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I only needed to walk several blocks to the main train station where after 15 minutes the bus going to the airport picked me up. Meet a few fellow Americans heading home from Pennsylvania on the bus. They had been in France, starting with Paris and ending with Nice.

Once in the airport I turn in my VAT papers to receive money back for the tax on the clothing I bought at Galleries LaFayette. Always nice to get some Euros back. Remember to always get your VAT money back before checking your baggage as they my ask to see your purchases.

Flew to London Heathrow from Nice for a layover and then the long flight back. While it is good to be home, I could have stayed longer as Southern France was magnificent and there definitely was more to see and do in Barcelona.

On my first few trips to Europe, after two weeks I was ready to come home but the last several trips was not the case. After two weeks I felt I could have stayed longer and done more. Who knows, maybe one of these days I may not come back at all.