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Left Florence on an Italo train. This is a new train line in Italy that is very nice. They have a separate waiting room for just Italo customers and announce when certain trains are leaving and what platforms. Beats standing around in the main station looking for somewhere to seat amongst hundreds of noise people. Their trains are comfortable, smooth and fast. 250 km/h wow I was in Rome in no time.
After checking in a short stroll through near by Bourghese Park and then to the center of the old city. The famous Trevi Fountain used in movies, The Pantheon and then Piazza Nouvona.
There were a lot of people at these sites but the Pantheon built by Marcus Agrippa is incredible. OMG. Almost mind blowing to think that it had been standing for short of 2,000 years. Back to the hotel big day tomorrow. A tour of the Roman Forum & the Colosseum.