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Paris / Luxembourg Gardens / St. Germain / Seine Cruise

After breakfast a metro trip to the d’Orsay museum. Wonderful paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, Renior and others. Some paintings are so large that they had to use scaffolding to complete their work. Sorry no hoots as picture taking was not allowed inside the museum.
Then a short metro ride to Jardin du Luxembourg. A Beautiful park in Paris where Parisians were relaxing in the sun on a warm day. Onto St. Germain de Pres area for a late lunch at a another sidewalk cafe. Once again the food didn’t disappoint me.
Back to the room for some rest and head to the Seine for a 1 hour boat cruise. Weather was still mild and the cost was only 9.5o euro. Left from the docks by the Eiffel Tower and went up the river past all the main sights. Turned around at Ile de St. Louis and headed back to the docks. It was beautiful and all the pictures I shot came out blurred. Bumber..
Made for another full amazing day.