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Well the plan to go up to Helsingør and see the castle just wasn’t in the cards after looking at the weather forecast. With the high of 58 and windy I best stay in Copenhagen for the last day. I needed to see Tivoli Gardens which next to the Mermaid is the most visited sight in Copenhagen.
Just as well because with the rain, wind and cold I caught a scratchy throat Sunday night and yesterday the head congestion set in. Made for a restless night but, I did go to pharmacy and purchased some good drugs. Boy, did they knock it down quickly. I am going to take them into my local pharmacy and find out what is in them, as it is not a brand sold in the US. My head congestion was gone in two hours.
I got into town on the metro which is great when staying at the airport. It is virtually attached to the Hilton and leaves about every five minutes. Once there it was cold and windy so I ducked into their big department store. It’s just like a Nordstrom and I wanted to buy these two shirts but, one was $75. and the other $135. Not today. Boy, I have good taste. It is apparent that the Danes are feeling the cold too as all the stores had the heat on and I was seating within minutes.
Tivoli Gardens is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. I remember reading about is as a child. It is right smack dab in the middle of Copenhagen and it is quite cute. Many restaurants and shops and of course rides. These are not the typically high price and marginal food you get at six flags these were nice restaurants with different cuisines. I noticed many of the people eating in the restaurants where older and it appears Danes like to go there just to eat, as young people were doing the rides. There is small admission fee and then you purchase ride tickets separately.
I did go to one restaurant called wagamama which is an asian fusion cuisine. I had a large bowl of ramen soup with lots of veggies and chicken. That went down very well. I also stopped by another bakery, yes I did, and got some treats for the hotel room.
Well it is time for me to start packing as I leave here tomorrow morning and go to London first then home to San Diego. I can’t wait to feel the heat again and thaw my old bones.