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Paris / Versailles / Eiffel Tower

Had another free continental breakfast at the Marriott. As with all the french restaurants breakfast includes croissants, baguettes, assorted pastries, lunch meats, cheeses, assorted fruits, grain cereals, salad, juices & coffee. I especially like the croissants with chocolate in them.
Got on the RER and went to Versailles. The RER is a light rail and slightly larger than the metro. Versailles is a huge palace Louis XIV had built. It is so large it boggles the mind to see it. The rooms all have ceilings with paintings . This is an amazing example of how the royalty lived centuries ago. The gardens seem to go forever and there is no way one could walk them all, unless you’re very fit. This is where the Treaty of Versailles was signed to end WW I.
Back to Paris for some rest before grabbing a little meal and on to the Eiffel Tower. Rode up the elevator to the second level for a spectacular view of Paris at night. The tower sparkles with lights every hour on the hour for 5 minutes. An awesome sight, especially up so close.
Made for another full day.