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Todays the last full day in Munich and I headed up to Olympic Park site of the 1972 games. Unlike what has happen to many ex-olympic venues Munich has beautifully maintain the facilities and grounds. People use the grounds for walking, hiking, jogging, boating, picnicking, etc. I did climb the hill that looks over the entire park complex for an excellent view.
Adjacent to the complex is BMW’S corporate office, factory, museum & BMW Welt (world). I took in the museum and it is quite nice with a complete history of BMW. Great displays of motorcycles and cars, all BMW’S of course. I did manage to buy a little souvenir while there, no not a new BEAMER. You know can can go across to the Welt and chose your car and go watch it come of the assembly line across the street. That’s for people with money or egos, whatever comes first.
After that I headed back to the hotel for a little rest. There have been a few long days so I needed a siesta. Back out in the afternoon riding the trams. I love riding tams, street cars or light rails around European cities. Unlike the subways you get to see the cities neighbourhoods go by with its architecture. Its good ti see another side of the city other that its tourist area.
As I was riding the tram a group of twenty kids got on in swimming suits and soaking wet. They all got off at the English Garden stop, which is where I wanted to get off at. Low and behold there were surfers riding a wave in the river. Check out the video. Seems as though these kids jump into the river right past the surfing wave and the current carries them downriver about a 1/2 mile. That’s where they hop out of the river, run over to the tram stop, jump on the next tram, take it to the next stop, get off and jump into the river again.
Finished the day doing a lIttle shopping and dinner at the Rathskeller. In a little early tonight to get ready to pack for tomorrow. Train to Salzburg in the morning.
I really appreciate the responses I have been getting. There’s just so little time to respond to everyone after writing this everyday. So THANK YOU to those who posted comments. Its always good to hear from family and friends, even if some are wise one liners.