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Well it was raining quite nicely this morning so after breakfast it was out the door to do some indoors activities. I took the U-bahn to the Hofburg Palace to catch the Royal Lipizzaners go through their morning exercise. It started at 10:00 and I arrive about 9:15. That was just right because 5 minutes later it was a mad rush of people. It is kind of a weird set up by the ticket counter as the room only holds about 50 people. I stayed in line in the room but, for those later they had to walk back past the line and outside again.
Once inside they announced no cameras were allowed. People kept talking pictures and ushers, the few they had, would walk around and reinforce the policy. No mention of it on the ticket or signs posted that picture taking was not allowed. Making an announcement prior to most of the visitors entering did not seem very efficient. Point is, I have no pictures to share.
Mind that this is a morning exercise not a show so all you see are 6 Lipizzaners galloping around the arena. The shows occur about 4 nights every week and tickets range from €27 to €217. It was €15.00 for the exercise but, they had a senior reduction at 9.50. Good thing because this was like watching an NFL team at summer camp. There’s just not a lot going on but, the place was packed.
After exiting it was still raining so another indoor activity and right next door is the Albertina museum. It was recommended by several people to talked to and the gallery was the highlight. The old royal state rooms did not too much for me but the art collection was admirable. With works from Monet to Picasso it was worth the €9.90 senior reduction rate. They do not use the word discount in Europe very often, it is always reduction or concession.
After the Albertina it was still raining to I went into Sacher’s for the famous chocolate torte. Yummy stuff.
Rain is now almost down to a mist and I did a little shopping for souvenirs. By now we are at 2:30 pm and I remembered that St. Peters has a organ concert every Monday to Friday at 3:00 pm. I headed over and sat in one of the pews as the rest of the church filled up with people. OMG what a great sounding organ and the acoustics of the nave made the place shake at times. When the organist played some deep tone pedals the floor actually vibrated. Definitely the highlight of the day and so happy I remembered.
Arrived back at the hotel and grab a Turkish Kebab at the stand next to the Hilton. After that rich dessert lunch and could not do a big dinner. Besides, beer is free at the executive lounge at 6:00.
I’ll pack tomorrow morning and jump on a train to Budapest.
Abschied von Wien