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Prague – Castle & St. Vitus

Out the door and across the Vltava River and up the hill to Prague Castle. Once again the public transportation is a snap, just one block from my hotel is the metro and I transferred to a tram at another stop and I am deposited right to the side entrance of the castle. Walked around with an audio tour and saw most of the important buildings. Some didn’t allow photography so limited pictures except for St. Vitus cathedral.
The whole castle is a complex of courtyards, religious buildings, gardens, old palaces and current government buildings. It is quite huge so there is some walking to do. I started at the top of the hill and worked my way down to the bottom but, most people start at the bottom and work their way up. I guess it paid to read about the side entrance and to let the tram take me up there.
It was still hard walking and I was very hungry and thirsty. I stopped in at the Prague Beer museum, which is not a museum at all but, a pub which serves every imaginable Czech beer brewed. It was a fine way to finish the day. Now to relax, pack and get ready to leave for Nuremberg tomorrow.