The Cuisines

Because of its large diversity, Europe’s cuisines vary greatly with 70 known different ones. Food preparations and their dishes have evolved down through the centuries from the Greeks & Romans, through the Renaissance and age of exploration, which brought new foods back to Europe to ceate new cuisines. In many areas they can still be used today in one form or another. While some of these foods originated in European cultures others have evolved and changed due to several factors. Invading and occupying peoples brought with them new cuisines. Trade with other countries  brought back foods like tea, pasta and spices from Asia. Europe’s colonization throughout the globe brought tomatoes, corn, peppers and cocoa from the Americas. So prior to that, what was Italian cooking like? Even today the influx of immigration continues to contribute to the offerings of foods in Europe. Turkish food is prevalent throughout Germany, Indonesian cuisine in Amsterdam and Indian in London. 

Many restaurants cook with fresh foods so depending on the time off year you may find certain foods available and others not. This holds very true for regional areas that are known for certain vegetables and fruits as well as, wild game.

Daily Meals…

Here is an overview on what you can expect in offerings…


In most countries breakfast is coffee, juice, pastries and fruit with some also including cheeses, salads & cold cuts. Some places will make eggs available for English and American tourists. International hotel chains and those that cater to travelers in tourists areas will also provide a fuller breakfast menu. While in England you can expect a full breakfast offering with eggs, bacon and the famous Heinz pork ‘n beans at each restaurant. 


In addition to restaurants and cafes you will find many deli shops where you can have a sandwich or salad for a light lunch. Pizza is very readily available in most countries. Street markets are common everywhere, there you can find breads, meats, fruits, cheeses and beverages for a picnic lunch.


Even though most restaurants are open, they do not serve food between lunch and dinner. Most start serving dinner at 7:00 pm or later. You’ll be able to enjoy a beverage in the afternoon but, no food. You can go to bars, especially in Spain and enjoy tapas. Tapas are usually bite size appetizers that are served with toothpick in them. When your done count the toothpicks to determine your bill.

For the average European, dinner is the biggest meal. Many restaurants offer complete meals for one price (prix fix) with appetizers, soups or salad, main entrée and dessert. These are normally specials for the day and no substitutions. In Italy the second is usually pasta then followed by an entree. If you are not hungry make sure you can order ala carte.

Popular Food and Drinks…

Breads: They are widely used everywhere with types varying from the famous baguettes to hearty rye breads in eastern and northern countries.

Cheese: Europe is great for the cheese lover as almost all countries have fine cheeses and use them in various cooking dishes. There are literally hundreds of cheese types, from crumbly to gooey and mild to stinky.

Desserts: Pastries are a big thing with most european meals. Famous chocolate desserts like mousse, layer cakes and other pastries with chocolate drizzled over them are heaven. Tortes reign throughout most areas with strudels everywhere is central Europe. Then are the specials like Creme Brûlée, Tiramisù and soufflés.

Meats: Pork & Veal can dominate the meat plates in many countries where in the US beef and chicken are used more. Lamb and rabbit are also on many menus. Sausages are a part of almost every cuisine but, especially in central, northern and eastern countries. As you head away from the seas to land locked countries wild game like, deer and wild boar appear on menus.

Pastas: While we think pasta as just Italian, pastas, gnocchi & risotto are used in other ethnic cuisines. Sauces used with pastas vary region to region, even in Italy.

Poultry:  Chicken is available widely but, duck is also very popular in some cuisines. Goose is used in easter country dishes and wild game like pheasant and partridge is also served.

Seafood: Because Europe is surrounded on 3 sides by water and has major peninsulas, seafood is a much more prevalent than in the US. Muscles, herring, salmon, cod and other fish appear on many menus in western and northern countries. Anchovies, sardines, octopus, squid, shrimp and other fish are seafood staples in a lot in the Mediterranean countries.

Soups: There are many soups offered, especially in the central, eastern & northern countries. Stews are also popular like Goulash and a good variety that are made with no meat.

Beverages: For non-alcoholic  it’s coffees in one form or another like espresso, cappuccino, Viennese and others. Tea is more dominant in England, Russia and Turkey.  Hot chocolates are a treat in central and northern countries. Each country also has their own version of a soft drink but, you will find Coca Cola in most areas.

For alcoholic beverages, each country has it’s local wines and the noted Chianti, Burgundy, Riesling, Port, Sangria and of course Champagne. Beers are big everywhere and not just in Germany. Belgium lagers, Czech pilsners, English ales and more. Many are regional so if you have one somewhere you may never see it again somewhere else.

Spirits are consumed just about everywhere and Vodka is the most popular with regional spirits like Gin, Scotch, Whiskeys, Brandy, Cognac and other liquors.

Local Foods by Country…

If you’re of European ancestry, you probably know what some of the dishes listed below are, as your family probably made these dishes to eat. Here is are some suggestions on the different dishes that are popular with locals from the countries listed. These are foods are considered traditional as new modern cuisines have developed in many countries.

Indicates countries where the category word has no translation to their official language and the word listed is primarily used in it’s interpretation. Some languages use the same word for Appetizers and Entreés as well as the same word for Drinks and Beverages.


Regional Cuisines: Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol & Voralberg

Appetizers – Vorspeisen – Liptauer cheese spread, Kaiserschmarrn, Marlenknuodl, Powidl
Soups – Suppen – Erdäpfelsuppe, Leberknödel, Rindsuppe, Tiroler Speckknödelsuppe
Cheeses – Käse – Abgereifter, Chorherrenkäse, Lüneberg cheese, Tyrolean grey cheese

Entreés*- Beuschel, Wiener Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarrn, Schweinsbraten, Gulasch, Palatschinken, Eisbein, Krustenbraten, Bruckfleisch, Selchfleisch, Schäufele und Knuodel, Tafelspitz, Wild Game meat entrée´s (Deer, Wild Boar, Hare, Pheasant, Duck & Partridge)
Sides – Seiten – Saurekraut

Breads –  Brot – Vienna Bread
Desserts –  Nachspeisen – Apfelstrudel, Bundt Cake, Danish Pastries, Tortes (Linzer, Dobostorte, Esterhazy), Germknödel, Punschkrapfen, Topfenstrudel, Salzburger Nockerin, Millirahmstrudel, Plum Cake, Buchteln
Drinks / Beverages – Getränke – Viennese Coffee, Hot Chocolates, Almududler soft drink, Beer (Märzen, Bock, Wheat Beer) Wine (Gruuner Veltliner, Zweigelt, Heuiger)


Regional Cuisines: Flanders, Walloon
Flanders, Walloon are Belgium’s two official languages. Dutch translation is listed first and French after.

Appetizers – Apértifs – Charcuterie, Frites, Frikandel, Pâté, Tomate-crevette
Soups  – Soepen / Soupes
Cheeses – Kaas Fromages – Limburger, Herve, Pére Joseph, Brussels, Chimay
Salads – Salades – Salade Liegeoise

Moules-frites, Boulets á la liégeoise, Hutsepot/ hochepot, Mitrsilette, Paling in ‘t groen, Oiseau sans téte, Waterzooi, Filet américain, Flemish Stew, Paling in ‘t groen, Boudin, Stoemp, Carbonade flamande
Sides – Côtés 
Frites, White Asparagus

Breads – Brood Pains
Spiced Bread
Chocolates, Waffles, Mattentaart, Smoutebollen, Couque de Dinant, Cuberdon candies, Speculoos, Smoutebollen, Tarte au riz / Rijstevlaai, Sirop de Liège
Drinks / Beverages – Drankjes /  Boissons – Jenever, Beer (Wheat beer, Blonde or Tripel, Dubbel, Lambics) 


Regional Cuisines: Dalmatia, Dubrovnik, Lika, Gorski, Kotar, Međmurje, Podravina, Slavonija

Appetizers – Predjela
Cheeseš, kripavac, Cetinski sir, Krčki sir, Međmurje Turoš, Prga, Zagorgje
Soups – Juhe 
Veal Soup, Beef Borth w.vermicelli, Mushroom Soup, Dill Soup
Cheeses – Sirevi  Paški sir
Salads – Salate Maneštra. Zag

Entreés – Predjela  Ražnjići, Stews (Grah, Varivo od nahuna, Riblji paprikaš, rinlji čorba,Brudet, Ričet, Chicken, Istrian, Čobanac, Hunters, Saurkraut, Zelena menestra, Pašticada, Tripe), Goulash, Venision, Wine, Rabbit, Beef, Pasta, Žganci, Fuži, Gnocchi, štrukli, Krpice sa zeljem, Šporki makaruli, Zagrebački odrezak, Punjena, Stuff Peppers

Breads – Kruh –
Desserts – Deserti Pogača, Husiljevača, Povitica, Bučnica, Palačinke, Baklava, Zagorskištrukli, Uštipci, Fritule, Knedle, Orannjača, Krafne, Čupavci, Rožata, Kroštule, Guglhuf, RapskaŠtrukli, Lepinje 
 Drinks / Beverages –  Pića
Coffee, Mineral Water, Beer, Wine (Malvazija, Muškat Ottonel, Prošek, Rajnski Rizling, Zlahtina, Plavac, Postup)


Appetizers – Předkrmy – Bramboráky, Smažený sýr, Olomoucké syrečky, Obložené chiebičky, Langoše
Soups – Polévka – Česnečka, Fazolová, Hrachovka, Kulajda, Kyselica, Zelňačka
Cheeses – Sýry – Abertam cheese, Balkánský sýr, Hermelín, Olomoucké tvarůžky, Nakláádaný, Smažák
Salads –  Saláty – Champignon, Kyselo

Entreés – Vstupy – Meat dishes w/dumpling, Chlebičky, Schnitzel, Guláš, Svíčková na smetaně, Klobása, Žemlovka, Lecsó, Vepřo-knedlo-zelo, Zabijačka
Sides – Strany – Dumplings, Bramboráky Potato Pancakes, Rice pudding, Mashed Potatoes

Breads – Chléb – Houska, Loupák, Rohlík, Žemle
Desserts – Dezerty – Pulla, Golden cloudberry, Korvapuustit, Kiisseli, Perníky, Vispipuuro, Runeberg’s tart, Rönttönen 
 Drinks / Beverages – Nápoje – Beer (Pilsners), Wine (Moravian), Becherovka, Slivovitz, Pálenka, Kofola soft drink


Regional Cuisines: Lapland, Kainuu, Karelia, Savonia

Appetizers – Alkupaloja
Soups – Keitot – Lohikeitto
Salads – Salaatit – Klimppisoppa, Mykyrokka, Vendace
Cheeses – Juustot – Havarti

Entreés Kaalikääryleet, Game / Moose, deer, fowl, hare, Hernekeitto, Leipäjuusto, Viili, Perunamuusi, Lihapullat, Palvikinkku and palviliha

Breads – Leivät
Desserts – Jälkirouat 
Pulla, Golden cloudberry, Korvapuustit, Kiisseli, Vispipuuro, Runeberg’s tart, Rönttönen 
Drinks / Beverages – Juomat 
Coffee, Koskenkorva, Salmiakkikossu, Jaloviina  


Regional Cuisines: Parisienne, Champagne, Lorraine, Alsace, Normandy, Brittany, Picardy, Nord Pas-de-Calais, Burgundy, Franche-Comté, Lyonnaise, Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes, Poitou-Charentes, Limousin, Basque, Bordeaux, Périgord, Gascony, Toulouse, Quercy, Aveyon, Roussillon, Languedoc, Cévennes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Corisca

Appetizers – Apértifs
Escargot, Basil Salmon Terrine, Foie Gras, Croque monsieu, Pâté
Soups –  Soupes Bisque, French Onion Soup, Vichyssoise, Consommé, Garbure, Tourin
Cheeses – Fromages – Beaufort, Roquefort, Comté, Brie, Bleu s’Auvergne
Salads – Salades – Salade Niçoise, Salade Lyonnaise, Salade Mesclun, Salade de ravioles, Tourin

Entreés – Andouillette, Aligot, Pôchouse, Bouillabaisse, Oeufs en meurette, Quiche, Bœuf bourguignon, magret, Pot au feu, Pieds paquets, Steak, Bourride de fruits de mer, Cassoulet, Confit de canard, Poulet à la Comtoise, Coq au vin jaune,arte flambée
Sides – Côtés – Ratatouille , Gratin dauphinois

Breads – Pains – Baguettes, Croissants
Cookies – Macarons
Desserts * – Mousse au chocolate, Crème brûlée, Café liégeois, Crêpes, Eclairs, Mille-feuille, Souffle, Gateau de ménage
Drinks / Beverages – Boissons – Wine (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Condrieu, Rose), Champagne


Regional Cuisines: Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, Hesse, Palatinate-Pfalz, Thuringia, Saxony  
International Fusion & Presence – Turkish, Chinese, Greek, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese

Appetizers – Vorspeisen – Milbenkäse, Chanterelle
Soups – Suppen – Leberknödelsuppe, Subbaschwôb, Wurstsalat
Cheeses – Käse – Limburger, Cambozola, Remoudou, Weisslacker, Camembert, Munster
Salads – Salate – Potato salad, Cucumber salad, Coleslaw

Entreés – Sauerbraten, Rouladen, Cabbage Rolls, Hasenpfeffer, Jägerschnitzel, Wursts(Bratwurst, Thuringian, Weisswurst, Blood, Liverwurst, Knackwurst, Meltwurst, Currywurst, Teewurst, Bockwurst), Schweinsbraten, Maultasche, Labskaus, Kassler, Roast Chicken, Roast Goose, Roll Mops, Mett, Leipziger Allerlei, Gaisburger Marsch
Sides – Seiten – Spätzle, Sauerkraut, Dumplings, Mash Potatoes , Potato Pancakes, Lentils, Red Cabbage, German Fries

Breads –  Brot – Rye breads, Pretzels, Pumpernickle, Roggenmischbrot, Vollkornbrot, Mehrkornbrot, Sonnenblumenkernbrot, Kürbiskernbrot, Weizenmischbrot, Zwiebelbrot, Brötchen (Bread Rolls), Franzbrötchen
Desserts – Nachspeisen  – Stollen, Black Forest gateau Cake, Berliner, Bavarian cream, Lebkuchen, Baumkuchen cake, Zwiebelkuchen, Springerle
Drinks / Beverages – Getränke – Beers (Lagers, Pilsners, Hefenweizens), Schnapps, Brandy, Korn, Wine (Riesling , Silvaner, Domfelder, Spätburgunder), Apfelschorle


Regional Cuisines: Aegean, Cretan, Ionian Islands, Ipirotiki Makedoniki, Mikrasiatiki   
Historical Influences: Ancient Greek / Byzantine / Venetian / Ottoman

Appetizers – Ορεκτικά – Bacalhau, Dakos, Dolmadakia , Fava, Garides Saganaki, Gavros, Kalamarakia, Kalamata olives, Kalitsounia, Katsouni, Kolokythakia, Kolokythoanthoi, Koukia, Kroketes, Lakerda, Marides tiganites, Melitzanes eggplant, Red Peppers of Florina, Skordalia, Spanakopita, Tirokafteri, Tzatziki, Tyropita
Soups – Σούπες – Fakes lentil soup, Fasolada white-bean soup , Psarosoupa 
Cheeses – Τυριά – Feta, Graviera, Saganaki

Salads – Σαλάτες – Greek salad, Kotosoupa Avgolemono, Bourou-bourou, Kakavia, Magiritsa, Patsas, Revithia, Trahana, Kaparosalata, Lachanosalata, Melitzanosalata, Patatosalata, Pantzarosalata, Macedonia salad, Maintanosalata, Taramosalata, Tonosalata
Entreés – Εντάσεις Atherina, Bourdeto, Giouvetsi, Gyros, Kalamari, Keftedakia, Loukaniko, Moussaka, Mydia, Oven-baked lamb & chicken, Paidakia, Pastitsada, Pastitsio, Pork with celery, Savridia, Sheftalia, Sofrito, Soupia cuttlefish, Soutzoukakia Smyrneika, Souvlaki, Stifado, Xiphias swordfish, Yiouvarlakia, Gemista, Gigandes plaki, Horta, Kinteata,  Lachanorizo, Prassorizo, Spanakorizo

Sides – Πλευρές
Breads – Ψωμιά – Cretan bread, Pita
Desserts – Επιδόρπια
Baklava, Diples, Finikia, Galaktoboureko  custard , Halva, Karydopita, , Koulourakia, Kourabiedes Lazarakia, Loukoumades, Loukoumi, Mandolato, Melomakarona, Macaroons, Moustalevria,, Pasteli, Spoon sweets , Tsoureki, Vasilopita,, Yogurt, Daktyla, Paximadi, Lagana
Drinks / Beverages – Ποτά 
Ouzo, Frappé, Coffee, Wine (Agiorghitiko, Assyrtiko), Beer, Teas (Mint, Chamomile)


Appetizers – Előételek 
Deviled Eggs
Soups – Levesek – Gulyásleves, Hideg meggyleves, Halászlé, Húsleves, Jókai bableves
Cheeses – Sajtok – Pálpusztai, Trappista
Salads – Saláták – Hungarina Cucumber 

Entreés – Előételek – Császármorzsa, Főzelék, Székelygulyás, Lecsó, Fasírt, Stefánia szelet, Pecsenye, Pörkölt, Palacsinta Gundel, Hortobágyi palacsinta, Paprikás krumpli, Chicken Paprikash, Pörkölt, Sólet, Szilvásgombóc and nudli, Szűz tekercsek, Töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage), Töltött paprika, Töltött tojás, Túrógombóc, Túrós csusza, Vadas marha, Wiener schnitzel

Breads – Kenyerek – Kifli, Vaníliás kifli
Desserts – Desszertek 
Bejgli Poppy Seed and Nut rolls, Dobos Cake, Linzer torta, Rigó Jancsi, Kürtőskalács, Piskóta, Rétes, Képviselő Fánk, Kuglóf, Bukta, Lekváros tekercs, Birsalma sajt, Törökméz, Halva, Madártej, Túró Rudi, Szaloncukor, Arany galuska, Vargabéles, Somlói galuska, Palacsinta, Flódni
Drinks / Beverages –  Italok
Wine, Tokaji, Unicum, Pálinka, Traubi soft drink


Appetizers *
Soups – Anraithí
Cheeses – Cáiseanna – Gubbeen, Dubliner
Salads – Sailéíd
Breads – Leideanna – Blaa, Farl, Fried Bread, Soda bread, Wheaten bread, Potato bread, Veda bread

Bacon and cabbage, Black pudding , Breakfast Roll, Coddle, Crubeens pig’s trotters, Skirts and kidneys, Champ, Limerick Ham, Shepherd’s Pie/Cottage Pie, Pastie, Irish Seafood Chowder, Irish Stew, Spice Bag, Spiced Beef, White Pudding
Boxty, Colcannon, Mashed Potato

Desserts – Milseoga – Barmbrack, Goody, Gur Cake
Drinks / Beverages – Deochanna  – Whiskey, Beer (Porter or Stout, Irish red ale, Lagers), Coffee, Irish cream, Irish Mist, Mead, Poitín, Cider


Regional Cuisines: Abruzzo, Molise, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia-Roomagne, Friuli-Venezia, Giulia, Liguria, Lazio, Lombardy, Marche, Puglia, Sardinia, Trentino-Alto Adige, Tuscany, Umbria, Valle d’Aosta, Veneto

Appetizers – Antipasti – Prosciutto, Salami, Bruschetta, Olives, Arancini, Meatballs, Crostino, Bagna cáuda
Soups – Zoppa – Minestrone, Wedding Soup, Zuppa Toscana 
Salads – Insalate
Cheeses – Fromaggi Pecorino, Gorgonzola, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano

Entreés – Primo – Pastas w/ sauces, Gnocchi w/ sauces, Risotto w/ sauces, Ravioli, Lasagne
Entreés – Secondi – Saltimbocca, Pizza, Baccalá alla lucana, Seafood, Jota, Eggplant
Sides – Lati – Polenta

Breads – Pani – Focaccia
Desserts – Dolci – Gelato, Caneolli, Panettone, Tiramisù
 Drinks / Beverages – Bevande 
Coffee (Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Café au lait), Grappa, Limoncello, Sambouca, Wine (Chianti, Sangiovese)


Regional Cuisines: Northeastern-GroningenFrieslandDrentheOverijsselGelderland, Western-N. HollandS. Holland, Zeeland , UtrechtSouthern-N. BrabantLinburg  

Appetizers – Voorgerechten
Hollandse Nieuwe, Krentenbollen, Bitterballen
Soups – Soepen
Cheeses – Kaas
Gouda, Edam, Leyden

Entreés – Voorgerechten
Gehaktballen, Slavink, Balkenbrij, IJsselmeeris , Pannekoeken, Poffertjes, Wentelteefjes, Broeder ,Mosselen ,Sudderlapjes, Babi panggang

Cookies –  Koekjes
Speculaas, Letterbanket
Vla, Broodpap, Griesmeelpudding, Kaassoufflé, Kerststol , Yougart
 Drinks / Beverages – Drankjes
Beer, Gin, Kraamanijs , Oranjebitter, Boerenmeisjes, Jenever
Sweets – Seets
Zoute drop, Stroopwafels, Vlaai


Appetizers – Forretter
Jarlsberg cheese, Norvegia, Pultost, Nøkkelost
Soups – Supper
Cheese – Oster
 Brunost, Jarlsberg, Gamalost
Salads – Salater

Entreés – Forettene
Kjøttkaker , Kjøttboller, Svinekoteletter, Svinestek, Lapskaus, Fårikål, Syltelabb, Pinnekjøtt, Smalahove, Sodd, Rakfisk, Torsk, Lutefisk, Stekt fisk, Fiskesuppe, Sursild

Breads – Brød
Desserts – Desserter
Danish Pastries, Lefse, Krumkake
Drinks / Beverages – Drikke
Karsk, Coffee, mjød  ,Akevitt, Hjemmebrent


Regional Cuisines: Galicia, Kresy, Podlachia, Masovia, Masuria, Pomerania, Silesia, Lesser Poland, Tatra Mountains, Greater Poland

Appetizers – Prezkąski
Soups –  Zupy
Ryemeal (Zurek) Soup, Tripe Soup, Czernina
Cheeses – Sery
 Bundz, Sheep Milk, Gruyére
Salads –  Sałatki
Barszcz, Chłodnik, Flaki or flaczki, Grochówka, Kapuśniak
Bigos Stew, Kielbasa sausage, Kotlet schabowy, Golonka, Gołąbki, Gulasz, Pieogi, Zra, Kopytka, Śmietana 

Sides –  Boki
Ziemniaki Gotowane , Kopytka, Kasza gryczana , Tłuczone Ziemniaki, Mizeria, Surówka z Białej Kapusty, Sałatka Warzywna or Jarzynowa , Kapusta Zasmażana, Surówka , Sałatka , Sałatka Burakowa/Buraczki , Fasolka z Migdałami , Ogórek Kiszony, Ogórek Konserwowy, Pieczarki Marynowane, Sałatka Ogórkowa, Sałatka z Krewetek, Sałatka z Boczkiem, Sałatka Wiosenna , Sałatka z Kartofli or Sałatka Ziemniaczana, Surówka z Marchewki

Breads –  Chleby
Desserts – Desery
Budyń, Chałka, Faworki / Chrusty starch, Krówki -, Kutia -, Makowiec, Mazurek, Naleśniki, Pączki 
Drinks / Beverages – Napoje
Kopytka, Beer, Vodka, Coffee, Mead, Oranżada soft drink


Appetizers – Aperitivos
Soups – Sopas
Cheeses – Queijos
São Jorge 
Queijo de Castelo Branco 
Queijo da Serra da Estrela 
Salads – Saladas

Entreés – Entradas
Bacalhau, Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato, Feijoada à transmontana, Mariscos
, Francesinha, Bacalhau à minhota, Cozido à portuguesa, Mão de vaca com grão, Rojões à moda do Minho com arroz de sarrabulho, Portuguese Enchidos
Sides – Lados

Breads – Pães
Desserts – Sobremesas
 arroz doce
 pudim flã
Drinks / Beverages – Bedidas
Wine Rosé, Vinho Verde, Port
Licor Beirão , Ginjinha, Coffee, Milk, Tea


Regional Cuisines: Andalucia, Aragon, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Basque, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castile-La Mancha, Castile and León, Catalonia, La Rioja, Extremadura, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia, Navarre, Valencia

Appetizers – Aperitivos
Torta de la Serena , Torta de casar , Cabrales Cheese, Manchego cheese
Soups – Sopas 
Farigola soup, Gazpacho
Cheeses – Quesos
Cabrales, Mahón, Roncal, Idiazabal ,Garrotxa
 Salads – Ensaladas
Sopa de ajo, Escudella, Zarangollo

Entreés – Entradas
Asturian bean stew, Cochinillo asado, Paella, Flamenquín, Pringá, Oxtail , Often gypsy, Arroz con costra, Rioja potatoes, Fritatda, Conejo al Ajillo, Fideuá , Arroz al horno, All i pebre, Bean tortilla, Asado de ternasco, Magras con tomate, Almojábanas de, Cerdo, Carne gobernada, Cachop
Sides – Sides

Breads – Panes
Mollete, Pa amb tomàquet, Polvorón, Talau
 Desserts – Postres
Alfajores, Chocolate con churros, Buñuelos, Flan, Valladolid, Tomato bread, Leche frita,, Perrunillas, Fritters Ensaimadas, Manacor, Mazapán
Drinks / Beverages –  Bebidas
Cider , Wine Sangria, Chenin Blanc, Muscat, Mistille, Garnacha, Monastrell, Tempranillo, Albarño, Galicia, Palomino, Airen, Macabeo, Cava, Sherry


Appetizers – Aptitretare
Soups – Sopper
Cheeses – Ostar – Greve 
Salads – Sallader – Ärtsoppa, Köttsoppa

Entreés – Förrätter
Blåbärspalt Dumplings, Blodpalt Dumplings, Blodpudding, Blodkorv, Bruna bönor och fläsk, Falukorv Sausage, Fiskbullar Fishballs,, Fläskkorv Sausages, Fläskpannkaka, Flygande Jacob, Gravlax Salmon, Grisfötter, Inkokt lax, Inlagd sill, Isterband Sausage, Janssons frestelse, Julskinka, Kåldolmar, Kalops, Korv Stroganoff, Lutfisk, Paltbröd, Pannkakor, Plättar, Pölsa, Pyttipanna, Rotmos, Smörgåstårta, Stekt fläsk, Stekt strömming, Surströmming, Wallenbergare

Sides – Sidor
Kroppkakor Dumplings, Leverpalt Dumplings, Mashed Potatoes, Palt Dumplings, Pitepalt Dumplings, Raggmunk Potato
Breads – Bröd
Drinks / Beverages – Dryck
Blåbärssoppa, Enbärsdricka, Sockerdricka, Fruktsoda, Champis, Pommac, Julmust, Trocadero, Lingondricka, Vodka


Regional Cuisines:  French section, German section, Italian section. Graubünden Canton § Switzerland has three primary languages. German translation appears first followed by French then Italian. 

Appetizers – Vorspeisen /  Apértifs / Antipasto
Soups – Suppen / Soupe / Zuppa
Graubünden Barley Soup 
Cheeses – Käse / Fromages / Fromagi
Gruyére, Appenzeller, Emmentaler, Tête de Moine , Füürtufel, Der Scharfee Maxx
Salads – Salate / Salades / Insalate

Fondue, Chur Meat Pie, Pizzoccheri, Birchermuesli, Emmental, Kalberwurst, Fotzel slices, Landjäger, Raclette, Riz casimir, Polenta, Saffron Risotto, Papet Vaudois, Saffrin Risotto
Sides – Seiten / Côtes / Lati
Älplermagronen, Rosti, Polenta

Breads – Brot / Pains / Pani
Desserts –  Nachspeisen / Dolci
Bündner Nusstorte , Zopf, Tirggel, Meringue, Carac
Drinks / Beverages – Getränke / Boissons / Bevande
Absinthe, Wine Chasselas, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Beer, Coffee, Rivella, Apple Juice, Damassine, Ovomaltine


Appetizers – Mezeler
Dolmas, Sarmas 
Soups – Çobalar
Cheeses – Peynırler
Tulum, Beyaz peynir, Kashkaval 
Salads – Salatalar
Buğday aşı/Yoğurt Çorbası/Ayran Çorbası, Düğün, Tarhana, Ezogelin, Mercimek , İşkembe, Şehriye, Tavuk, Ekşi Aşı, Mahluta, Pazı, Lahana, Sumak Aşı, Domates (tomato soup), Yayla, Yüksük, Trabzon Balık çorbası, Paça., Tutmaç 

Entreés – Mezeler
Kebabs, Döner , Kuzu Güveç , Pastırmalı Kuru Fasulye , Kuzu, Kapama, Haşlama , Kavurma , Alinazik kebab, Hünkar Beğendi , Türlü , Külbastı, Elbasan tava, Prizren tava, Tandır  ,İncik , Boraniye , Mahmudiye , Karnıyarık, Köfte , Sujuk , Pastırma , Kokoreç , Liver , Kelle , Kuzu Etli Enginar , Etli Taze Fasulye , Etli Bamya , İşkembeli Nohut

Pilaf, Pasta
Breads – Ekmekler
Bazlama, Gözleme, Lavaş, Pide, Simit, Yufka
Desserts – Tatlılar
Börek , Baklava, Kadaif, Helva, Güllaç, Aşure, Tahin-pekmez, Lokum, Cezerye, Marzipan, Tavuk göğsü
Drinks / Beverages – İçkiler
Turkish tea, Turkish coffee , Ayran, Şalgam suyu, Boza, Sahlep, Sherbet


Appetizers – Закуски
Kholodets, Kovbasa, Salo
Soups – Супи 
Borshch, Borscht, Kapusniak, Rosolnyk, Solyanka, Yushka, Zelenyj
Cheeses – Сири
Bryndza, Olivier, Quark (dairy product), Urdă 
Salads – Салати
Ukha, Olivye, Vinigret

Varenyky , Pyrizhky, Holubtsi, Mlyntsi , Kasha, Pyrih, Gulliash, Studenetz, Kovbasa, Kotleta po-kyivsky, Kolety Sichenyky, Kruchenyky, Pechenya, Salo
Sides – Сторони
Deruny, Potato Barabolia, Bulba, Kartoplia

Breads – Хліб
Babka, Bublik, Kalach, Koraval, Palyanytsya
Desserts – Десерти
Paska, Kutia , Pampushky, Syrnyky, Tortes Kyjivskyj, Prazhskyi, Trufelnyi, Zhele, Varennya
Drinks / Beverages – Напої
Kompot , Beer, Wine, Horilka, Mead, Nalyvka, Pryazhene moloko, Uzvar , Kvass ,Ryazhanka  ,Kefir


Regional Cuisines: English, Scottish, Cornish, Welsh & Northern Irish.           
International Fusion: India, Carribbean, Hong Kong 

Cheeses – Bath Blue Cheese, Red Leicester
Sides – Dumplings
Drinks / Beverages – Beer Ales, Porters, Bitters, Black Tea, Gin, Scotch, Irish Whiskey

Entreés – Bedfordshire clanger, Bangers and mash, Beef cobbler, Beef Wellington, Black pudding, Bubble and squeak, Cornish pasty, Cottage pie, Cumberland sausage, Devilled kidneys, Faggots, Fish and chips, Game pie, Gooducken, Hash, Hog’s pudding, Jellied eels, Kippers, Lancashire hotpot, Lincolnshire sausage, Liver and onion, Parmo (Teesside), Pease pudding, Pie and mash, Ploughman’s lunch, Pork pie, Potted shrimps, Shepherd’s pie, Scouse, Stargazy Pie, Steak and ale pie, Steak and kidney pie, Steak and kidney pudding, Steak and oyster pie, Stottie cake, Suet pudding, Sunday roast, Roasts, beef, lamb or pork, Toad-in-the-hole, Yorkshire pudding

Desserts – Apple pie, Bakewell tart, Banoffee pie, Battenberg Cake, Bread and butter pudding, Christmas pudding, Crumble, Custard, Eccles cake, Eton Mess, Eve’s pudding, Fool, Gypsy tart, Cornish, Hevva Cake, Jam Roly-Poly, Kendal mint cake, Knickerbocker glory, Lardy cake, Madeira cake, Mince pie, Parkin, Pound cake, Queen of Puddings, Saffron cake, Scones, Spotted dick, Sticky toffee pudding, Summer pudding, Sussex Pond Pudding, Syllabub, Trifle, Treacle tart, Victoria Sponge Cake


In the 1980’s American Fast Food restaurants started to establish themselves in some European countries in an effort to capture the American tourists. When McDonalds opened a location next to the Spanish Steps in Rome an Italian activists Carlo Petrini protested. Wanting to preserver European cuisine falling victim to fast food chains he created the Slow Food movement as an alternative. Focusing on promoting local foods and centuries-old traditions of gastronomy and food production.

The Slow Food movement incorporates a series of objectives within its mission, including: 

  • Identifying endangered foods for each ecoregion, where local culinary traditions and foods are celebrated
  • Creating grassroots organizations to promote slow foods to the public
  • Forming and sustaining seed banks to preserve heirloom varieties in cooperation with local food systems
  • Preserving and promoting local and traditional food products, along with their lore and preparation
  • Organizing small-scale processing (including facilities for slaughtering and short run products)
  • Organizing celebrations of local cuisine within regions
  • Promoting taste education
  • Educating consumers about the risks of fast food
  • Educating citizens about the drawbacks of commercial agribusiness and factory farms
  • Educating citizens about the risks of monoculture and reliance on too few genomes or varieties
  • Developing various political programs to preserve family farms
  • Lobbying for the inclusion of organic farming concerns within agricultural policy
  • Lobbying against government funding of genetic engineering
  • Lobbying against the use of pesticides
  • Teaching gardening skills to students and prisoners
  • Encouraging ethical buying in local marketplaces

The Slow Food movement has become global expanding into 150 countries.