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Sagrada Familia & Gaudi

Had a very nice breakfast this morning and everything tasted soooo good. I must have been really hungry or something. Out the door and jump on to the metro to Sagrada Familia basilica, Gaudi’s masterpiece still under construction for over 100 years. Antonio Gaudi is considered one of the great architechs. 

Once again getting tickets ahead of time is the only way to go with sites that are highly popular. Go as soon as they open up or later in the day before closing so you miss all the tour groups. I puchased a ticket to go up into one of the towers. You take an elevator up but, you need to walk down. Great views of Barcelona from the top and you can see workers walking around on the scaffolding as they try to finish the project. They are now shooting for a completion date of 2026, one hundred years after the death of Gaudi.

Incredible architechture throughout as he design furnishings and even garments to keep with the theme. He used a lot of nature in his design as he believed God created it all and it should be reflected in the church design. The pillars throughout the interior not only support the structure but, are shaped like trees that branch out high above you with a leaf canopy. Different color glass reflects natural sunlight into a prism of colors that is hard to discribe and photograph. Fruit and animals appear in various places within and oustide on the facade.

I spent and couple of hours there and then jump on the metro back to the hotel for a little rest before my 4:30 ticket to Gaudi’s La Pedrera or also called Casa Milo.