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Relaxed a little this after all the walking from yesterday. Weather forecast has a partly cloudy forecast for midday but, rain coming in once again. Initial plan was to go the the UNESCO world heritage site at Kinderdijk and its windmills. It is out in the country east of Rotterdam and with very little shelter from rain. It would also take 2 hours just to get there and another two back. So plan B went into action the windmills at Zaanse Schans just 18 by train from Amsterdam Centraal to Koog Zaandijk station. Walk a few blocks and across the bridge to the windmills.
Left at 11:00 and was back to the hotel by 3:00 pm. and easy on the feet. Weather was definitely threatening looking most of the time I was there. Ominous looking clouds just north of us but, there were plenty buildings in the little village to take shelter in from the rain.
One such building was a cheese maker with a gift shop selling cheeses and gifts. Another shop was a bakery selling baked goods and gifts.