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Hotels in Europe

There is a large selection of hotels to choose from throughout Europe including many hotel chains found in the U.S., as well as European chains, independent budget, boutique and luxury hotels. A list of major hotel chains that have properties in Europe and International hotel group brands appear together. Only the brands, with locations in Europe, appear within the list below as some brands may only have locations in the US.

If you participate with a hotel club membership program, you may be entitled to the additional privilages under that program. Free upgrades, executive club entry, extra points, etc. If you may accumulate points on that program, you may use those points for free stays, when booking at any of the affiliated brands within the main hotel group.

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International Hotel Chains…

Only Hotel brands with physical locations in Europe are listed below.

Hotels Chain in Europe

These are European based hotel chains with multiple locations within their countries. Some have locations in several European countries as well as international.






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