Europe Traveler Guide

Traveling to Europe can be one of life’s most rewarding and memorable experiences. Having some good information and basic understanding, prior to your visit, will prepare you to avoid the common travel mistakes and pitfalls. The information on this web site, and some of its links, will hopefully provide the American traveler with an overview on how to travel to and throughout Europe. Having the understanding about the differences between Europe and the United States will enhance and make your trip easier.

Categories on Europe Traveler Guide are dedicated to;

How to plan and prepare for your trip. How will you decide where to go, what will you want to do do and what will you need to take.

How to get there and how to get around effectively. The Airlines, Public Transit, Trains, Buses, Car Rentals and other modes of alternative transportation. 

Choosing accommodations and knowing the types of accommodations available. The variety of regional cuisines and beverages available.

Access and use money & banking, credit cards, the internet, phone use, health care, emergency assistance and more.

Determine what your areas of interest are and where you can fine them. Cultural Sights – Entertainment – Leisure – Outdoors – Tours 

A little background on European countries, cities, history, geography, demographics and more. Knowledge will only enhance your experience. 

The more you know and understand, the better your European experience will be!