About Europe

Europe is a diversified and sometime complex collection of countries. They are made up of various ethnic peoples and cultures with deep histories for a traveler to discover. Europe’s unique geography also amplifies its natural beauty and wonder.

A little familiarity of the European countries, their cities, history, geography, people, languages and more, will only enhance your travel experience to this continent. 

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Europe’s history is fascinating with events and people that have changed civilization and the world forever.  While some have move civilization forward for the better, others have caused great destruction and death. Many conflicts arose over the struggles for power, religion, wealth, commerce and logistics. Read an overview timeline about Europe’s War History.


Europe is one of seven continents. It is the second smallest continent in size with only Oceania being smaller. Europe is a large peninsula that extends out westerly from the Eurasia continent land mass. Read more on natural geographic beauty of Europe’s mountains, rivers, lakes, coastlines, seas & islands

Switzerland’s Matterhorn

Umbrellas in the Vienna rain

Climate & Weather

While continental Europe lies at a latitude farther north then that of United States, its climate remains very temperate. This is because of the warm gulf current that comes all the way from the Caribbean and the North Atlantic drift warming the continent. Look at the various areas for weather and check current weather in major cities


Demographic statistics can vary depending on how one currently defines boarders. In recent years independence, disputed and occupied areas of some countries have anded to this confusion.

Barcelona view from Montjuc

Hungary’s Parliament Chamber


Many forms of governments today originated in European countries. Evolving from the first forms of democracy in Ancient Greece to todays European Union. The political philosophies of ancient Greeks like Plato stimulated the medieval period and Magna Carta. 

Understand each countries political structure and how they are differ.


Europe’s economic history has long been based on trade and free market systems. From Greek city states, spurred by exploration and colonization it expanded even more during the industrial revolution.

Barcelona Port
Barcelona’s port
The Astronomical Clock in Prague

Dates & Time

Abbreviated dates in Europe are written using the day first, the month and then the year. Be very careful when reviewing bookings or tickets on trains, hotels, tours,  events, etc.

Information & References

While the United States is more similar to Europe than any other place in the world, they of course do some things differently than we do in America. That is why it is important to have some knowledge of the most common differences. The ability to convert and comprehend that information, while traveling in Europe, will only aid your traveling experience. In addition to the data listed below you will find pages about the:

Information Booth
Information Booth at Prague airport