Public Transit

In Europe you may find that public transportation will be your most valuable asset for travel. Europe relies on public transportation for mobility more than we do in the US. You’ll especially want to use public transportation while staying in major cities so you’ll not have need for a rental car.  Larger metropolitan cities, like London, Paris and Berlin, have major commuter traffic in morning and late afternoon hours like in the USA, so avoid using a car ,especially at these times. Remember, European cities are old and have morphed into a pattern of small streets long before the creation of the automobile. Driving in these cities can be confusing, congested and dangerous when you do not know the layout. Finding a place to park can be difficult and costly so don’t turn your trip into frustration when you can move about easily on their transit systems.

The public transportation systems are excellent and you’ll find them highly efficient, easy to use and will take you almost anywhere within a large radius of their cities. You will even find good transit services when traveling outside the city to main attractions. Even in what maybe consider smaller cities, you will find light rail, bus and boat transportation available. 

 Types of Public Transportation…

Suburban Trains

These trains operate out of many of the same main stations that the inter-city trains use. They make stops at many neighborhood stations throughout the cities and suburbs. Transit passes may not be valid on some farther locations. read more the TRAINS page.

Metro / U Bahn

What we call subways are more commonly called Metro’s throughout Europe. They typically travel underground and are usually only used in the largest cities. While they are highly efficient there is no scenery to see as a visitor. However, several can emerge from underground and run for a distance on an elevated track. Red more at the PUBLIC TRANSIT page.

Trams & Light Rail

The vehicles run on their own tracks, usually in the middle of a street and do not share them with regular trains. Sometimes they can also be called light rail systems. They are a great way to get around a city and see its neighborhoods. Many cities use trams for their city transportation, and these are always covered by transit passes. Read more at the PUBLIC TRANSIT page

City & Trolly Buses

Most cities trains and trams are quite extensive but, do not provide expanded coverage like buses. Routes run regularly and most stops have electronic signs indicating when the next bus and numbered route will arrive. Some buses are for express service to airports. Many cities also run buses on city night routes only. Read more at the BUSES page

Taxis & Ride-share

Whether it is a taxi, ride share service or renting a car to drive yourself is always a transportation option. Rental cars are accessible everywhere and the Uber services are just as popular as in the States. Read more at the AUTOS & TAXIS page.

Boats & Ferries

Some European cities are located on rivers or other bodies of water where boat transportation will be your practical choice. Some cities with rivers and canals have tours and evening dinner cruises. There are many choices when traveling from some countries to another by even using overnight ferries. Read more at the BOATS & FERRIES page.

City Transit & Visitor Passes …

While all cities below have major train stations with services to other European cities, the rail category designates suburban and light rail lines with service within the metro area only. Subway lines in some cities become elevated rail lines in certain areas.

Transit passes are available for purchase in several different forms. These can be purchased online or at airports and stations when you arrive into a city. Other than a permanent travel pass you will need to validate your pass prior to its first use. When inserting your pass into a validation machine it will stamp the date and time. Once you do that you will have 24 hours to use up your first day. So if you validate it at 8:00pm a day use will expire at 8:00pm the next day not at 12:00 midnight.

  • Single Trip Pass – This allows you to use a from of transit once, usually good for two hours and transfers.
  • Multiple Trip Pass – can be purchased for multiple trips on any transit vehicle. Each time you use the card you will need to have it stamped and validated and may be good for up to two hours.
  • Hourly Pass – These may be purchased for unlimited travel for 1, 3 or more hours.
  • Day Pass – typically good for unlimited travel on any transit vehicles for an entire 24 hours from the initial validation.
  • Multiple Day Pass – 2, 3 or 5 day passes are good for unlimited travel on any transit vehicle for each 24 hour day starting from the validation time. Weekly, monthly & yearly passes are available but, are only practical for local residents.
  • Permanent Pass – These will only be of a value if you frequently visit a city. They are permanent cards you load money onto and swipe as you enter a station or vehicle money is withdrawn off the card for the cost of the trip. You can scan these cards at kiosks, read your balance and deposit more money onto them with a credit card or debit card.

Combination Travel and Visitor Passes…

London’s Oyster like a charm

Some cities have visitor and tourists passes that provide a combination of free or discounted services with your transportation pass, eliminating the need to buy additional tickets while saving you money. These passes can have free or discounted entry to museums, attractions and discounts on various local products or services. In some cities these are the only passes offered to tourist, other than a one day, monthly or annual transportation pass available to regular commuters. However, if you plan to spend several days in one city, these passes can save you money depending on how much you plan to use the transportation and how many attractions you’ll see.  Passes below are available for purchase on line at web sites or transit desks or kiosks in airports and train stations, local tourist offices and tobacco shops after you arrive in your city of destination. If you want a combination visitor and transportation pass please check links below under the appropriate city or go to our ➾ Tourism Cards & City Passes page to view available travel and visitor passes.

If you find that one of these visitor or tourists cards do not fit your needs or save you money, you may always purchase various tickets for transportation only as described above.

Many of the major metropolitan cities offer multiple forms of transportation. If the subway doesn’t get you close to your destination a bus, tram or train may. When you want to get form one point to another, subways are fast and efficient but,  you won’t see much of the city. If you have the time find a bus route that travels through the main parts of the city. With a pass you can ride them to the end of their route and turn around and return back from where you started. You will capture more of the city’s sights and the ambience of its neighborhoods.

Most city passes listed below give you the freedom to use any of these forms of transportation. Listed below are links to the transit authorities that run transit systems throughout many of the cities and areas in European countries. We list passes that combined transit and visitor access to transportation, attractions and discounts. If you do not want a combination pass, go to the transit authority web site and click on tickets where you will find tickets for just transportation. If no bundled passes are available, just click on tickets, next to the appropriate authority to view or purchase transit tickets. You can always easily purchase tickets or passes once you arrive at your destination.

Public Transit Systems in Major Cities…

Forms of transportation available in major tourism cities and links to information, maps, tickets, passes and services.


Suburban Train: NS
Light Rail / Tram: GVB
Metro / Subway: GVB
City Bus: GVB
Ferry / Boat: GVB
Bicycles: OV-fiets
Transit Cards / Passes:GVB travel cardsOV-chipkaartI amsterdam City CardAmsterdam Travel Ticket
Maps: Amsterdam Subway & Tram Map
Amsterdam Bus Map
Amsterdam Ferry Map


Suburban Train: SNCB/NMBS
Light Rail / Tram: De Lijn
Metro / Subway: De Lijn
City Bus: De Lijn
Bicycle: Velo
Transit Cards / Passes: De Lijn Travel Pass Antwerp City Card
Maps: Antwerp Tram Map
Antwerp Regional Transit Map


Suburban Train: OSE
Light Rail / Tram: Stasy Rail (tramway)
Metro / Subway: OASA
City Bus: OASA
Transit Cards / Passes: Stasy
Maps: Athens Transit Map
Athens Metro Map


Suburban Train: Renfe (Rodalies)
Light Rail / Tram: TMB , FGC
Metro / Subway: TMB
City Bus: TMB
Bicycle: bicing
Funicular: TMB (Montjuïc), GelidaVallvidrera
Aerial Cable: TMB (Montjuïc)
Transit Cards / Passes: BCN Card
Maps: Barcelona Train Map
Barcelona Subway Map
Barcelona Tram Map
Barcelona Bus Map


Suburban Train: Srbija Voz (Serbian Rail Service)
Light Rail / Tram: GSP Beograd 
Metro / Subway: (under construction-open 2028)
City Bus: GSP Beograd
Trolleybuses: GSP Beograd
Bicycle: NS Bike
Transit Cards / Passes: 
Maps: Belgrade Public Transit Map


Suburban Train: S-Bahn
Light Rail / Tram: BVG
Metro / Subway: BVG (U-Bahn)
City Bus: BVG
Ferry / Boat: BVG
Bicycle: LikebikeNextbikeCall a Bike
Aerial Cable: IGS Gondola Car
Transit Cards / Passes: Berlin Welcome CardBerlin City Tour Card 
Maps: Berlin Train Map
Berlin U-Bahn Map
Berlin Tram Map


Suburban Train: SBB CFF FFS
Light Rail / Tram: Bernmobil
City Bus: Bernmobil
Bicycle: PubliBike
Transit Cards / Passes: Swiss Travel Pass
Maps: Bern System Map
Bern Regional Map
Bern Train Station Transit Hub
Wankdorf Station Transit Hub
Zytglogge Transit Hub


Suburban Train: 
Light Rail / Tram: IDS BK
City Bus: IDS BK
Bicycle: rekolaVerejný bicykelslovnaftbajk
Transit Cards / Passes: Bratislava Card
Maps: Bratislava Transit Map
Bratislava Tram Map
Bratislava Train Map
Bratislava Night Map


Suburban Train: NMBS/SNCB S Train
Light Rail / Tram: STIB-MIVB
Metro / Subway: STIB-MIVB
Transit Cards / Passes: Brussels Card 
Maps: Brussels Transit Map
Brussels Metro & Tram Map
Brussels NOCTIS Tram Map


Suburban Train: 
Light Rail / Tram: STB
Metro / Subway: Metrorex
City Bus: STB
Trolleybuses: STB
Transit Cards / Passes: Activ Card
Maps: Bucharest Metro Map
Bucharest Network Transit Map
Bucharest Bus Map
Bucharest Trolley Bus Map
Bucharest Tram Map


Suburban Train: BKK (HÉV)MÁV-HÉVRegioJet
Light Rail / Tram: BKK
Metro / Subway: BKK
City Bus: BKK
Ferry / Boat: BKK
Bicycle: MOL Bubi
Funicular: Buda Castle funicular
Aerial Cable: Zugliget Chairlift
Transit Cards / Passes: Budapest Card,  Tickets
Maps: Budapest Area Transit Map
Central Budapest Transit Map
Budapest Metro & Railway Map
Budapest Trolleybus Map
Budapest Area Train Map


Suburban Train: KVB
Light Rail / Tram: KVB
Metro / Subway: KVB
City Bus: KVB
Bicycle: nextbikeKVB
Transit Cards / Passes: Köln Card
Maps: Bonn-Cologne Area Rail Map
Cologne Eastside Bus Map
Cologne Westside Bus Map
Cologne-Bonn-Düsseldorf-Dortmund regional transit map


Suburban Train: S-Tog DSB,  Rejseplanen
Metro / Subway: DOTRejseplanen
City Bus:  DOT
Ferry / Boat: Stomma
Bicycle: bycyklen
Transit Cards / Passes: CopenhagenCard , DOT City Pass
Maps: Copenhagen Transit Maps & Guide


Suburban Train: S-Bahn VVO
Light Rail / Tram: DVB
City Bus:  DVB
Ferry Boat: DVB
Funicular: DVB
Bicycle: nextbikeMOBIbike
Transit Cards / Passes: Dresden City Card & Regio Card 
Maps: Dresden Network Transit Map
City Center Map
Night Line Map
Disabled Line Map


Suburban Train: Irish Rail DART
Light Rail / Tram: LUAS
City Bus: Dublin Bus
Bicycle: dublinbikes
Transit Cards / Passes: LeapCard
Maps: Dublin Bus Routes Map
Dublin Rail & Tram Map


Suburban Train: TfENational Rail
Light Rail / Tram: Edinburgh Trams
City Bus: Lothian:
Bicycle: Just Eat Cycles
Transit Cards / Passes: PlusBus


Suburban Train: Trenitalia
Light Rail / Tram: ATAF
City Bus: ATAF
Bicycle: Mobike
Transit Cards / Passes: Firenzecard
Maps: Florence Bus Map


Suburban Train: DB S-Bahn 
Light Rail / Tram: RMV
Metro / Subway: RMV (U-Bahn)
City Bus: RMV
Bicycle: NextbikeCall a Bike
Transit Cards / Passes: Frankfurt CardRhine Main Card
Maps: Frankfurt Transit Map


Suburban Train: SKM
Light Rail / Tram: ZTM
City Bus: ZTM 
Transit Cards / Passes: 
Maps: Gdansk Tram Map
Gdansk Bus Map
Gdansk Night Bus Map
Interactive Tram & Bus Map


Suburban Train: RegioJet,  TPG
Light Rail / Tram: TPG
City Bus: TPG
Transit Cards / Passes: Geneva City Pass
Maps: Geneva Transit System Map 
Geographic Regional Map 
Urban Night Map
Night Network Map (Fri & Sat)
Connections Maps-
Genèva Train Station – Rive – Genèva Airport – Bel-Air 


Suburban Train: SNCB/NMBS
Light Rail / Tram: De Lijn
City Bus: De Lijn
Transit Cards / Passes: De Lijn Travel Pass,  CityCard Gent
Maps: Ghent Tram Map
Ghent Bus Map


Suburban Train: SJMTXR 
Light Rail / Tram: Västtrafik
City Bus: Västtrafik
Boats & Ferries: Västtrafik
Bicycle: Styr & Ställ
Transit Cards / Passes: Day Tickets
Maps: Gothenburg Bus & Commuter Train Map
Gothenburg Tram & Ferry Map
Gothenburg Tram & Trunk Bus Map


Suburban Train: HVV S-Bahn & R-lines
Metro / Subway: HVV
City Bus: HVV
Boats & Ferries: HVV
Bicycle: nextbikeStadtRADJump(intellicard),  Call A Bike
Transit Cards / Passes: Hamburg CardHamburg City Pass
Maps: Hamburg Transit Map


Suburban Train: HSL (HRT)VR
Light Rail / Tram: HSL
Metro / Subway: HSL
City Bus: HSL
Ferry / Boat: HSL
Bicycle: City Bikes
Transit Cards / Passes: HSL Travel CardHelsinki Card
Maps: Helsinki Bus & Tram Map
Helsinki Commuter Train Map
Helsinki Metro Map
Helsinki Tram Map


Suburban Train: İETTTCDD 
Light Rail / Tram: İETT
Metro / Subway: Metro Istanbul 
City Bus: İETT
Ferry / Boat: ido
Bicycle: Isbik
Funicular: Tünel funicular
Transit Cards / Passes: Istanbulkart
Maps: Istanbul Train Map
Istanbul Subway Map
Istanbul Tram Map
Istanbul Bus Map
Istanbul Ferry Map


Suburban Train: PKPPolregioKoleje Małopolskie
Light Rail / Tram: MPK SA
City Bus: MPK SA
Bicycle: bikeu
Transit Cards / Passes: Kraków Tourists Card
Maps: Krakow Bus Map
Krakow Tram Map


Suburban Train: YKP, Kyiv Urban Electric Train
Light Rail / Tram: Kyivpastrans
Metro / Subway: Kyiv Metro
City Bus: Kyivpastrans
Trolleybus: Kyivpastrans
Marshrutka: shared taxis vans
Bicycle: Nextbike
Funicular: Kyiv Funicular (Volodymyrska Hill)
Transit Cards / Passes: Kyiv Smart Card
Maps: Kyiv Metro MapKyiv Maps for Bus, Tram, Trolleybus, Shuttle taxi, Funicular or City Train (click on vehicle icon, then Scheme route at bottom of page


Suburban Train: S-Bahn MDV
Light Rail / Tram: LVB
City Bus: LVB
Bicycle:  nextbike
Transit Cards / Passes: Leipzig CardLeipzig Regio Card 
Maps: Leipzig Transit Map


Suburban Train: CPFertagus
Light Rail / Tram: Carris
Metro / Subway: MetroLisboa
City Bus: Carris
Ferry / Boat: TTSL
Bicycle: Gira Bicileats de Lisboa
Funicular: Carris (Glória Funicular, Bica Funicular, Lavra Funicular, Santa Justa Lift)
Transit Cards / Passes:Via Viagem Card
Maps: Lisbon Metro Network Map
Lisbon Area Transit map 


Suburban Train: National Rail (C2C, Chiltern, GWR, Thameslink, Abelio, Southern, South Wester, Southeastern) , TfL (London Overground), TfL Rail)
Light Rail / Tram: TfL (DLR, Tramlink)
Metro / Subway: TfL(London Underground)
City Bus: TfL
Boat: Thames River Services
Bicycles: Santander Cycles
Aerial Cable: Emirates Air-Line
Transit Cards / Passes: Oyster Car 
Maps: London Standard Tube Map
London Key Bus Route Map
Central London Bus Map
NE London Bus Map
NW London Bus Map
SE London Bus Map
SW London Bus Map
Thames River Bus Map


Suburban Train: SBB CFF FFS
City Bus: VBL
Lake Boats: Lake Lucerne
Bicycle: Nextbike Swiss
Transit Cards / Passes: 
Maps: Luzern Train Map
Luzern Transit System Map


Suburban Train: CFL
Light Rail / Tram: LuxTram
City Bus: VDL
Bicycle: Vel’oh
Transit Cards / Passes: Luxembourg has free public transportation
Maps: Luxembourg City Bus Map Interactive System Map
Train Station Transit Center Map,
Wallis quai Transit Center,
Hamilus-Monterey Transit Center


Suburban Train: Renfe (Cercanías)
Light Rail / Tram: MLM
Metro / Subway: Metro Madrid
City Bus: EMT Madrid
Suburban Bus Operators 
Bicycles: BiciMAD
Aerial Cable: Teleférico de Madrid
Transit Cards / Passes: Madrid Tourist Pass
Maps: Madrid Train Map
Madrid Subway Map
Madrid Tram Map
Madrid Bus Map


Suburban Train: TfGM 
Light Rail / Tram: TfGM 
City Bus: TfGM 
Manchester FREE Bus: TfGM 3 routes
Bicycle: TBA
Transit Cards / Passes: System one travel
Maps: Manchester Tram Network Map
Greater Manchester Train Network Map 
Bus Boundary Map


Suburban Train: SNCF
Light Rail / Tram: RTM
Metro / Subway: RTM
City Bus: RTM
Boats & Ferries: RTM
Bicycle: le vélo
Transit Cards / Passes: Marseille City Pass
Maps: RTM Interactive maps


Suburban Train: S-Lines (Trenord)
Light Rail / Tram: ATM
Metro / Subway: ATM
City Bus: ATM
Bicycle: BikeMi, Mobike
Transit Cards / Passes: ATM Card
Maps: Milan Train & Metro Map
Central Milan Transit Map


Light Rail / Tram: Minsktrans
Metro / Subway: Minsk Metro (Belarussian)
City Bus: Minsktrans
Trolleybus: Minsktrans
Transit Cards / Passes: 
Maps: Minsk Virtual Map
Minsk Metro Map


Suburban Train: MCC AeroExpress
Light Rail / Tram: Moscow Transport
Metro / Subway: MM
City Bus: Moscow Transport
Bicycle: Velobike Moscow
Transit Cards / Passes:Metro Smart CardTroika Smart Card
Maps: Moscow Train Map
Moscow Subway Map


Suburban Train: DB S-Bahn
Light Rail / Tram: MVV
U-Bahn / Subway: MVV
City Bus: MVV
Bicycle: NextbikeCall a Bike
Transit Cards / Passes: City Tour Card
Maps: Munich Metro Map
Munich Tram Map
Munich Tram & Bus Map
Munich Transit Map


Suburban Train: EAVSRI (Circumveruviana)
Metro / Subway: ANM
Ferries & Hydrofoils : MetròdelmareN.L.G., AliliauroMedMarCaremarSNAV
Transit Cards / Passes: Campania artecard
Maps: Naples Transit Network Map
Naples Metro & Rail Map


Suburban Train: SNCFCP zou
Light Rail / Tram: Lignes d’Azur
City Bus: Lignes d’Azur
Bicycle: vélo bleu
Transit Cards / Passes: Pass SudAzur
Maps: Nice Main Lines Map
Nice Inland North
Nice Inland & Coast West
Nice Coastal East


Suburban Train: VY-Line trains
Light Rail / Tram: Ruter
Metro / Subway: Ruter
City Bus: Ruter
Ferry / Boat: NYC
Bicycle: Oslo City Bike
Transit Cards / Passes: Ruter CardOslo Pass
Maps: Oslo Metro Map
Oslo Tram Map
Oslo Ferry Map
Oslo Central Bus Map
Oslo North Bus Map
Oslo South Bus Map
Oslo West Bus Map
Oslo Groruddalen Bus Map


Suburban Train: SNCFRATP (RER)
Light Rail / Tram: RATP
Metro / Subway: RATP
City Bus: RATP
Ferry / Boat: Batobus
Funicular: RATP (Montmartre Funicular)
Transit Cards / Passes: Visite Pass
Maps: Paris Metro Map
Paris Standard Bus Route Map
Paris Area Detail Bus Route Map


Suburban Train: CP Rail
Light Rail / Tram: STCP
Metro / Subway: Metro do Porto
City Bus: STCP
Funicular: Guindais funicular
Transit Cards / Passes: Porto CardAndante Card
Maps: Metro Map


Suburban Train: CD České dráhy (Esko Prague)
Light Rail / Tram: DPP
Metro / Subway: DPP
City Bus: PID
Ferry / Boat: PID
Bicycle: RekolaNextBike
Funicular: Petřín funicular
Transit Cards / Passes: OpenCard
Maps: Prague Metro & Tram Map


Suburban Train: 
Light Rail / Tram: Rigas satiksme
City Bus: Rigas satiksme
Trolleybus: Rigas satiksme
Transit Cards / Passes: Riga Card 
Maps: Riga Tram Map
Riga Bus Map
Riga Trolley Map


Suburban Train: Trenitalia (R trains)
Light Rail / Tram: ATAC Roma
Metro / Subway: ATAC Roma
City Bus: ATAC Roma
Bicycle: Roma’n Bike
Transit Cards / Passes: Roma PassOmnia Pass
Maps: Central Rome Transit & Bus Map
Rome Area Complete Transit Map
Rome Metro & Train Map
Rome Tram Map


Suburban Train: S-Bahn ŐBB & SLB 
City Bus: Salzburg.AG
Bicycle: nextbike
Funicular: Reisszug
Transit Cards / Passes: Salzburg Card
Maps: Salzburg Transit Map


Suburban Train: RZD Russian Railways
Light Rail / Tram: Electrotrans
Metro / Subway: Metro SPB
City Bus / Trolleybus: Electrotrans
Marshrutka: shared taxi vans
Ferry / Boat: Aquabus
Transit Cards / Passes: Podorozhnik Card
Maps: St. Petersburg Metro Map


Suburban Train: SL (Storstockholms Lokaltrafik)
Light Rail / Tram: SL
Metro / Subway: SL
City Bus: SL
Ferry / Boat: SLStromma
Bicycle: Stockholm City Bikes
Transit Cards / Passes: SL Access Card
Maps: Stockholm Metro Map
Stockholm Rail Network Map
Stockholm Central Map
Stockholm Tram Line Map
Stockholm Commuter Ferry # 80
Stockholm Commuter Ferry # 82
Stockholm Commuter Ferry # 89


Suburban Train: TLT
Light Rail / Tram: TLT
City Bus: TLT
Trolleybus: TLT
Transit Cards / Passes: Tallinn Card,  Ühiskaart
Maps: Tallinn Transit Map
Tallinn Interactive Map


Suburban Train: Trainose
Metro / Subway: Attiko Metpo (under construction-open 2023)
City Bus: OASTH
Transit Cards / Passes: 
Maps: Thessaloniki Metro Map


Metro / Subway: ACTV 
Ferry / Boat: ACTVAlilaguna
Transit Cards / Passes: ACTV TicketsVenezia Unica City Pass
Maps: Venice Vaporetto (Water Taxi) Map


Suburban Train: OBB (S-Bahn, R, REX)RegioJet
Light Rail / Tram: Wiener Linien
Metro / Subway: Wiener Linien
City Bus: Wiener Linien
Ferry / Boat: Twin City Liner
Bicycle: City Bike Wien
Transit Cards / Passes: Wiener Travel CardsWien City Card 
Maps: Vienna Train Map
Vienna Subway Map
Vienna Tram Map
Vienna Bus Map


Suburban Train:
City Bus: JUDU
TrolleyBus: JUDU
Bicycle: Cyclocity
Transit Cards / Passes: Vilnius Pass, Vilniečio kortelė smart card 
Maps: Vilnius Pubic Transit Map
Interactive Map


Suburban Train: WKDSKMKoleje Mazowieckie
Light Rail / Tram: WTP
Metro / Subway: WTP
City Bus: WTP
Bicycle: Veturilo
Transit Cards / Passes: Warsaw City Card 
Maps: Warsaw Subway Map
Warsaw Tram Map
Warsaw Bus Map


Suburban Train: ZVV S-Bahn
Light Rail / Tram: VBZ
City Bus: VBZ
Ferry / Boat: ZSG
Bicycle: aoz
Funicular: PolybahnSeilbahn Rigiblick
Transit Cards / Passes: ZVV Zürich CardSwiss Travel Pass
Maps: Zürich City Transit Map

Other European City Systems

Some cities have separate transit authorities or companies that operate the rail and bus services. 

While many regions, cities and smaller towns provide bus services these cities provide transit systems that include rail, metro, tram or boat services.


Gmunden – Traunsee Tram
Graz – Graz AG
Innsbruck – IVB
Linz – Linz AG


Vitebsk – JSC


Charleroi – TEC
Ghent – De Lijn
Hasselt-Maastricht – under construction
Liège – under construction
Oostende – De Lijn


Sarajevo – GRAS


Sofia – Sofia Traffic


Osijek – GPP
Zagreb – ZET


Brno – DPMB
Liberec – DPMLJ
Most – DPMost
Olomouc – DPMO
Ostrava – DPO
Plzeň – PMDP


Aarhus – Aarhus Letbanen
Odense – Odense Letbane


Tampere – Raitiotie Allianssi
Turku – under construction


Angers – irigo
Aubagne – Lignes del’agglo
Avignon – Orizo
Besançon – Le TRAM
Bordeaux – TBM
Brest – bibus
Caen – Twisto
Clermont-Ferrand – T2c
Dijon – Divia
Grenoble – Tag
Le Harve – Lia
Le Mans – Setram
Lille – ilevia
Lyon – TCL
Montpellier – Tam
Mulhouse – Soléa
Nancy – STAN
Nantes – TAN
Orléans – TAO
Reims – Citura
Rennes – STAR
Rouen – Réseau-Astuce
Saint-Étienne – STAS
Strasbourg – CTS
Toulouse – Tisséo
Tours – filbleu
Valenciennes – Transvilles


Augsburg – Mobilität
Bielefeld – moBiel
Bochum – Bogestra
Bonn – SWB
Brandenburg – VBBR
Braunschweig – BSVG
Bremen – BSAG
Chemnitz – CVAG
Cottbus – Cottbusverkehr
Darmstadt – Dadina RMV
Dortmund – DSW21
Duisburg – DVG
Düsseldorf – Rheinbahn
Erfurt – EVAG
Essen – Ruhrbahn
Frankfurt Oder – SVF
Freiburg – VAG
Geisenkirchen – Bogestra
Gera – GVB
Göritz – GVB
Gotha – Straßenbahn Gotha
Halberstadt – HVG
Halle – HAVAG
Hannover – GVH
Heidelberg – RNV
Heilbronn – HNV
Jena – Jenaer Nahverkehr
Karlsruhe –VBKKVV
Kassel – KVG
Krefeld – SWKVRR
Ludwigshafen – VRNRNV
Magdenburg – MVB
Mainz – Mainzer-MobiltätRMVRNN
Mannheim – VRNRNV
Mülheim – Ruhrbahn
Naumburg – Naumburg Strsßenbahn
Nordhausen – Nordhausen Verkehrbetriebe
Nuremberg – VGN
Plauen – PSB
Potsdam – SWP
Rostock – RSAGVerkehrsverbun Warnow
Saarbrücken – SaarbahnSaarVV
Schöneiche-Rüdersdorf – SRS
Schwerin – NVS
Stutgart – VVS
Woltersdorf – SRS
Würzburg – WVVVVM
Zwickau – VMSSVZ


Vatican City – See Rome, Italy


Debrecen –DKV
Miskolc – MVK
Szeged – SZKT


Bergamo –TEB
Bologna – under construction
Brescia – Brescia Mobilitá
Cagliari – Arst
Catania – Circumetnea
Genoa – AMT
Messina – ATM
Padova – Busitalia
Palermo – AMAT
Pisa – under construction
Sassari – Arst
Trieste – Trieste Trasporti
Turin – GTT


Daugavpils – Daugavpils Satiksme
Liepaja – Liepajas Tramvajs


Den Haag – HTM
Hasselt-Maastricht – under construction
Rotterdam – RET
Utrecht – U OV


Bergen – bybanen
Trondheim – Boreal


Bydgoszcz – MZK
Częstochowa – MPK
Elbląg – ZKM
Gorzów – MZK
Grudziądz – MZK Grudziądz
Katowice – ZTM
Łodz – MPK Łodz
Olszty – MPK Olszty
Poznań – MPK Poznań
Sczzecin – ZD
Toruń – MZK Toruń
Wrocław – MPK Wrocław


Almada – MTS
Sintra – Sintra Tram


Arad – CTP Arad
Brăila – Braicar
Cluj-Napoca – CTP Cluj-Napoca
Craiova – RAT Craiova
Galaţi – Transurb
Iaşi – CTP Iaşi
Oradea – OTL
Poleişti – TCE
Timişoara – STPT


Kazan – KMetro
Nizhniy Novgorod – Metronn
Perm – GotransPerm
Samara – toSamara
Smolensk – Muttp
Volgograd – GotransVolga


Košice – DPMK


Alicante – TRAM
Bilbao – euskotren
Cádiz – under construction
Donostia / San Sebastián – euskotren
Granada – Metropolitano de Granada
Jaén – under construction
Málaga – Metro Málaga
Murcia – Tranvía de Murcia
Palma – SFM
Parla – Tranvía de Parla
Sevilla – Metro de SevillaTUSSAM
Sóller Heritage – Ferrocarril de Sóller
Tenerife – Metro Tenerife
València – Metro Valencia
Vitoria-Gasteiz – euskotren Vitoria
Zaragosa – Tranvía Zaragosa


Lund – under construction
Norrköping – ÖstgötsTrafiken


Bern – Bernmobil
Lausanne – tl
Neuchâtel – TransN


Adana – BEL
Ankara – EGO
Antalya – Antalya Ulaşim
Bursa – Burulaş
Eskişehir – EsTRAM
Gaziantep –
Izmir – Izmirmetro
Izmit – UlaşimPark
Kayseri – ULAŞIM
Konya – ATUS
Samsun – Samulaş


Dnipro – Gorod dp
Kharkiv – XAPKIB
Lviv – LET
Odessa – OGET



Birmingham – West Midlands Metro
Blackpool – Blackpool Transport
Liverpool – MerseytravelMerseyrail
Newcastle – Nexus
Nottingham – NET
Sheffield – Supertram

Northern Ireland


Glasgow – SPT

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