2016 Germany / Austria / Hungary Travel Blog

Munich – Pinakothek

Another speed bump this morning but, blessing in disguise as they say. I went to the rental office at 7:00 am to pick up the rental and no car, keys or even a contract. Young student called his office and no one answered. I told him to tried again and finally his boss picked up […]

2015 Benelux / Denmark Travel Blog

Rain & Van Gogh

When I got up it was raining just as predicted. So one needs to,do,something inside on a rainy day, off to the station, jump onto a tram and down to the museums. First the Van Gough, and I got there just a little after they open at 9:00. The line to get in wasn’t too […]


Industrial Heritage

In the mid 18th century the Industrial Revolution started in England and swept across Europe and onto other parts of the world. The Industrial Revolution started the production method of manufacturing things by machine instead of by hand. There was also with advances in energy that impacted many aspects of the industrial period such as transportation. […]

Trip Preparation

Booking On Line

Making travel reservations to go to Europe isn’t as difficult as you may think. Over the last decade more travelers book their travel online than go through travel agents. There is controversy as to what benefits travel agents may offer over using the web sites. Travel agents can monitor prices allowing them to know when […]