Traveling in Europe

Traveling to Europe can be a rewarding and memorable experience. Having some basic understanding, prior to your visit, will help you to avoid commons mistakes, thus enhancing your trip. The information below will provide an oversight that will help you to understand Europe and how it is different from the United States.

If you read our post “Why Travel to Europe” we have given you some very good reasons to visit. So now, what does a visit involve and what can it be?

Tourism in Europe…

The tourism industry for Europe is a significant part of the European economy as more and more people visit every year. What was once a trip experienced by few, is now something millions can financially enjoy. The cost of long distance overseas flights as well as the reduced time to get there, contributes to people of modest incomes being able to travel to Europe. 

The expanding middle class’s in China and India have increased the numbers of visitors from those countries adding to the growth. This continued growth has increased demand for the industry to have more accommodations, entertainment, transportation and miscellaneous travel services. This gives the traveler to Europe more choices and value. However, with more people come larger crowds, longer lines and more pre-planning than before. If you do not clearly know what you want to see and do, you may be unable to secure tickets for certain sites and events.

When To Travel To Europe…

Other than depending on your personal schedule the are variable factors like, the price of airlines, hotels, seasonal weather conditions, local events & holiday. Normally the best times are late April to early June or September to mid-October. This can also depend on what region you want to visit. The middle of summer is the best time for Nordic countries, like Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, or even Scotland. The winter months there can be quite cold while the summer months are warmer and have long days for more activity.

Southern countries in the Mediterranean region can be very hot in the summer and too hot for heat sensitive individuals. Europeans take vacations in July & August and leave the cities with some services and attractions being curtailed.

In recent years Christmas markets throughout central Europe have seen a rise in tourism travel in December. Ski resorts can also see flocks of snow enthusiasts, from late November to early April. Overall, your best months are usually in the Spring and Fall. The crowds will be smaller and all attractions and services will be open. 

European Travel Services

You need to make good use of the many services offered in order to travel in Europe. Go to the categories below and find information that will you to make the right choices.


One thing you will discover about Europe, how easy it is to get from one destination to another using multiple forms of transportation.

Accommodations & Dining
Accommodations & Dining

So Europe has been accommodating the traveler longer than anywhere else and has a strong tourism infrastructure

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Available Services

While traveling you will access services on your journey. Access to money, health care and communications services are just a few you may require.

Important Tips for European Travel…