COVID Information

With Europe being one of the most popular destinations for travelers from the all over the world, the tourism industry of Europe plays a vital part of Europe’s economy. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted that significantly with the closing of boarders to travelers. That rippled through transportation, accommodations, dining, tourists sites and more. Business’s reduced some levels of service, eliminated optional services or discontinued some all together.


Transportation – Many airlines carriers initially stoping flying some of their regular scheduled flights into and out of some cities while reducing the frequency of some flights and limiting them to certain days of service. Some carriers like Norwegian Air Shuttle have stopped log haul service completely. All other transportation did likewise with limited schedules. Carefully monitor Public transit in the cities as well train, boat and bus services between cities and countries.

Hotels – The same holds true for hotels and other accommodations completely closing at the onset of the pandemic and only opening when some restrictions were lifted.

Restaurants & Dining – This was an enormous issue for those serving food but many European communities are already big on outside dining, so the conversion was easier. However, many still suffered and that once place you visited in the past may no longer be open.

Tourists Sites – While these may be open their visiting hours may have been shorten and they may be closed on certain days of the week.


As travel has resumed on a more normal level the cost of travel has been increasing and more so in 2022 with inflation contributing. We have to assume costs have risen but, to accurately budget your trip will be a bit of a challenge as some cost are changing weekly. Book if you feel the cost is within reason as you can always cancel most reservations. Monitor airline policies on refunds, exchanges and cancelations as many fees were waived since the pandemic. Always confirm pricing and policies directly with the provider and not a third party supplier. Example: Contact the airline you’re flying on and the hotel you’re staying at rather than the booking web site or agent you ticketed through.

After two years the pandemic continues to be a roller coaster with surges and abatements in the virus and this makes the availability of services very fluid from one month to the next. With each surge countries may re-introduce restrictions to mitigate the spread.​


Amongst all of these changes we have tried to keep information updated but, it is an almost impossible task. We have notice web site links no longer active so we would recommend not any service that is not accessible to current information. If you plan to return to a favorite hotel, restaurant or place please make sure you know if they are open and when.

Please view these sites for current information on travel to certain countries and areas. ➾ U.S. Embassies in each country have current update information for travel to countries as well as, the ➾ European Union & ➾ United Kingdom.