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Tour Types

Like everything else, tours come in all different shapes and sizes. If you want to be alone and chauffeured around, there are private tours where you’ll be picked up at your hotel and driven around for a full or half day. Then there are the small day or half day group tours which vary in size from 15 people to 50. The smaller the groups tend to be more personable giving you more of an opportunity to ask questions of your tour guide You will also get to know them and your fellow travelers better. We find the smaller the group, the better and more informed the tour. You may also purchase audio tours where it allows you to do a self guided tour. Then there are the planned larger tours that can cover anywhere from 5- 30 days. The upside to these tours is that they are escorted with almost all the planning done for you. The downside is they do not give you flexibility to change your agenda. You typically book these with a travel agency or tour company that specializes in these types of tours. Everyday is pre-planned with activity and some days have free periods for you venture out on your own or to take a nap. If your transportation from one location to the other isn’t a cruise ship, it will most likely be a bus. Tours can include certain amenities like, pre-paid access to attractions with a guide, hotel rooms and some will also provide several pre-arranged diners when staying over night at a location. Some tours have flights built into their cost but you will be required to take the flight they book you on. On other tours you will be required to book and pay for your own flight.  Ask questions as to what is all included so you do not have any surprises. Nothing more frustrating then arriving at the airport only to find out you have no ticket to your destination hotel or meeting place. In addition to what you may want to consider buying an activity like biking, renting a scooter or other outdoor activities, transportation excursions like a dinner cruise and priority access to certain landmarks.

Various Categories of Tours… 

Architecture Archeology
Art & Museum
Arts & Carfts
Barging River & Harbor
Bus & Mini Van
Cable Car
Castle & Palace Cemetery
Cruises & Water
Culture and History
Day trips
Ecco Free
Factory & Workshop

Folk Lore, Ghost & Vampire
Food & Cooking
Garden & Park
Graffiti & Urban
History & Heritage
Hop On Hop Off
Horse & Carriage
Literature Night
Local Experience
Local & Neighborhood
National Parks
Nature and Adventure
Nature &Scenic
New Years
Pub Crawls

Pedicab & Ricksaw
Private Car
Religious & Spiritual
Scooter & Vespa
Sea Life
Speed & Jet Boat
Sporting Venues
Train & Rail
Water Sports 
Winter Sports
4WD Off Road

There are tours and activities of any type or size, the options are endless. The characteristic of a tour or activity can address your particular interest or need. You can find tours that are designed to fit you by scrolling down to a specific interest to find tour operators who provide special tours.

Brewery Tours

Carlsberg – Copenhagen, Denmark
Chimay – Chimay, Belgium
Guinness – Dublin, Ireland
Heineken – Amsterdam, Netherlands
InBev (Stella Artois)– Leuven, Belgium
Leffe – Dinant, Belgium

Löwenbräu – Munich, Germany
Paulaner – Munich, Germany
Pilsner Urquell – Plzen, Czech Republic
Starobrno – Brno, Czech Republic
Tuborg – Fredericia, Denmark

Pub Crawls

eidseplein Pub Crawl – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Invasion Bar Crawl – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Pub Crawls Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bar Crawl – Barcelona, Spain
The Belgrade Pub Crawl – Belgrade, Serbia
Alternative Tours Crawl – Berlin, Germany
Bus2Alps Pub Crawl – Berlin, Germany
All Night Crash – Budapest, Hungary
Free Pub Crawl – Budapest, Hungary
Pub Crawl Copenhagen – Copenhagen, Denmark
Literary Pub Crawl – Dublin, Ireland
Musical Pub Crawl – Dublin, Ireland
Istanbul Pub Crawl – Istanbul, Turkey
Krawl through Krakow – Krakow, Poland
Wild Walkers – Lisbon, Portugal
London Pub Crawl Company – London, England UK
Monopoly Pub Crawl – London, England UK
Nuts Pub Crawl – London, England UK
7 Legged Bar Crawl – Nottingham, England UK
Prague Pub Crawl – Prague, Czech Republic
Party Colosseum – Rome, Italy

Sandeman’s Pub Crawls –
Berlin – Germany
Brussels – Belgium
Copenhagen – Denmark
Dublin – Ireland
Edinburgh – Scotland UK
Hamburg – Germany
Lisbon – Portugal
London – England UK
Madrid – Spain
Munich – Germany
Paris – France
Poncho Tours Pub Crawl – Seville, Spain
Stockholm Pub Crawl – Stockholm, Sweden
Pub Crawls – Guided Party Tours
Ljubljana – Slovenia
Vienna – Austria
Zagreb – Croatia
The Original Backpacker Pub Crawl
Barcelona – Spain
Berlin – Germany
Budapest – Hungary
Dublin – Ireland
Prague – Czech Republic

War Remembrance / Battlefield / Military Tours…

pirit of Remembrance – WWI & WWII sites / Cold War / 19th Century – France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Rep., Netherlands, Bosnia Hercegovina, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece & Turkey
Skylark Battlefield Tours – Insightful educational tours,for groups, of WWI sites  – France, Belgium
Battlefield Tours – WWI & WWII tours – France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Greece & Turkey
WWII Tours –  Special tours of WWII sites and events – France Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg
Holts Tours  – Tour Specialists in Battlefields & History – France, England, Scotland, Germany, Czech Rep., Slovenia, Italy
1916 Rebellion – Tour about the Irish fight for independence from the British Empire – Dublin, Ireland

Valor Tours – Military tour company that provides battle site expeditions to Europe for WWI & WWII locations – France, Belgium
Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours – WWII tours – France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Austria
Matterhorn Travel – WWI tours – France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands
Old Country Tours – Historic & Military tours – France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium 
Bartlett’s Battlefield Journeys – Tours of the 1st World War – France & Belgium
Battlefield Tours LTD – France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium
Guided Battlefield Tours – France, Belgium, UK
Leger Battlefield Tours – France, Spain, Belgium

Winery Tours

Provence Wine Tours – Aix-en-Provence & Marseille, France
Avignon Wine Tours – Avignon, France
Castlexperience Wine Tours – Barcelona, Spain
Food Wine Tours -Barcelona, Spain
Wine Tours Bordeaux Office – Bordeaux, France
Cortona Wine Tours – Camucia, Italy
Loire Valley Wine Tour – Chabris, France
Dubrovnik Wine Tours – Dubrovnik, Croatia
Bergerac Wine Tours – Eymet, France
Chianti Wine Tours – Florence, Italy
Wine Tour by Italy & Wine – Florence, Italy
Tuscan Tours with Angie – Florence, Italy
Tuscan Wine Tours – Florence & Siena, Italy
Old Minardi Farmhouse Wine – Frascati, Italy
Thabuca Wine Tours – Labastida, Spain

Gusto Wine Tours – Montefalco, Italy
Wine Tour Adventure  – Monteriggioni, Italy
Instant Terroir Wine Tour – Montpellier, France
Swiss Riviera Wine Tours – Montreux, Switzerland
Santorini Food & Wine  – Oia, Greece
Food N Wine – Parma, Italy
Aux Quatre Saisons Private Wine Tours – Saint-Nicolas-les-Citeaux, France
Mallorca Wine Tours – Santa Maria del Cami, Spain
Franco Wine Tour – Siena, Italy
Wine Tour in Tuscany – Siena, Italy
Azur Wine Tours – Vence, France
Pagus Valpolicella Wine Tours – Verona, Italy

 Tour & Guide Search…

Additional web sites that will provide information and help you locate a tour or guide are listed at our ➾ Guides & Tour Companies or ➾ Local Guides / Operators. Some of these are third party operators, such as clearinghouses, brokers and agencies that contract with local or other tour and guide operators. They help you locate a specific tour or guide in an area of your choosing. In addition you can book a service through these web sites for not just tours and guides but, services for transportation and tickets to activities or events. Please note that while you may book a service through one of these web sites they are not responsible for the quality of service or its execution. Read the descriptions of each tour and its terms before booking. Other sites may be the tour companies or operators themselves. They create the agenda contract with accommodations and transportation and provide the guides or escorts for the tours. You will be contracting directly with them for services and booking. Because they control and oversee all the functions of the tours they are continually recognized by the travel industry with awards for excellence. If you want more local specific tours please go below to the country listings and find your country. These tours are typically half or full day tours and day trips out and back from major cities. These tours are usually very informative and can be theme specific. Where possible, tour will be listing by types and locations. Some web sites may require you to register as a potential customer before they provide you with information and pricing. Remember, when you register they ask for personal information like your name, address, phone number and they will always require your email. Make sure they protect your privacy before signing up as web sites may sell your personal information for solicitation.