Booking Online

Making travel reservations to go to Europe isn’t as difficult as you may think. Over the last decade more travelers book their travel online than go through travel agents. There is controversy as to what benefits travel agents may offer over using the web sites. Travel agents can monitor prices allowing them to know when prices drop. However, if you do not want to spend the time shopping online and are more confident using a travel agent, that may be the best thing for you to do.

What Can You Do Online…

What can you do online. You can look up, find general information, read reviews and book for;

  • Booking Flights with Airlines
  • Reserve Accommodations for Hotels, Resorts, Hostels and other overnight accommodations
  • Transit and Rail passes
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Tours for Day Trips, Free Walking, Small Group, Exclusive entry, 
  • Pre-planned and inclusive trips
  • Cruises, Ferries and Boat excursions
  • Tourism cards for Cities, Museums and Attractions
  • Documentation for Visa’s, ID’s, etc.
  • Travel Insurance

Shopping online for these services can save you money by using some of the tools on their web sites. Some will offer the lowest prices when you book at their sites. Booking directly with the provider will show you discounts and additional services as well as, important up front information that could save you time and money.

When shopping make sure you know the price is in US dollars and not Euro’s, Pounds or other foreign currency. If the services are only sold in another currency make sure you know if they will charge you an additional foreign transaction fee when using your credit card. This will be more common when booking tickets directly to local attractions that only do business in their local currency. You should find this a problem when booking flights, hotels or car rentals, especially from travel web sites.


Same Day
1 – 3 Days
4 – 7 Days
8 – 14 Days


15 – 30 Days 
31 – 60 Days
61 – 90 Days
91 – 120 Days


Source: U.S. Department of Commerce: International Trade Commission, Air Travelers (SIAT) Survey Data on U.S. Residents Visiting Overseas Countries.

The Types Of Web Sites…

Many companies that offer travel services own and operate their own web sites. The airlines, hotels, car rental companies, rail lines, bus operators, tour companies, etc., run their own web sites where you can shop for and make reservations. You’ll find many of the these web sites listed under our group page for that category. If you are a frequent customer you may find additional benefits in participating in their traveler programs. Some of these benefits may only be passed on to you by using and booking through their web reservation system. You find many company web sites listed on the appropriate travel pages.

There are three primary forms of travels sites to book your travel through.

  1. Direct with the service provider
  2. OTA (Online Travel Agent)
  3. Aggregate or Metasearch Sites

OTA . Online Travel Agencies sites perform just like a travel agent, searching multiple airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc., to find and locate services for the lowest price. This allows you the opportunity to comparative shop multiple web sites at one time. Want to search for the cheapest fare, just a non-stop flight, a 3 star hotel in the city center, some sites will allow you to search for your specific requests by using filters.

You might not be able to use your mileage or points to book free flights or rooms at these sites. You’ll need to redeem those directly at the issuing company’s web site. In some instances you will not receive your miles or credits with your reward programs when booking through these sites.  Check and verify the information so you know if you’ll receive credit or not. Some of these sites also have their own rewards programs so, you’ll receive credits or cash on their rewards program when booking through their web site. You will only be able to redeem those credits or cash with future bookings through their web site.

Aggregate or Meta Search Engines: These sites can scan data from multiple OTA web sites and will display prices and availability for you view in one place. This gives you the opportunity to comparative shop for airlines, hotels, rental cars and more, without going to multiple web sites. The main difference is they search not only company sites but, travel agency sites for the best pricing, location or recommendation. 

Once you make a selection these sites take you directly to the company or travel site where you do the actual booking. Make sure you know who you are actually booking through so you can confirm all bookings are complete and legitimate. 

NOTE: It is becoming more common for some of these web sites to charge for a membership. They will have a free trail period but, you must cancel before the free trail period expires otherwise you will be charged for a years membership fee.

Web Site Directory…

Listed are web sites for searching and booking flights, hotels, car rentals, trains, cruises, tours, activities and more. Many are OTA (Online Travel Agencies) and others are the direct providers where you can book and reserve directly with Airline, Hotel, Car Rental agency, Railway, etc. Also listed are Meta Search Engines for scanning data from mulitple sources. You may sort the data from several fields.

Provider NameServices/Reservations/TicketsProvider Type
UberAuto TransportationTransportation / Direct
getbybusBus LinesOnline Travel Agent
busbudBus LinesOnline Travel Agent
busradar.comBus LinesOnline Travel Agent
Check My BusBus LinesOnline Travel Agent
Business ClassBusiness Class FlightsAggregator/Meta Search Engine
auto-europeCar RentalOnline Travel Agent
easyCar.comCar RentalOnline Travel Agent
EEQ.comCar RentalOnline Travel Agent
HolidayCars.comCar RentalOnline Travel Agent
Rentalcars.comCar RentalOnline Travel Agent
auto europeCar RentalsOnline Travel Agent
Directferries.comFerriesOnline Travel Agent
Ferries in GreeceFerriesOnline Travel Agent
ferryconnection.comFerriesOnline Travel Agent
go-ferry.comFerriesOnline Travel Agent
isferry.comFerriesAggregator/Meta Search Engine
Jack’s Flight ClubFlightsAggregator/Meta Search Engine
ita Matrix Airfare SearchFlightsMeta Search Engine
BookAirfareFlightsOnline Travel Agent
Dollar Flight ClubFlightsOnline Travel Agent
ExploretripFlightsOnline Travel Agent
make MY tripFlightsOnline Travel Agent
Travel MerryFlightsOnline Travel Agent
AmadeusFlights Search EngineMeta Search Engine
Air Fare WatchdogFlights, Airline Deals, Blog, AlertsAggregator/Meta Search Engine
OmioFlights, Bus, Train & FerriesOnline Travel Agent
LadybugFlights, Cars HotelsOnline Travel Agent
AAA TravelFlights, Cars, Packages, Cruises, ActivitiesOnline Travel Agent
Travel2beFlights, Hotels, BlogOnline Travel Agent
last minute travelFlights, Hotels, Car RentalAggregator/Meta Search Engine
SkyscannerFlights, Hotels, Car RentalAggregator/Meta Search Engine
FlightHubFlights, Hotels, Car RentalOnline Travel Agent
flight networkFlights, Hotels, Car RentalOnline Travel Agent
justfly.comFlights, Hotels, Car RentalOnline Travel Agent
Kiwi.comFlights, Hotels, Car RentalOnline Travel Agent
TravelocityFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Cruises, Things To Do, Trip PackagesOnline Travel Agent
bookingbuddyFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Cruises, Vacation PackagesAggregator/Meta Search Engine
CheapOairFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Cruises, Vacation PackagesOnline Travel Agent
ExpediaFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Cruises, Vacation Packages, ActivitiesOnline Travel Agent
FlyFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, DealsAggregator/Meta Search Engine
MyFlightSearchFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, DealsOnline Travel Agent
farecompareFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Deals, BlogAggregator/Meta Search Engine
eurocheapoFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Ratings & Recommendations, Travel Advise & BlogOnline Travel Agent
eDreamsFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Shuttles, Transfers, Activities, Vacation RentalsOnline Travel Agent
Hophs.comFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Taxi, Transfers, ActivitiesAggregator/Meta Search Engine
Trip.comFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Trains, Tours, Attractions, Trip PackagesOnline Travel Agent
KayakFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Trains, Vacation Packages, ActivitiesAggregator/Meta Search Engine, Hotels, Car Rental, TransfersOnline Travel Agent
ebookers.comFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Vacation Packages, ActivitiesOnline Travel Agent
One TravelFlights, Hotels, Car Rental, Vacation Packages, VisasOnline Travel Agent
Flight GuruFlights, Hotels, Car RentalsOnline Travel Agent
skiplaggedFlights, Hotels, Car RentalsOnline Travel Agent
bravoflyFlights, Hotels, Car Rentals & Vacation PackagesAggregator/Meta Search Engine
CheapTicketsFlights, Hotels, Car Rentals & Vacation PackagesOnline Travel Agent
AirTicketsFlights, Hotels, Car Rentals, ActivitiesAggregator/Meta Search Engine
pricelineFlights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Cruises, DealsOnline Travel Agent
HopperFlights, Hotels, Car Rentals, get notifications, freeze pricesOnline Travel Agent
Student UniverseFlights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Group Travel, BlogOnline Travel Agent
HOP2Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals, Tours, ActivitiesOnline Travel Agent
WOW FareFlights, Hotels, Cars, ActivitiesOnline Travel Agent
Costco TravelFlights, Hotels, Cruises, Car Rental, Vacation PackagesOnline Travel Agent
rehlatFlights, Hotels, DealsOnline Travel Agent
Travel ZooFlights, Hotels, Deals, Vacations, Things To DoOnline Travel Agent
Google TravelFlights, Hotels, Explore, Activities, Vacation RentalsAggregator/Meta Search Engine
faredepotFlights, Hotels, Rental CarsOnline Travel Agent
faregeekFlights, Hotels, Rental Cars, VacationsOnline Travel Agent
asap ticketsFlights, Hotels, Special OffersAggregator/Meta Search Engine
Travel PiratesFlights, Hotels, Vacations, CruisesOnline Travel Agent
fareboomFlights, Rental CarsOnline Travel Agent
GlobehuntersFlights, Special OffersOnline Travel Agent
MomondoFlights, Stays, Car Rental, Trains & Buses, Activities, PackagesAggregator/Meta Search Engine
combigoFlights, Trains, BusesOnline Travel Agent
AIRLINESGo to our Airline Directory to book directly with AirlinesAirlines / Direct
CAR RENTALSGo to our Auto Directory to book directly with Rental AgenciesCar Rental / Direct
RIDESHARE SERVICESGo to our Auto Directory to book directly with Rideshare providersRideshare / Direct
BUS LINESGo to our Bus Directory to book directly with Bus LinesBuses / Direct
FERRY & SHIP DirectoryGo to our Ferry & Ship Directory to book directly with Cruise & Ferry LinesFerries & Ships / Driect
HOTELS & ACCOMMODATIONSGo to our Hotel Directory to book directly with hotelsAccommodations / Direct
RAILWAYS / TRAINSGo to our Rail Directory to book directly with Train LinesTrains / Direct
Get Your GuideGuides, ToursOnline Travel Agent
CouchsurfingHome SharingOnline Travel Agent
HostelWorldHostels / Hotels / Bed & BreakfastOnline Travel Agent
Hotels CombinedHotelsAggregator/Meta Search Engine
TrivagoHotelsAggregator/Meta Search Engine
eurobookings.comHotelsOnline Travel Agent
getaroomHotelsOnline Travel Agent
Guest ReservationsHotelsOnline Travel Agent
RoomerHotelsOnline Travel Agent
Tablet HotelsHotelsOnline Travel Agent
Wyndham Hotels & ResortsHotels & ResortsHotels / Direct
Best WesternHotels & ResortsHotels / Direct
Hyatt Hotels Corp.Hotels & ResortsHotels / Direct
HotwireHotels, Car Rental, Flights, VacationsOnline Travel Agent
TripadvisorHotels, Flights, Activities, Insurance, Cruises, Car Rental, ForumsAggregator/Meta Search Engine
OrbitzHotels, Flights, Car Rental, Trip packages, Activities, CruisesOnline Travel Agent
Hotels.comHotels, Flights, Car Rental, Vacation Rentals, Vacation PackagesOnline Travel Agent
Travel RepublicHotels, Flights, Holidays, Transfers, Attractions, DealsOnline Travel Agent
PaylessFlights.comHotels, Flights, Insurance, CruisesOnline Travel Agent
SnaptravelHotels, Flights, with messagingOnline Travel Agent
AgodaHotels, Homes, Apartments, FlightsOnline Travel Agent
Booking.comHotels, Hostels, Homes, Apartments, B & B’sOnline Travel Agent
CheapflightsHotels, Hostels, Homes, Apartments, B & B’sOnline Travel Agent
LateRooms.comHotels, Last MinuteOnline Travel Agent
Hilton WorldwideHotels, Resorts, Vacation ClubsHotels / Direct
Marriott BonvoyHotels, Resorts, Vacation ClubsHotels / Direct
VrboHouses, Condos, Apartments, Cabins, Cottages RentalsOnline Travel Agent
EurailRail Tickets & PassesOnline Travel Agent
AirbnbRental-Rooms, Apartments, HomesOnline Travel Agent
Gett.Taxis, Shuttles, RideshareOnline Travel Agent
ViatorTours, Events, AttractionsOnline Travel Agent
Deutsche BahnTrain & BusesRailway / Direct
eurailTrains & Rail PassesOnline Travel Agent
RailEuropeTrains & Rail PassesOnline Travel Agent
ACP RailTrains & Rail PassesOnline Travel Agent
HappyRailTrains & Rail PassesOnline Travel Agent
RailPassTrains & Rail PassesOnline Travel Agent
Rail.NinjaTrains & Rail PassesOnline Travel Agent
railbookersTrains & Rail PassesOnline Travel Agent
aferryFerriesOnline Travel Agent
FerriesonlineFerriesOnline Travel Agent
netferryFerriesOnline Travel Agent
isferry.comFerriesOnline Travel Agent Travel Agent
mrferryFerriesOnline Travel Agent