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Well time is running out on what I wanted to see. The bad weather the first day through me off as well as several bus connections I counted on using only ran summer schedules from May to September 3. So I decide to take a local tour out to some of these spots just to get them in. 

First was head east into the mountains and stop at a hilltop village called Gordes. It was one of the most georgous villages I have ever seen. It is villages like this that convince me I have to see Ronda in southern Spain.

After Gordes we headed south to another mountain area where they used to mine bauxite. Le Baux de Provence is perched on a mountian and has the ruins of a castle on top.

After that we went west to the Pont du Gard and what a sight. An amazing aqueduct built by the Romans to supply water to Nîmes 50 km away. It is the largest surviving aqueduct in the world. The first sight of it is breath taking and the size is astounding considering it  built so long ago with limited equipment. 

Our guide May was a young attractive French woman born and raised just outside of Avignon and did a great job. Once again, the only problem with these tours is not enough time at one place to soak it all in. I could have stayed at the Pont du Gard for hours.

After returning to Avignon it was back to the room and then somewhere for dinner. Le Vintage was highly recommended and it did not disappoint. Back to my room and another day behind me. Tomorrow the Popes Palace before leaving in the for Aix-en-Provence.