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Venice & Da Vinci

Raining this morning but, cleared by the time breakfast ended. Took the water taxi to Gallerie dell academia to see a rare exhibition of Da Vinci’s “Universal Man”. This and other sketches of the human body and mechanics are never on display for the public because of their age and fragile condition. Most are the property of the Academia in Venice but, they also had pieces on display from the Louvre and the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle. So lucky to be in Venice while these were on display.
After lunch a walk around the Cannaregio neighborhood and back to the hotel for some rest in the late afternoon. Went to dinner at an recommended restaurant in the Dosoduro neighborhood. Walked around Venice even more because there are some many incredible little streets, bridges and canals. You just always feel like walking and not carrying where you wind up. Being on an island you’ll eventually run into water so you can not get lost.