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I chose the Gellert Baths because they are on the Buda side just a few tram stops south of me. They also have i door and outdoor pools. I couldn’t have been happier with my choice as I arrived just before 9:00 am and there still weren’t very many people there. For $20.76 you get a complete day at the spa and full use of all the facilities. If you want to get aroma message, that would be extra. You also get a cabin for just your use. What they give you is a wrist band the that you hold against the wall monitor and it assigns you a cabin number. Go to that number and hold the wrist band on the door handle and, presto your in. It is small like a dressing room at a department store but, it is secure and just yours for the day.

They have several thermo pools, steam baths, saunas and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The one outside also creates waves every once in while for a little something different. I was able to find a lounge chair outside and claimed it with my towel. I brought both a towel and robe from my hotel room.
The first thermo pool I tried was at 36 celsius (98.6 fahrenheit) and another at 40 (104 fahrenheit). They were very relaxing and after taking a cool shower I went back to my lounge outside by the swimming pool. I did this on and off and even fell asleep for around 30 minutes. I hope wasn’t snoring! The steam room was also excellent as I couldn’t see more than two feet in front of you. They have a small restaurant in the terrace so you have everything you need for a full day. I didn’t leave until 3:00 pm so that gave me about 6 hours of relaxation.
Many people from young to old attend spas like these in Budapest. Men with their speedos and women in bikinis of all a sizes, shapes and ages. They are not intimidated by the appearance of their bodies.
Sorry there aren’t more pictures but, cameras weren’t allowed in the thermo pool areas. They are located inside and have wonderful Ottoman decor. Besides, I was really enjoying this day and wasn’t in the mode to do anything else.
After arriving back at my room I went one block down from the hotel and ate a pot of goulash soup at this restaurant a couple from Chicago recommended. It ended what was my best day in Budapest.
Packing tonight and off on a 7:55 to Heathrow for the trip home.

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