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St. Stephens – Schönbrunn Palace

Well I was in bed early and awoke a little before 8:00 and ready to do Vienna again. Down to breakfast at 9:00 and out the door to the Zentrum Friedhof (central cemetery). It is about a 20 minute tram ride out to the east side of town. This is a large cemetery with many notable people buried here, just like Pere Lachaise in Paris. Beethoven, Brahms, Strauss, it’s Vienna and they all lIved and worked here.
Back to the center of the altstad and the rain started. What to do, so I went into St. Stephan’s to see the inside but, to mainly get out of the rain. Very large but, not on the scale of other cathedrals I’ve been in. The stained glass was just squares and boring compared to those of St. Viator’s in Prague. There was a holy mass in progress and the signs said to be quite but, some people were talking out loud. They were older people too, just like in the Sistine Chapel. They carry on these animated conversations with no effort to speak in a monotone voice, unreal.
After I came out the rain had abetted so up the 343 steps to the top of the north tower. Good cardio work out for sure but, the view up top was wonderful. I started to take pictures and the young man attending the little gift counter shut the windows and padlocked them before I could get all my pictures taken. What was that about?
When I got down it started to rain again, oh well into Steffl’s the large department store and check out the threads. Nice store but, not as nice as Magesin du Nord in Copenhagen.
Out again and it was raining on and off so I made my way out towards Schloss Schonbrunn, the summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs. When I came up from the subway it started to pour again. I waited it out with about 50 other people all taking shelter under the subway street entrance canopy.
When it let up the sun came out and into the palace I went. The building and gardens are spectacular and it reminded me a lot of Versailles. As I was walking around in the back garden I heard thunder and by the time I got up to the main building, it started to pour again. Once again I found shelter under a colonnade and with other tourists. This was starting to be a bad habit. It was now 4:30 and I needed to work my way back to the hotel.
Back at the room and had several facetime conversations with the kids.
Weather is suppose to be the same tomorrow so it is museum day.