Europe Traveler Guide

Traveling to Europe can be one of life’s most rewarding and memorable experiences. Having important information and good understanding of European standards, prior to your visit, will prepare you to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. The information on this web site, and some of its links, will hopefully provide the traveler with a comprehensive overview on how to travel to and throughout Europe. Having the understanding about the differences between Europe countries and the United States will enhance and make your trip easier.

See, Taste, Discover, Learn, Enjoy and Experience the diverse cultures and peoples of Europe.

About Europe

Have a little background on Europe’s History, Geography, Climate, Languages, Politics, Economy and especially its Peoples Cultures & Customs. Helpful information that will only heighten your travel experience.

The Grand Place in Brussels
The Eiffel Tower is the world’s most recognizable landmark

What To See & Do

Europe offers an unlimited variety of things to see and do. Whatever your interests are for visiting Europe you will find plenty to do to fulfill your interest needs.  Culturally Europe offers some of the greatest museums in the world. The history of Europe is captured, documented and preserved in many of its museums.

Sleep & Eat

For decades Europe has been a global destination for travelers. With the arrival of the jet air age transportation to Europe has become practical and affordable to people all over the world. Prior to that time people of the upper classes would travel there to experience its sights and cultures.

An Afternoon snack in Berlin with cappucinno
KLM plane at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport


One thing you will discover about Europe, how easy it is to get from one destination to another using multiple forms of transportation. Unlike Americans, who are accustom too getting into their cars and driving everywhere, that’s just not the case in Europe. Not everyone in Europe drives cars so they rely heavily on other forms of transportation.

Trip Preparation

Consider these steps when panning your trip. Choose you destination & interests, determine your traveling style, create an agenda, book reservations, know what you need to take and how to pack it.

Travel pamphlets are one source of good travel information
Brussels Street Sign
A bilingual street sign in Belgium

Information & Services

While traveling you will access services on your journey. You’ll need cash to pay for goods and services as not all places except credit cards. You need to communicate back home or with business while in Europe with the use of a phone or the internet. You may require minor or major health care assistance and support. 

Why Travel to Europe

Why Everyone should travel to Europe at least once in their lifetime

Traveling in Europe

The ease of traveling through Europe and what your expectations should be

About Europe Traveler Guide

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Covid 19 Alert

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the travel economy significantly. Airlines, hotels, transportation, tourism sights and more have had cancellations and restrictions that have forced all to changed their business operations. Business’s have reduced their services and in some instances closed temporarily or even permanently. Amongst all of these changes we have tried to keep information updates but, some sites are no longer active.
Europe continues to experience the spread of the virus and many any countries continue limited activity restrictions to mitigate the spread.​ ➾ U.S. Embassies in each country have current update information for travel to countries as well as, the ➾ European Union & ➾ United Kingdom.