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Paris / Montmartre

Had to change rooms at the Marriott because the 1st room was on an alley and people were not talking but, yelling at 5:00 in the morning.
After breakfast onto the Metro to Pere Lachaise cemetery where celebrities are buried. Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Fredric Chopin, and others.
Onto Montmartre and the basilica Sacre Coeur. Wonderful lunch at La Creamillere in the market area where artist sell their works. Too bad one can not take them back home on the plane easily.
On the metro back to Champs Élysées and went to the top of the Arc d’Triomphe for a view of the city. Back at the room and tried from a full day of walking.
Thanks to the metro for getting around the city. Just like London’s tube these are highly efficient transportation systems that move thousands of people around everyday day. Something most American cities lack.