon / Lisbon – Faro


The high-speed Eurostar train will transport you via the Channel Tunnel to the heart of London from Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris . Routes: London – Paris / London – Amsterdam / London – Brussels / London – Lille


ICE trains connect all major cities in Germany and many cities in neighboring countries. This modern high-speed train, with hourly services, offers many conveniences. 
Routes: Frankfurt – Hamburg / Frankfurt – Munich / Frankfurt – Cologne / Frankfurt – Stuttgart / Hamburg – Munich / Berlin – Hamburg / Berlin – Frankfurt / Berlin – Munich / Cologne – Berlin / Frankfurt – Aachen / Frankfurt – Brussels (via Brussels Noord) / Cologne – Brussels (via Brussels Noord) / Frankfurt – Paris / Frankfurt – Basel / Frankfurt – Amsterdam / Nuremberg – Vienna


Private high speed rail line that competes with Trenitalia the national rail service. 
Routes: Venice – Rome / Naples – Rome / Rome – Milan / Florence – Rome / Milan – Venice / Rome – Bolzano / Turin – Reggio Calabria / Turin – Salerno / Milan – Ancona / Rome – Bologna


The Le Frecce are a series of 3 modern high-speed train lines connecting cities and towns all across Italy.
Frecciarossa Routes: Turin – Salerno / Venice – Salerno / Bergamo – Rome / Trieste – Milan / Venice – Genoa / Bolzano – Milan / Turin – Lecce.
Frecciargento Routes: Rome – Venice / Rome – Verona / Rome – Reggio Calabria / Rome – Mantua / Rome – Ancona / Rome – Pescara / Rome – Bari / Rome – Lecce / Rome – Puglia / Rome – Genoa ( via Fiumicino airport) / Rome – Reggio Calabria
Frecciabianca Routes: Rome – Turin (via Genoa) / Milan – Venice / Milan – Lecce / Milan – Bari / Venice – Lecce / Rome – Reggio Calabria (via Naples) / Rome Ravenna


Railjet (RJ) high-speed trains operate between Austria, Czechia, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. 
Routes: Vienna – Budapest / Vienna – Prague / Vienna – Salzburg / Vienna – Innsbruck / Vienna – Graz / Vienna – Villach / Salzburg – Budapest / Salzburg – Zürich / Salzburg – Munich / Innsbruck – Budapest / Graz – Prague / Munich – Budapest


Spain’s national rail network of high speed trains connects most major cities as well as links up to lines for international travel to France and Portugal.
Altaria high-speed train Madrid, to southern Spain.
Routes: Madrid – Algeciras / Madrid – Granada / Madrid – Cartagena / Madrid – Murcia
Routes: Alicante – Gijón / Alicante – Santander / Madrid – Alicante / Madrid – Bilbao / Madrid – Cadiz / Madrid – Gijón / Madrid – Huelva / Madrid – Logroño / Madrid – Pamplona / Madrid – Santander / Madrid – Castellón / Madrid – Vitoria-Gasteiz / Barcelona – A Coruña / Barcelona – Irún (Spain) / Barcelona – Vigo / Madrid – A Coruña / Barcelona – Gijónvia León
AVE high speed train out of Madrid
Routes: Madrid – Barcelona / Madrid – Seville via Ciudad Real – Puertollano – Córdoba Central / Madrid – Huesca via Guadalajara – Calatayud – Zaragoza-Delicias – Tardienta / Madrid – Malaga / Madrid – Alicante / Barcelona – Seville via Madrid Puerta de Atocha / Barcelona – Malaga via Madrid Puerta de Atocha / Madrid – Valencia via Cuenca – Fernando Zóbel – Requena-Utiel / Valencia – Seville via Cuenca – Fernando Zóbel – Ciudad Real / Madrid – Figueres
Euromed operates along the Mediterranean coast. 
Routes: Barcelona – Tarragona / Barcelona – Castellón / Barcelona – Valencia via Madrid Puerta de Atocha / Barcelona – Alicante


The Renfe-SNCF is an international consortium high-speed train that connects Spain and France. 
Routes: Barcelona – Paris / Barcelona – Toulouse / Barcelona – Lyon / Madrid – Marseille

SJ X2000     

The Swedish SJ high-speed trains that offer a high level of comfort and can transport swiftly to the center of many cities in Sweden such as Stockholm. 
Routes: Stockholm – Malmö / Stockholm – Sundsvall / Stockholm – Östersund / Stockholm – Gothenburg / Stockholm – Karlstad / Stockholm – Borlänge / Gothenburg – Malmö / Copenhagen – Stockholm / Copenhagen – Malmö / Oslo – Stockholm


The high-speed SuperCity train is a great option for exploring the major cities in the Czech Republic. 
Routes: Prague – Ostrava / Bohumín – Františkovy Lázně / Prague – Havirov


The TGV is a high-speed train that operates all over France and beyond. 
Routes: Paris – Lille / Paris – Calais / Paris – Reims / Paris – Metz / Paris – Strasbourg / Paris – Dijon / Paris – Grenoble / Paris – Lyon / Paris – Avignon / Paris – Perpignan / Paris – Nice / Paris – Brodeaux / Paris – Biarritz / Paris – Lourdes / Paris – Toulouse / Paris – Nantes


The TGV Lyria is an international high-speed train that connects France and Switzerland. 
Routes: Paris – Basel / Paris – Zürich / Paris – Bern / Paris – Interlaken / Paris – Lausanne / Paris – Genéva / Marseille – Basel


Thalys is an international high-speed train consortium connecting France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), Germany (Cologne) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam). 
Routes: Paris – Brussels / Paris – Amsterdam / Amsterdam – Brussels / Paris – Liège / Paris – Cologne / Brussels – Dortmund (Via Köln Hbf) / Paris – Antwerp / Brussels – Lille

Scenic Train Routes…

Line Name – Departure City to Major Stops to Destination City
Arlberg Line – From Blundez to Landeck to Innsbruck, Austria (or vice versa)
Bergen Railway – From Bergen to Oslo, Norway (or vice versa)
Bernina Express – From Chur or St. Moritz to Tirano, Switzerland (or vice versa)
Black Forest Lines – Ofenburg to Konstanz and Freiburg to Seebrugg Germany
Centovalli Railway – Domodossola to Locarno
Chocolate Express – From Montreux to Broc and back ( one day excursion trip)
Danube Express – Istanbul to Budapest
Flåm Railway – Myrdal to Flam Norway
Glacier Express – From Zermatt to St. Moritz, Switzerland (or vice versa)
Golden Pass – From Lucerne to Interlaken – Montreux, Switzerland (or vice versa)
 Inlandsbanan – Kristinehamn to Gällivare, Sweden
Rauma Line – Dombås to Åndalsnes, Norway
Rhine Valley Line – Trains run everyday from Mainz to Koblenz: Koblenz to Cologne (or vice versa) stopping along the way at many small river villages and sights.
The Royal Scotsman – 13 Luxury tours all out of Edinburgh across Scotland and the UK.
Semmering Line – Wiener Neustadt to Bruck an der Mur, Austria
Venice Simplon Orient Express – Famous Luxury Train with multiple routes. Venice to London/ Istanbul to Venice/ Venice to Stockholm/ Paris to Istanbul
Wilhelm Tell Express – From Lucarno/ Lugano to Lucerne, Switzerland (or vice versa) A segment of trip is on a boat.

Night Trains…

Night trains can be a very time saving way to travel. Traveling at night instead of during the day time hours frees up those hours for sightseeing and other activities. I can also save some money by not staying at a hotel or other accommodation.

When it comes to night train travel you have several options, Sleeping Cars, Couchette Cars or Regular Seating. All have their different amenities and of course cost.

Sleeping Cars – Have 1, 2, or 3 bed compartments with a wash basin & toilet. Some lines also offer a deluxe suite versions with shower. These convert from bedrooms to sitting rooms when not sleeping. Breakfast is normally included.

Couchette Cars – Have 6 or 4 berth bunk compartments w blanket, sheet & pillow. Bunks convert to seats when not sleeping. Good for family and group travel. May offer limited breakfast.

Regular Seats – These are normal couch seats if you can sleep in them you’ll save some money.

Caledonian Sleeper Train
  • London Euston – Crewe – Preston – Edinburgh – Glasgow – Aberdeen – Stirling – Perth – Inverness – Fort William
Bosphorus Express Train
  • Bucharest – Istanbul Halkali
EuroNight Croatia Train
  • Zagreb – Ljubljana – Lake Bled – Salzburg – Munich
  • Zagreb – Ljubljana – Lake Bled – Innsbruck – Feldkirch – Zürich
  • Rijeka – Opatija – Ljubljana – Lake Bled – Munich
  • Split – Maribor – Graz – Vienna – Bratislava
EuroNight Czech-Poland Train
  • Prague – Bohumin – Ostrava – Kraków – Warsaw
EuroNight Ister Train
  • Budapest – Via Győr – Szolnok – Arad – Sighișoara – Brașov – Bucharest
EuroNight Kálmán Imre Train
  • Stuttgart Hbf – Munich Ost – Vienna Hbf – Budapest Keleti
  • Zürich Hbf – Vienna Hbf – Budapest Keleti
EuroNight Metropol Train
  • Prague – Brno – Breclav – Bratislava – Budapest
EuroNight Sleeper Train
  • Berlin Hbf – Bratislava Hlavna – Budapest Nyguati
European Sleeper
  • Brussels – Antwerp -Rotterdam – Amsterdam – Deventer – Berlin
French Overnight Trains
  • Paris-Toulon-St Raphael-Cannes-Antibes-Nice (reinstated May 2021)
  • Paris-Toulouse-Latour de Carol (with connection to Barcelona)
  • Paris-Toulouse-Latour de Carol (with connection to Barcelona)
  • Paris-Tarbes-Lourdes (reinstated December 2021)
  • Paris-Rodez
  • Paris-Briancon
  • Paris-Perpignan-Narbonne-Cerbère (daily in summer, Fri & Sun in winter)
  • Paris-Biarritz-Hendaye (for San Sebastian) only runs in July & August.
Intercity notte Trains
  • Bolzano – Trento – Verona – Rome
  • Milan – Bologna – Firenze – Messina – Catania – Syracusa
  • Milan – Bologna – Firenze – Messina – Palermo
  • Milan – Bari – Taranto – Brinsidi – Lecce
  • Milan – Parma – Bari – Brinsidi – Lecce
  • Rome – Napoli – Salerno – Messina – Catania – Syracusa
  • Rome – Napoli – Salerno – Messina – Palermo
  • Rome – Messina – Catania – Syracusa
  • Rome – Messina – Palermo
  • Torino – Alessandria – Bari – Brinsidi – Lecce
  • Torino – Milan – Roma – Napoli – Salerno
  • Torino – Genoa – Roma – Napoli – Salerno
  • Torino – Genoa – Pisa – Livorno – Reggio di Calabria
  • Trieste – Venice – Padova – Rome
Night Riviera Sleeper Train
  • London Paddington – Plymouth – Truro – Penzance
Nightjet Sleeper
  • Paris – Munich – Salzburg – Vienna
  • Brussels – Linz – Vienna
  • Amsterdam – Düsseldorf – Cologne – Linz – Vienna
  • Amsterdam – Düsseldorf – Cologne – Munich – Innsbruck
  • Amsterdam – Basel – Zurich
  • Hamburg – Linz – Vienna
  • Hamburg – Munich, Innsbruck
  • Hamburg – Basel – Zurich
  • Berlin – Basel – Zurich
  • Berlin –  Vienna
  • Munich – Salzburg – Milan – Bologna – Florence – Rome
  • Munich – Venice
  • Vienna – Milan – Bologna – Florence – Rome
  • Vienna – Venice
  • Zurich – Linz – Vienna
  • Paris-Berlin & Brussels-Berlin (planned)
  • Zurich – Rome
Paris to Barcelona TGV
  • Paris Gare d’Austerlitz – Latour de Carol – Barcelona Sants
  • Paris Gare d’Austerlitz – Perpignan or Cerbère – Barcelona Sants
SJ EuroNight Sleeper
  • Berlin Hbf- Berlin Gesundbrunnen – Hamburg Hbf – Hamburg Altona – Stockholm Central
SJ night trains
  • Gothenburg – Östersund
  • Gothenburg – Luleå
  • Stockholm – Östersund
  • Stockholm – Luleå
  • Malmö – Stockholm
Snällåget Night Train
  • Malmö – Stockholm – Åre – Stolien
Sofia – Istanbul Express
  • Sofia – Plovdiv – Istanbul Halkali
Zürich to Prague
  • Zürich Hbf – Basel SBB – Karlsruhe – Ceske Budejovice – Cesky Krumlov – Dresden Hbf – Prague Hlavni