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Pisa & Florence

Left Monterosso this morning on a train to Pisa. At Pisa I checked my baggage at the train station and jump on a city bus to the Duomo. That’s the name for the large basilicas in Italy. At Pisa they have an enormous basilica, baptistery and bell tower. The bell tower is the famous one that leans. Beautiful day weather wise but, way too many people. Ugh! After a quick visit, a coke and pizza, back to the station and onto Florence. While waiting for the Hilton shuttle to pick me up I had a quick Heineken at the Burger King across from the train station. Yes they have Burger Kings and McDonalds here and they do serve beer.
Hotel is about 7 miles from the old downtown so I decided to check in, unpack, eat, enjoy the view and have an early rest for the long day tomorrow.