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Roman Forum / Colosseum

Started my with my tour group outside the Colosseum metro station. 12 people and a great tour guide Gregory. The first place we went to was the Roman Forum. This was the economic, religious and political center of Rome. First as a republic and then as an empire. Then we went up Palatine Hill which overlooks the forum. This is where most of the emperors lived in their palaces. After much historical information from Gregory we proceeded in to the Colosseum. My tour include access to the underground and the top tier. Hopefully the pictures tell all. After the tour ended I strolled over to what is left of the Circus Maximus. In the once huge stadium Rome held its largest and best chariot races. Recently they have started to excavate the area for remnants of the Circus. Caught the tram right across the street from the Circus which leads to the front of my hotel. That’s a good thing because, I did a lot of walking today.