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When it comes to using a bus, there are plenty of options. There are city, regional, national and tour bus companies that provide transportation coverage across a  whole spectrum of needs. Trains throughout Europe can take you to many places but, where the tracks won’t take you the buses can.

You will also find easy and convenient bus service within large cities, as well as good transportation from large cities out to smaller rural towns, especially those with high tourist levels. These round trip tickets are inexpensive, comfortable, with good selection of departures daily for short distance routes. Check with the local tourist office about destinations close to you that would make a good day trip. Depending on the country you are in a bus could provide better service at a lower cost than trains. On long distance trips buses, like trains, can be more time consuming. In that situation, air travel may be a better answer as it will free up more trip time to do other things.  While many buses have restrooms for the long haul you have have no food or drink service.

City Bus Lines…

City Buses are usually run by the local transit authorities and only have routes within the city of governance or its surrounding metro area. Your transit pass for subways, trolleys,etc., will usually work the same way for the city buses, providing it is within the same city that issues the pass.  See about transit passes under our public ➾ public transit page.

Riding on a city bus route can give you a view of a cities popular sights but, also its neighborhoods where you can see local life at work and play. Several bus routes offer glimpses within the following cities. If you have a transit pass you can jump on and off the bus at any point.

Budapest… Bus 16 , At Deák Ferenc tér in Pest cross the Danube River on the Chain Bridge into Buda. End at the Royal Palace, museums and Matthias church and a view from Fisherman’s Bastion.

London… Bus 15, the heritage route – Ride from Trafalgar Square down the Strand to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the monument of the great 1666 fire, then onto the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

Madrid… Bus 27, Start at the leaning towers of Puerta de Europa in Plaza de Castillaa, past Columbus Square, Cybele and the fountains, the Art Galleries and gardens, then ending in the commercial area at Glorieta de Embajadores.

Moscow…Trolleybus 7, Start at Pobedy (Victory Park), ride past Moscow river and Vorobyovy Gory and the University, Seven Sisters, Sparrow Hills, across Kamenny Most (bridge) onto St. Basils and Red Square.

Paris… Bus 38, From Porte d’Orleans ride pass Luxembourg Gardens, through the Latin Quarter, past Notre Dame over the Seine and the Hotel de Ville. Onto the Pompidou museum and the Gare du Nord station.

Rome… Bus 175, From Termini ride along the Tiber River’s right bank past near Trevi Fountain than past Capitoline Hill, The Forum, Colosseum, Circus Maximus and end at Ostiense. Bus 40, From Termini will take you to the left bank of the Tiber and onto the Vatican and Basttistini.

Stockholm… Bus 3, From Slussen see the medieval streets of Old Town, the Cathedral, Royal Palace, along the water front to the University Hospital and campus to Karolinska sjushuset

Tallinn… Bus 34AAt Viru keskus at modern mall in the city center ride along the Baltic past the bronze angel of mercy to the singing grounds and past the Swedish nunnery unto the Muuga aedinn.

Links provided below are for city bus line operators. Many city transport companies also operate the metro, train, tram and other transportation services so you may find their web sites include all services. Trip planners on the web sites will optimize the most efficient transportation type   offered between your destinations. Almost all services offer apps for your smart devices as well as e-tickets and passes for easy use on transit vehicles they operate. When buying city passes for transportation make sure you use bus lines that accept the pass. Some cities have private and regional bus lines that have stops within the city but, do not accept the pass for payment.  

Municipal Bus Lines in Major Cities…

Some site are not available in english, you may paste the url address into google and have it translate the page.


VVT – Route index, connection finder, tickets, timetables and FAQ.

Verbund Linie – Interactive online map, journey planner, timetables, tickets, fares and service network.

OOEVV – Timetables, tickets, travel search and services.

Verkehr – Timetables, tickets, service, news, audio guide, route search and trip planner.

Wiener Linien – Journey planner, tickets, visitor information, maps, timetable and FAQ.


STIB – Journey planner, apps, network maps, timetables, real time, tickets, passes and travel information.

Antwerp – Bruges – Ghent – Mechelen. (Flanders area cities serviced):
De Lijn – Route planner, stops, lines, network maps, platform layouts, tickets, passes, dial-a-bus, news and MOBIB. Operates throughout Flanders.

Charleroi – Hainaut – Liége – Namur. (Wallonia area cities serviced); 
TEC – Route planner, stops, lines, network maps, platform layouts, tickets, passes, dial-a-bus, news and MOBIB. Operates throughout Wallonia.


GRAS – Bus info, tickets, timetables, lines, traffic, and other services.


MetropolitanV – 


ZET – Bus lines, journey planner, tickets, fares, tourist services, regulations and lost & found.


DPMB – News, transport, timetables, maps, fares, tickets & machines, services and contact.

DPMLJ – News, updates, timetables, reservations and general information.

DPO – Timetables, connection search, stop times, news, fares and ticket prices.
ODIS – travel card

DPMP – Parducice card, price, travel tips, map and terms.

PMDP – Transport, timetable, fare, route maps, sales outlets, Pilsen card, Info and services.

DPP – Timetables, Fares, traveling information.
PID – Timetables, trip planner, tickets, prices, traffic changes, maps and tourist information.


DOT – Plan, maps, fares, city pass, tickets, apps and travel information.
Rejseplanen –  Journey planner.

FYNBus – Maps, tickets, Fynbus workshop, contact. 
Rejseplanen –  Journey planner.


TLT – Timetables, journey planner, ticket information, traffic and maps.


HSL – Route search, timetables, tickets, fares, route maps, terminals, HSL app and customer services.


TBM – Schedules, routes, plans, lines, rates, cards, tickets, visitor information, news and services.

DIVIA – Getting around, interactive online map,  pass, prices FAQ and e-shop.

iLevia – Itinerary, prepare, search, timetables, maps, traffic reserve and Découvrez apps.

TCL – Journey planner, interactive online map,  fares, prices, point of sales, city card, services and apps.

RTM – Getting around, tickets, schedules, traffic, route, maps, prices and parking.  

TAM – Plan travel, interactive map, real time, route search and transport rates.

TAN – Interactive online route map, traffic, itineraries, tickets, prices, assistance and apps.

Lignes d’Azur – plan trip, timetables, maps, locator, buy trip, online tickets, agency locator, visitor guide, services and apps.

RATP – Itineraries, timetables, lines, stations, passes, prices, maps & travel information.

CTS – Trip planner, network map, timetables, traffic, tourism info, apps, fares and news.

Tisséo – Journey planner, getting around, network maps, tickets & prices, Toulouse information.


BVG – Travel Information, journey planner, tickets, maps, timetables and traffic information.

BSAG – Schedule information, lines, timetables, interactive network, tickets, and service.

REVG – Current traffic info, timetables, line network, tickets, prices, service.

VVR – Online interactive map & journey planner, apps, timetable, tickets, fares and service.

DVB – Journey planner, timetable, route network, city & network maps, tickets, excursions, tourists info, Dresden pass and service.

Rhienbahn – Trip planner, timetable, stop schedule, maps, tickets, Düsseldorf card, apps and service.

Frankfurt am Main
RMV – Interactive map, timetables, station & stop info, tickets, networks, services, passenger services and planner.

HVV – Connection & departure planner, network, timetables, tickets, passes, apps and service.
GVH – Timetables, traffic info, line, tickets, prices, zones, apps and services.

LVB – planner, timetable, network amps, fare zones, ticket shop, visitor info, apps and services.

MVV – Journey planner, ticketshop, maps, stations, tickets, fares, mobility services.

VAG – Trip planner, timetable, apps, network maps, live map, history and services.

VVS – Trip planner, VVS apps, tickets, prices, maps and lost property.


OASA – Tickets, cards, and mobility information.
Athenacard – Purchase Ath.Ena card, tickets, fares and issuing points.

OASTH – Route selector, stop info, tourism information, news, tickets, fares, outlets and FAQ.


Vatican City
Use Rome’s transit system at ATAC Roma.


Budapest Transport Guide – Download transit maps, transit information and apps for mobile devices.
BKK  –  Purchase tickets & passes, timetables, trip planner & more.


Straeto – Route planner, interactive online map, timetable, purchase cards & tickets and traveler information.


Dublin Bus – Real time Bus search, timetables, route planner, fare calculator, event information. 

Cork, Galway, Limerick & Waterford
Bus Eireann – Tickets, timetables, fare finder and real time information.

TFI – Journey planner, real time, maps, timetables updates, fares and contact. 


Tiemme Toscano – Route calculator, timetable, lines, tickets and rates.

Tper – Route calculator, timetable, time check, routes, tickets, rates and news. 

ATAF – Timetables, search routes, travel planner, fares services and news.

ATM – Journey planner, lines, stops, maps, tickets, app, car parks and passes. 

ANM – Timetables, urban lines, bus interchanges, tickets and service updates.

AMAT – Route finder, online help, tickets, map and information.

ATAC Roma – Route planner, tickets, passes, interactive map and travel information.

Siena Mobility  Route calculator, timetable, lines, tickets and rates.
Tiemme Toscano – Route calculator, timetable, lines, tickets and rates.

GTT – Journey planner, bus stop search, maps, fares, point of sale, line, routes and tourist services.


Rigas satiksme – Route planner, find stops, route schemes, schedules, tickets, parking, guest guide and services.


LIE – Current news, timetable, departures & stops, route network, tickets, tariffs, apps and customer service.


Susisiekimo paslaugos – Public transport, tickets, prices, parking and user guide.


Luxembourg City
Mobiltéits  – Journey planner, timetables, lines, service updates, tickets and tourist offers.


a Public Transport – Journey planner, interactive map, routes, cards & tickets, apps, service updates and information.


CAM – Services, tickets, ride guide, route maps, timetables, rules, connecting buses and travel information.


Connexxion – Trip planner, tickets, routes, travel information and travel areas.

Connexxion Areas (outside of Amsterdam)
Amstelland Meerlanden
◦ Arnhem-Nijmegen – Breng
Gooi en Vechtstreek
Hoeksche Waard Goeree Overflakkee
◦ Ijsselmond – OV 
Noord-Holland – overal
Texel Hopper
◦ Zuidoost-Brabant – Hermes

The Hague Region (Delft, Zoetermeer, Leidschenda, Voorburg, Rijswijk, Nooddorp and Wateringen).
HTM – Routes, times, tickets, travel information, and OV-chipkart.

arriva – trip planner, travel advice, tickets and travel to Friesland & Waddeneilanden

RET – Travel planner, timetable, maps, floor plans, tickets, rates, chip card and travel information.


JSP – Tickets, maps and information.


Skyss – Timetables, maps, travel planner, tickets, prices, travel card, apps and contact.

Ruter – Find journey, departures, apps, service, route maps, tickets, prices, zone amp and travel card.


ZTM – Plan trip, lines, route changes, timetables, network diagrams, tickets, city card and FAQ

MPK – Route search, tickets, timetables, travel information and updates.

MPK – Timetable, maps, tickets, tourism info, Poznan map, search and contact.

WTP – Route search, tickets, timetables, maps, tourists guide, travel information and news.

WROC – Search directions, updates, check routes, Urban card, apps and news.


Carris – Lines, schedules, routes, fares, services, route planner, maps and travel information.

STCP – Journey planner, real time, lines, timetables, apps, tariffs, tourism info and service.


TASA – Routes, interactive online map, prices, reservations and information.

RATBV – Routes, timetables, fares, tickets, passes, useful info.

CTPCJ – Timetables, lines, fares, tickets, kiosks and services.
CTbus – Lines, schedules, planning, prices, passes selling points and FQA

RAT – Timetable, tickets, fares and service.

Tursib – Trip planner, interactive map, routes, stops, fares, tickets, passes and services.

RATT – Timetables, real time traffic, maps, tickets, apps, online services.


Mosgortrans – Rates, tickets, rules, routes, timetables and services.
Moscow transport  – Interactive online map, routes, timetables, smart card, fares, places and FAQ.


GSP – Lines, information and services.


IMHD – Journey planner, schedules, maps, routes, tickets and news.

DPMK – Route list, visitor prices, network scheme, tickets, rules and other services.


LLP – Tickets, city card, bus arrivals, price list, public transport. 

Marprom – Tickets, news, timetables, lines, prices, schedules, apps, parking and contact.


Vectalia – Trip planner, lines, interactive map, schedules, prices and points of sale.

TMB – Transport network, maps, apps, tickets, fares, visitor cards and information.

Bilbobus – Lines, journey planner, tickets, information.


CRTM – Lines, stations, timetables, maps, fares, travel pass, trip planner and real time app.

EMT – News, lines, schedules, apps.

San Sebastián
D.Bus – Direct route info, route maps, stops, timetables, fares, prices, apps and alerts.

Tussam – Trip planner, timetables, routes, tickets, travel cards, interactive online map and apps.

EMT – Network, route calculator,  fares, tickets, toursim info and customer service.


Väastrafik – Travel planning, timetables, stops, route maps, traffic info, tickets and customer service.

Skånetrafiken – Search travel, price, tickets, interactive online map, apps, zones, cards and customer service.

SL – Interactive map, trip planner, travel information, tickets, fares, apps, help and contact.

UL – Search journey, stop and line, travel information, tickets and customer service.


BVB – News, timetable by bus & stops, tickets, fares, route network, U-Abo card, apps and service.

TPG – Trip planner, schedules by line, plans, itineraries, tickets, tourist information and apps.

VBL – Timetables by lines & stops, zone map, network, tickets, passes, apps and services.

PostBus – Timetables, network routes, trip planner, tickets and reservations.


IETT – Route /  station timetable search, route planner, Istanulkart.


KPT – Traffic changes, interactive online map, schedule, rules, tickets, stops, news and customer services.



Nxbus – Journey planner, online interactive amp, tickets, prices, buy online, timetable and local services.

Bristol & Bath
First – Journey planner, next bus, tickets, timetables, routes, maps, news and services.

First – Journey planner, next bus, tickets, timetables, routes, maps, news and services.

First – Journey planner, next bus, tickets, timetables, routes, maps, news and services.

Merseytravel– Travel updates, route planner, tickets, pricing and travel information.

Transport for London – Journey planner, maps, status updates,fares, travel information & more.

MTC – Fares, tickets, bus routes, timetables and news.
System One – Travel cards

First – Journey planner, next bus, tickets, timetables, routes, maps, news and services.

City Red / First – Journey planner, next bus, tickets, timetables, routes, maps, news and services.

First – Journey planner, next bus, tickets, timetables, routes, maps, news and services.

Northern Ireland

Translink – Journey planner, times, tickets, timetables, travel cards, service updates and quick buy tickets.


Lothian – Maps ,journey planner, live times, maps, timetables, travel info, tickets, visitors guide, services and news.

First – Journey planner, next bus, tickets, timetables, routes, maps, news and services.


Cardiffbus – Live departures, updates, journey planner, routes, maps, fares , tickets, things to do and news.

Inter-City Buses

When traveling within a major city you will always use the local city buses and can find information about them on our ➾ City Buses page. Whenever you are traveling from city to city or country to country you will find the bus lines below provide the best services. Some are only regional and may operate only within a country or specific area. Others can offer services throughout most of Europe making bus travel more convenient and efficient. 

Regional Bus Lines…

Regional bus lines are very good in most western European countries. They have an extensive network of routes, the buses are modern, comfortable and air condition. Some countries in the southeast (Balkans) and eastern Europe lack the service levels of their counterparts to the west. Whatever country you may be in depends on whether a bus versus a train will be your quickest and less expensive mode of transportation. In most cases regional buses are ideal to take out from major cities for day trips. These bus lines are run by the regional authority’s or private companies.  Selection of departing buses can be several times a day or more, especially to major tourists areas. Some of these will actually be express buses which will depart and not make any stops other than the final destination. This makes for a shorter travel time giving you more time to spend at your destination. Always check to see which buses are non-stop express ones. At train stations in small towns many regional buses are scheduled to coincide with the arrival and departure of the trains.

The table show links to regional bus lines but, schedules and fares are not always easily accessed on line. Bus tickets should be easier once you arrive at a country’s destination. The local tourist office, your hotel’s concierge or the city bus depot will be able to asset you in getting to your next destination.


Bogojević Reisen
Domo Swiss Express
M.D. Reisen A.G
Resava Reisen
Zelic Reisen






Autoprevoz – Bus d.d.
Euro Bus
Livno Bus
Trans Turist d.d


AP Varazdin
Bus Croatia
Čazmatrans Promet
Croatia Bus
Eurotuist Express
Prijevoz Knežević
Promet Makarska




T Pilet


See Rome, Italy


Alba Tours
Božur Lazaro
Lalatović Travel


Arriva NL




Kanis Autobus
Lasta Beograd
Lens Prevoz
Niš Ekspres
Srbijatransport a.d.
Trans Jug
Transprodukt Bus


Slovak Lines


Arriva Štajerska D.D.
Autobusna Ljubljana
Nomago d.o.o.
Rancas d.o.o.




Avtobus Kharkov
Leon Pol Trans


Northern Ireland


International Bus Lines…

International bus lines have routes from country to other countries. For the long haul trips, keep in mind that these buses could take more time than a train. This would be especially true if using a high speed train.

Bus Directory…

NameType Service
FLiXBUSInternational Bus LineBus routes between 35 European Countries
Hop On Hop Off BusTourist Bus LineSightseeing Bus routes in 93 European cities. Alsa
City Sightseeing BusTourist Bus LineSightseeing Bus routes in 90 European cities.
alsaInternational Bus LineBus service within Spain that offers intercity routes to major cities in Spain.
MoovitInteractive Bus MapFind directions on all transit types.
EasyWayInteractive Bus MapInteractive online maps for multiple eastern European cities
BlaBlaCarInternational Bus LineCurrently serves Aix-en-Provence, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Genoa, Lille, London, Lyon, Marseille, Milan, Nice, Paris, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, San Sebastián, and Turin.
BusCenter.itInternational Bus LineBus service within Spain that offers intercity routes to major cities in Spain.
EuroLinesInternational Bus LineEurope’s largest bus line, providing bus transportation to 500 destinations in 37 countries. They can take you from one country into another that they service. Their Eurolines Pass can take you to 36 European cities in 17countries.
FudeksInternational Bus LineService routes to Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia & Serbia
megabusInternational Bus LineServes various destinations in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy & Germany.
Lux ExpressInternational Bus LineMajor service routes in Eastern Europe and Baltic Countries. Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia & Slovakia
RegioJetInternational Bus LineBased in Prague, serves destinations in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine & the UK with bus & train services.
EcolinesInternational Bus LineLarge bus line operator providing bus transportation to 205 cities in 20 countries. Servicing routes in Belarus, Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Turkey & Ukraine.

Other Tour Bus Services…

You’ll find most major cities have special bus lines that will take you to the most interesting and popular destinations within the city. These are usually not operated by the city but, independent bus and tour operators.

Hop On Hop Off buses in many of major tourists cities. These buses run predetermined circular routes making stops in front of famous landmarks or sights. Let’s say you are in Paris and you hop on the bus at the Eiffel Tower and ride it to the Louvre. Hop off, take in the Louvre and when you come out wait for the next bus and hop on. Take it to your next location Notre Dame and hop off. You can do this all day and while you’re riding from stop to stop while viewing Paris and it’s neighborhoods. Free use of Hop On Hop Off buses are included in many of the city cards and passes you purchase but, may only be limited to just one day’s use. they are a great way to ride around and take in the sights and sounds of a city at your leisure.

Some of the most popular are:

Hop On Hop Off
City Sightseeing
Red Buses
Big Bus and more.