Founded in 963, Luxembourg became a grand duchy in 1815 and an independent state under the Netherlands. It lost more than half of its territory to Belgium in 1839 but gained a larger measure of autonomy. Full independence was attained in 1867. Overrun by Germany in both world wars, it ended its neutrality in 1948 when it entered into the Benelux Customs Union and when it joined NATO the following year. In 1957, Luxembourg became one of the six founding countries of the EEC (later the EU), and in 1999 it joined the euro currency area.

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Here is a list of some of the most interesting and visited places. Cities or areas listed will always have more than just one thing see and do. With the popular cities or areas we list some of the best known, which should go on everyone’s, must see list when they visit.  
  • Ardennes Forest
  •  Bourscheid
    • Bourscheid Castle
  • Echternach
    • Benedictine Abbey
  • Esch-Sur-Sûre
  •  Luxembourg City
    • The Bock & City Casements
    • Grand Duke’s Palace
    • The Old Quarter
    • Palace Guillaume II
    • Walls of Corniche

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Luxembourg city
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Capital Luxembourg City
Largest City Luxembourg City
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Currency Euro (€)
Area 2,586.4 km total Ranked 179th
Population 582,291 (July 2016 est.) ranked 173rd
Language Luxembourgish (official administrative and judicial language and national language (spoken vernacular)) 88.8%, French (official administrative, judicial, and legislative language) 4.2%, Portuguese 2.3%, German (official administrative and judicial language) 1.1%, other 3.5% (2011 est.)
Ethnic Groups Luxembourger 54.1%, Portuguese 16.4%, French 7%, Italian 3.5%, Belgian 3.3%, German 2.3%, British 1.1%, other 12.3%
note: represents population by nationality (2015 est.)
Religion Roman Catholic 87%, other (includes Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim) 13% (2000
Electricity 230V, 50Hz (European plug)
Country code +352
Internet TLD .lu
Time Zone CET (UTC+1)
Drives on the Right
Anthem Ons Heemecht Our Homeland
Chief of State Grand Duke Henri
Prime Minister Xavier Bettel
Holidays and Observances in Luxembourg in 2020
Date   Name Type
Jan 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day National holiday
Mar 20 Friday March Equinox Season
Apr 10 Friday Good Friday Bank holiday
Apr 12 Sunday Easter Sunday Observance, Christian
Apr 13 Monday Easter Monday National holiday
May 1 Friday Labor Day / May Day National holiday
May 9 Saturday Europe Day National holiday
May 21 Thursday Ascension Day National holiday
May 31 Sunday Whit Sunday Observance, Christian
Jun 1 Monday Whit Monday National holiday
Jun 20 Saturday June Solstice Season
Jun 23 Tuesday National Day National holiday
Aug 15 Saturday Assumption of Mary National holiday
Sep 22 Tuesday September Equinox Season
Nov 1 Sunday All Saints’ Day National holiday
Dec 21 Monday December Solstice Season
Dec 24 Thursday Christmas Eve Half Day Bank holiday
Dec 25 Friday Christmas Day National holiday
Dec 26 Saturday St Stephen’s Day National holiday
Dec 31 Thursday New Year’s Eve Observance