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Warsaw was one of Europe’s growing cities.

Regions of Warsaw…
Old Town & New Town
Western Warsaw
Southern Warsaw
Eastern Warsaw
Western Centre
Northern Warsaw
Points of Interests in Warsaw…

Listed are some of the most interesting places to visit and see in Warsaw.
* UNESCO World Heritage Site. You may sort the table below by alpha name, type of site, classification of site, area and district of Warsaw


Day Trips from Warsaw…
  • Bialowieza National Park 🏛
  • Chelmno Camp
  • Gdansk
  • Łódź
  • Lublin
  • Majdanek Concentration Camp
  • Malbork Castle 🏛
  • Masurian Lakes Dist.
  • Swieta Lipka
  • Toruń 🏛
  • Treblinka
  • Wolfs Lair 

Transportation in Warsaw…

✈️ Airports

There are two airports that service Warsaw but, only one has a single low cost carrier servicing it at this time.
WAW Warsaw Chopin Airport – It is the main airport of Warsaw located 8 km south of the city center. All major airlines fly into Chopin with non-stop fights to 7 US cities. Transportation into the city by trains is from airport station. S3 express train to Warsaw stations Zachodnia, Centralina, Wschodnia and Stadion. S2 train stops at suburban stations prior to city stations. Bus service is Bus 148 to Imielin metro station and Praga Południe. Bus 175 to Plac Piłsudskiego near the Old Town, Warsaw Centralina. Bus 188 to Gocławek Wschodni in Praga Południe & Politechnika metro station. Bus 331 peak hour operation to Wilanowska metro station in Mokotów. Taxi and Uber services are also optional.
WMI – Warsaw Modlin International Airport – Located 40 km north of Warsaw is only being serviced by Ryanair. Transportation is by shuttel bus to Modlin station on Koleie Mayowieckle train RL line to Warsaw Centralina.

🚊 Public Transportation

Suburban TrainKoleje Mazowieckie (rail route map)
R1 line, Warszawa Wschodnia ↔︎ Pruszków
R2 line, Sulejówek Miłosna ↔︎ Warszawa Zachodnia
R3 line, Warszawa Wschodnia ↔︎ Płochocin
R6 line, Warszawa Wileńska ↔︎ Zagościniec
R7 line, Śródborów ↔︎ Warszawa Zachodnia
R8 line, Warszawa Wschodnia ↔︎ Zalesie Górne
R9 line, Legionowo Przystanek ↔︎ Warszawa Zachodnia
RL line, Legionowo Przystanek ↔︎ Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina
S1 line, Pruszków ↔︎ Otwock
S2 line, Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina ↔︎ Sulejówek Miłosna
S3 line, Radzymin ↔︎ Warszawa Zachodnia
S9 line, Wieliszew ↔︎ Warszawa Zachodnia
Warsaw suburb line, Śródmieście ↔︎ Ochota ↔︎ Zachodnia ↔︎ Reduta Ordona ↔︎ Al.Jerozolimskie ↔︎ Raków ↔︎ Salomea ↔︎ Opacz

Light Rail / TramWTP (interactive map)(zone map)(day tranport map)(night transport map)
line 1, Banacha ↔︎ Annopol
line 2, Nowodwory ↔︎ Metro Młociny
line 3, Gocławek  ↔︎ Annopol
line 4, Żerań Wschodni ↔︎ Wyścigi
line 6, Gocławek ↔︎ Metro Młociny
line 7, P+R Al.Krakowska ↔︎ Kawęczyńska-Bazylika
line 9, Gocławek ↔︎ P+R Al.Krakowska 
line 10, Wyścigi ↔︎ Metro Młociny
line 11, Koło ↔︎ rondo Daszyńskiego
line 13, Cm.Wolski ↔︎ Kawęczyńska-Bazylika
line 14, Metro Wilanowska ↔︎ Banacha
line 15, P+R Al.Krakowska ↔︎ Marymont-Potok
line 17, PKP Służewiec ↔︎ Tarchomin Kościelny
line 18, PKP Służewiec ↔︎ Żerań FSO
line 20, Żerań FSO ↔︎ Boernerowo
line 22, Wiatraczna ↔︎ Piaski
line 23, Czynszowa ↔︎  Nowe Bemowo
line 24, Nowe Bemowo ↔︎ Gocławek
line 25, Banacha ↔︎ Annopol
line 26, Wiatraczna ↔︎ Piaski
line 27, Cm.Wolski ↔︎ Marymont-Potok
line 28, Dw.Wschodni (Kijowska) ↔︎ Piaski
line 31, Metro Wierzbno ↔︎ PKP Służewiec 
line 33, Metro Młociny ↔︎ Kielecka
line 35, Wyścigi ↔︎ Nowe Bemowo
line 37, pl.Narutowicza ↔︎ Metro Marymont
line 41, Żerań Wschodni ↔︎ PKP Służewiec 

Metro / SubwayWTP (interactive map)(zone map)(day tranport map)(night transport map)
M1 line, Młociny ↔︎ Kabaty
M2 line, Księcia Janusza ↔︎ Trocka

City BusWTP (interactive map)(zone map)(day tranport map)(night transport map)
341 city lines #’s 100-902 (+ 42 night lines #’s No1 -N95)
49 local lines #’s L1 – L52

Transit Cards / PassesWarsaw City Card