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While no one wants to rely on health services when you are so far from home, Europe has some of the best health care systems in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) created a measurement to examine and compare the health care systems around the world. There are 23 European countries that ranked higher than the Unites States and 17 of those are ranked in the top 20 countries globally. Health care services in most countries is more accessible and better that what you will find if  you are traveling in the US.

Health care is not free for tourists so, in most cases you will have to pay out of pocket. Check with your health insurance company to see if your policy provides any coverage for international travel. In most cases  you will have to be reimburse by your insurance company as European health services will not accept your insurance coverage to pay for services. If your insurance company offers no coverage another option is to buy travelers insurance for health and dental coverage.  Again you will pay out of pocket and mostly likely will have to be reimbursed by your travelers insurance policy.

The following U.S. Embassy links provide recommendations for medical care while traveling within these countries. This information is complied and updated by the US Embassy within that country. Also listed are some additional recommended facilities for care.


U.S. Embassy Tirana – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy – see Spain


U.S. Embassy Vienna – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Austria


U.S. Embassy Minsk – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Brussels – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Sarajevo – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Sofia– U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Zagreb– U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Croatia


U.S. Embassy Nicosia – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Prague – U.S. citizen medical assistance page

In Prague for non-emergency urgent care go to:  Fakultní nemocnice v Motole (Motol University Hospital) V Úvalu 84, Praha 5 


U.S. Embassy Copenhagen – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Tallinn – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Helsinki – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, Rennes, Marseille, Strasbourg – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ France


U.S. Embassy Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Germany

Non-Emergency Care in Munich:
Bereitschaftspraxis Elisenhof, Elisenstraße 3 (Near the main station Hauptbahnhof)
Deutsches Herzzentrum München (German Cardiac Center Munich), Lazarettstraße 36 
Klinikum Großhadern (university hospital), Marchioninistraße 15
Klinikum Rechts der Isar (university hospital), Ismaninger Straße 22
Klinikum Schwabing (pediatric clinic), Kölner Platz 1


U.S. Embassy Athens – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Greece


U.S. Embassy- see Italy


U.S. Embassy Budapest – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Hungary


U.S. Embassy Reykjavik– U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Dublin – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Riga – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy- see Switzerland


U.S. Embassy Vilnius – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Lithuania


U.S. Embassy Luxembourg City – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Attard – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Malta


U.S. Embassy Chisinau – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy – see France


U.S. Embassy Podgorica – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy The Hague, Amsterdam – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Skopje – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ North Macedonia


U.S. Embassy Olso – U.S. citizen medical assistance page

In Oslo for  For non-emergency injuries and illness (emergency room/physician seeing patients without appointment)- Oslo legevakt 116 117 (in country only), +47 22 93 22 93 (Storgata 40)


U.S. Embassy Warsaw, Karków, Poznan – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Poland


U.S. Embassy Lisbon, Ponta Delgada – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Portugal


U.S. Embassy Bucharest – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Romania


U.S. Embassy Moscow – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Russia


U.S. Embassy- see Italy


U.S. Embassy Belgrade – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Ljubljana – U.S. citizen medical assistance page


U.S. Embassy Madrid, Barcelona – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Spain


U.S. Embassy, Stockholm – U.S. citizen medical assistance page

Stockholm Hospitals: S:t Görans Sjukhus, S:t Göransplan 1 (T Fridhemsplan or T Stadshagen), +46 8 58 70 10 00.
Södersjukhuset, Sjukhusbacken 10 , +46 8 616 10 


U.S. Embassy Ber, Zürich, Genéva– U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Switzerland

Tourist care in Zurich:
Permanence Hauptbahnhof at the main train station provides urgent out-patient care for tourists without prior appointments. There is also a dentist downstairs at the station. For serious emergencies rush to the University Hospital which has a 24/7 emergency ward. Tram stop “ETH/Universitätsspital” 


U.S. Embassy Ankara, Istanbul, Adana – U.S. citizen medical assistance
Health Tourism – FAQ Turkey


U.S. Embassy Kyiv – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
Health Tourism – FAQ Ukraine


U.S. Embassy London, Belfast, Edinburgh – U.S. citizen medical assistance page
NHS-National Health Service – FAQ Visiting England
Health Tourism – FAQ U.K.

Major A & E hospitals in London are:
Charing Cross Hospital, Fulham Palace Rd, Hammersmith, W6 8RF
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, 369 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, SW10 9TR
St George’s Hospital, Blackshaw Road, Tooting, SW17 0QT
Homerton University Hospital, Homerton Row, Homerton, E9 6SR
King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill, SE5 9RS
University Lewisham Hospital, High St, SE13 6LH
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Stadium Road, Woolwich, SE18 4QH
Royal Free Hospital, 23 East Heath Rd, Hampstead, NW3 1DU
The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, E1 1BB
St Marys NHS Trust, Praed St, Paddington, W2 1NY
St Thomas’ Hospital, Lambeth Palace Rd, South Bank, SE1 7EH
University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, 25 Grafton Way, Bloomsbury, WC1E 6DB
Whittington Hospital, Highgate Hill, Archway, N19 5NF

U.S. citizens can also contact the U.S. Embassies for assistance to find medical help in the case of emergencies. See our ➾ Emergencies page for a particular country’s emergency number.

Health Links

CDC (Center For Disease Control) Travel Information ➾ Obtaining Healthcare Abroad

Clinician Resources ➾ Traveler Advice
WHO (World Health Organization) ➾ Regional Office for Europe
International Society of Traveler Medicine ➾ Online Clinic DirectoryGeoSentinel


Are widely available most areas, especially in cities and very near tourist areas.  The stores are typically small and only sell medications and supplies for health aliments. Unlike the US, pharmacists in Europe can be very helpful in assistance with diagnosing minor aliments and injuries without going to see a doctor first. They will recommend over the counter remedies and medications not requiring a doctor’s prescription. They will recommend a clinic or hospital for anything serious. Most pharmacists speak English, especially in high tourists areas. 

You will be able to find many of the same medications and remedies you purchases in the US. While some of the brand names may vary, many are comparable to US brands. Ask the pharmacist, they are usually aware of comparable products to those offered in the US. 

In many countries they are called a pharmacy or apothecary but, in their own language. For example, in Denmark it is Apothek and in Italy it is Farmacia. Always look for the green cross on the outside of buildings that identify pharmacies.

Minor Treatments – For physical injuries or illness that a pharmacist cannot assist you with, go to a clinic for treatment.

Major Health Issues – For serious complications or a serious injury seek out a hospital immediately for treatment.

Ask your hotel were you can find services. If your out and need medical attention ask restaurant personnel, Police officer, tour guide, business operator or anyone else near by for assistance. Wherever you receive treatment you will find most of the health professionals speak English and will be able to treat you. There is excellent distribution of hospitals, clinics, etc. for treatment should it be required.

List of 24 Hour or Extended Hour Pharmacies…

There are minimal 24 hour pharmacies in operation throughout Europe. many have extended hours til midnight and later. While some may be open there may not be a pharmacists on duty to fill prescriptions. Depending on the country, pharmacies may be called Apotheke, Apotheek, Apotek, Apteka, Apteek, Apteekk, Chemists, Cógaisíocht, Eczane, Farmacia, Farmacie, Farmazia, Gyógyszertár, Lékárna, Ljekarna of Pharmacie.


Multipharma, Canadalaan 218, 2030 Antwerpen


Palackého, Palackého 5, 115 92 Prague 1
Svaté Ludmily, Belgická 37, 120 00 Prague 2
Motol Teaching Hospital, V Úvalu 84, 150 06 Prague 5
PHARMALAND, Fr. Křížka 22, 170 00 Prague 7
BERYTOS, Vítězné nám. 997/13, 160 00 Prague 6
Ústavní lékárna Na Bulovce, Bulovka 282, 180 81 Prague 8
Lékárna v Malešicích, Plaňanská 573/1, 108 00 Prague 10
Lékárna Šustova, Šustova 1930/2, 149 00 Prague 11


Steno Apotek, Vesterbrogade 6C 1620 København V


Pharmacie des Capucins, 30 place des Capucins 33800 Bordeaux

Grande Pharmacie des Halles, 99 rue Massena 59000 Lille
Pharmacie Delobelle, 12 rue Eglise 59310 Orchies

Aprium Grande Pharmacie des Gratte-Ciel, 28 avenue Henri Barbusse 69100 Villeurbanne

Pharmacie Riviera, 66 avenue Jean Médecin 06000 Nice 

Pharmacie Internationale de Paris, 17 bis boulevard de Rochechouart, Paris, 75009
Pharmacie Européenne, 6 place de Clichy, Paris, 75009
Pharmacie Internationale, 5 place Pigalle, Paris, 75009
Pharmacie de l’Opéra, 1 rue Auber, Paris, 75009
Grande Pharmacie de la Nation, 13 place de la Nation, Paris, 75011
Pharmacie J. Rico, 6 place Félix Eboué, Paris, 75012
Pharmacie Italie Tolbiac, 61 avenue d’Italie, Paris, 75013
Pharmacie des Arts, 106 boulevard Montparnasse, Paris, 75014
Aprium Pharmacie centrale Paris 15, 52 rue du Commerce, Paris, 75015
Pharmacie Exelmans, 77 boulevard Exelmans, Paris, 75016
Pharmacie du Village, 26 rue du Temple, Paris, 75004
Pharmacie Paris-Charonne
136 rue de Charonne, Paris, 75011
La Pharmacie de République, 5 place de la République, Paris, 75003


BerlinApotheke Friedrichshain, Warschauherstr. 27, 10243 Berlin
Apotheke, Europaplatz 1 Ebene 1 10557 Berlin 
Nordend-Apotheke, Dietzgenstraße 189 13156 Berlin 

Kurfürsten-Apothekek am Elesabethplatz, Franz-Joseph-Straße 48, 80801 Munich


Bravi Farmacie, Via San Zeno 95, 25124 Brescia

Farmacia, Via Donizetti 80 50018 Scandicci

Alliance Farmacie Comunali, Piazza Curtone 7 55100 Lucca

Farmacia Boccaccio, Via Giovanni Boccaccio 26 20123 Milan
Farmacia Santa Teresa, Corso Magenta 96 20123 Milan
Farmacia Viscontea, Piazza Roma 6 20088 Gudo Visconti 

Farmacia Londra, Piazza Municipio 54/55 80133 Naples
Farmacia Garzia, Corso San Giovanni a Teduccio 102 80146 Naples
Farmacia Leone, Via Santa Maria A Cubito 441 80145 Naples
Farmacia Mandanici, Via Alessandro Manzoni 71 80026 Casoria

Farmacia Igea San Gallicano, Piazza Barberini 49 00187 Rome 
Farmacia Piram, Via Nazionale 228 00184 Rome 
Farmacia Cipro, Viale degli Ammiragli 33
00136 Rome
Farmacia Marconi, Viale Guglielmo Marconi 174
00146 Rome
 Farmacia Fabiani, Via Appia Nuova 93A 00183 Rome 
Farmacia San Gabriele, Via Nomentana 564 00141 Rome
Farmacia Igea, Largo Cervinia 23 00135 Rome 
Farmacia del Serafico, Via Simone Martini 34 00142 Rome 
Farmacia San Paolo, via Ostiense 168 00146 Rome


Amsterdam Central Pharmacy, De Ruijterkade 24-a
1012 AA, Amsterdam
Folkertshop, Schokkerlaan 56 1503 JR Zaandam 


Apotek, Jernbanetorget 4 B Oslo
1 Legevakten, Storgata 40 0182 Oslo


Apteka Dbam o Zdrowie ul. Kalwaryjska 94
Apteka Dr. Max ul. Karmelicka 23
Apteka Galla ul. Galla 26
Apteka Pod Eskulapem ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 117
Apteka Prywatna ul. Mogilska 21

Apteka Beata 24 al. Solidarności 149 00-898 Warsaw 
Apteka Przy Willowej, ul. Puławska 39 02-508 Warsaw 
Miro Apteka, pl. Mirowski 1 00-138 Warsaw
Apteka przy Placu Zbawiciela, ul. Mokotowska 12 00-640 Warsaw 
Apteka Cefarm, ul. Leszno 38 01-175 Warsaw
Apteka 24h, ul. Żwirki i Wigury 43A 02-091 Warsaw 
Apteka Cefarm, ul. Barkocińska 6 Warsaw 
Apteka Przy Bażantarni, Przy Bażantarni 11 02-793 Warsaw 
Apteka Wawa, ul. Światowida 47 03-144 Warsaw 
Apteka Juventa, Żeromskiego 13 01-887 Warsaw 
Apteka Włochy, ul. Globusowa 25 02-436 Warsaw


Farmácia Uruguai, Av. Uruguai, 18 1500-613 Lisbon 
Farmácia São Mamede, R. da Escola Politécnica, 82 1250-102 Lisbon
Farmácia Holon, R. Azedo Gneco, 4 2845-409 Amora 
Farmácia Bento Lino, Avenida Vale Milhaços 34 2855-386 Seixal 

Farmácia São Joã, Estrada da Circunvalação, 7698 4200-162 Porto


Farmcia garrido azpiroz, av de jaume i, 4, 03780 pego, Alicante

Farmàcia Clapés Antoja, La Rambla, 98
+ 34 93 301 28 43
Farmàcia Dra. Castells Soler, Passeig de Gràcia, 90 (at the corner of Provença)
+34 93 487 61 45
Farmacia Torres, Aribau, 62 (at the corner of Aragó street)
+ 34 93 453 92 20
Farmàcia Laguna Ventosa, Provença, 459 (at the corner of Lepant street)
+ 34 93 455 12 07
Farmàcia Fuente Illa, Riera Blanca, 191-193 (at the corner of Constitució street)
+34 93 332 15 95
Farmàcia Saltó, Avinguda Madrid, 220 (at the corner of Del Vallespir)
+34 93 339 63 32
Farmàcia Boada i Soler, Plaça Bonanova, 6
+ 34 93 417 80 32
Farmàcia Boquer Torrens, Passeig Sant Gervasi, 53
+34 93 417 02 40
Farmàcia Cervera Bech, Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 241
+34 933 214 338
Farmàcia Biosca & Fernández, Rambla Guipúzcoa, 67-69 (at the corner of Selva del Mar street)
+34 93 314 48 20

Farmacia Mendez Picon, Avenida América, 3 14008 Cordoba Tel: 957-472-095

Farmacia Zarco Rios, Puerta Real, 2
18009 Granada  Tel: 958-263-113
 Farmacia Santa Maria, Calle Periodista José Maria Carulla, 8 18014 Granada Tel: 958-154-949

Farmacia Lopez Laguna
Calle Velazquez, 70 28001 Madrid
Tel: 915-756-028
2. Farmacia Sexta Avenida
Avenida de la Victoria, 2 Centro Commercial Sexta Avenida, El Plantío – 28023 Madrid
Tel: 913-728-818
3. Habana 7
Paseo de la Habana, 7 28036 Madrid
Tel: 915-612-244
4. Farmacia 24h Goya 89
Calle Goya, 89, 28001 Madrid (Madrid)
Tel: 914-354-958
5. Farmacia Astura 24h
Calle Francisco Silvela, 36, 28028 Madrid
Tel: 913-563-573
6. Alcala 173
Calle Alcala, 173 – Corner of Montesa 28009 Madrid
Tel: 914-013-639

Farmacia Caffarena
Alameda Principal, 2 (Corner Calle Larios)
Tel: 952-212-858
Farmacia Reding, Paseo de Reding, 17
Tel: 952-223-731

Farmacia Neto Del Rio C.B., Calle Castillo de Constantina, 4 41013 Sevilla 
Tel: 954-610- 437

Farmacia Tornero Medina, Carreró de Suay, 205, 46022 València

Farmacia Ortopedia Morte, Passeo de Sagasta, 8, 50006 Zaragoza


Apoteket C W Scheele, Klarabergsgatan 64 


Bellevue Apotheke, Theaterstrasse 14 am Bellevueplatz 8001 Zürich
TopPharm Vindonissa-Apotheke, Zürcherstrasse 26 5210 Windisch



Tesco Stores, Broadfields Retail Park Bicester Road Aylesbury HP19 8BU
Tesco, Broadfields Retail Park Bicester Road
Aylesbury HP19 8BU

Tesco Instore Pharmacy, Littleton St W Walsall WS2 8EQ 
Asda, Walmley Ash Road Sutton Coldfield B76 1XL

Tesco Stores, Yarrow Road Mannings Heath Poole BH12 4NX

Tesco Pharmacy, Greenwell Road Newton Aycliffe DL5 4DH

Zafash, 233 Old Brompton Road London SW5 0EA
Appleby Pharmacy, Unit 3 Belvue Road Belvue Industrial Estate London UB5 5HX
Asda, Marshall Road, Leyton E10 5NH

Northern Ireland


Tesco, Riverside Drive Dundee 

ASDA, Halbeath Road Retail Park Dunfermline KY11 ASDA, 4LPCarberry Road Kirkcaldy KY1 3NU 

Asda Stores, Phoenix Retail Park Linwood Road Paisley PA1
Tepnel Pharma Services, Appleton Place, Appleton Parkway, Livingston 04862


Tesco Extra, Culverhouse Cross Vale Of Glamorgan Cardiff


One can also buy travel health insurance that will cover some of the cost for health expenses while traveling. Go to our What You’ll Need Page ➾ Travel Insurance for more information.