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Moscow is the Capitol of the Russian Federation.

Regions of Moscow…
Central Moscow
  • Central
  • North
  • South
  • West
  • East
Outer Moscow
  • New Moscow
  • Zelenograd
  • Garden Ring
Points of Interests in Moscow…

A. N. Skryabina Memorial MuseumMuseumHomeCentral-West
Amusement PalaceLandmarkTheatreCentralKremlin
Aquarium garden, Time River Water-Landscape Fountain ComplexNaturalCity parkCentral-West
Art FountainLandmarkFountainCentral-South
Art Museum of Vasili TropininMuseumArtCentral-South
Bolshaya Bronnaya SynagogueLandmark / ReligiousSynagogueCentral-West
Bolshoi TheatreEntertainmentBallet / OperaCentral-North
Bourganov’s House State MuseumMuseumArtCentral-West
Bulgakov HouseLandmarkMonumentCentral-West
Cathedral of the AnnunciationLandmark / ReligiousCathedralCentralKremlin
Cathedral of the ArchangelLandmark / ReligiousCathedralCentralKremlin
Choral SynagogueLandmark / ReligiousSynagogueCentral-East
Christ the Saviour CathedralLandmark / ReligiousCathedralCentral-West
Church of the Twelve Apostels in the KremlinLandmark / ReligiousChurchCentralKremlin
Church of the Twelve Apostles and the Patriarch’s PalaceLandmark / ReligiousChurchCentralKremlin
Clean Ponds LandmarkCity ParkCentral-East
Conception monasteryLandmark / ReligiousMonasteryCentral-West
Diamond fund and ArmouryLandmarkArmouryCentralKremlin
Dormition CathedralLandmark / ReligiousCathedralCentralKremlin
English Manor MuseumMuseumHistoryCentralKitay-Gorod
Epiphany (Bogoyavlensky) MonasteryLandmark / ReligiousMonasteryCentralKitay-Gorod
Faceted ChamberLandmarkPalaceCentralKremlin
Fountain on Bolotnaya SquareLandmarkFountainCentral-South
Fountains of Manezhnaya SquareLandmarkFountainCentralKitay-Gorod
Galeyev GalleryMuseumArtCentral-West
Garden of Fallen MonumentsLandmarkSoviet StatuesCentral-South
Gostiny DvorLandmarkMerchant HallCentralKitay-Gorod
Government HouseLandmarkMonumentCentral-West
Grand Kremlin PalaceLandmarkPalaceCentralKremlin
House on the EmbankmentMuseumHistoryCentral-South
Iberian Gate and ChapelLandmarkGateCentralKitay-Gorod
Ivan the Great Bell TowerLandmarkTowerCentralKremlin
Katholikon of the Sretensky MonasteryLandmark / ReligiousMonasteryCentral-North
Kazan CathedralLandmark / ReligiousCathedralCentralKitay-Gorod
Kremlin SenateLandmarkCentralKremlin
Kremlin Wall NecropolisLandmarkBurial SiteCentralKremlin
Lenin MausoleumLandmarkBurial SiteCentralKitay-Gorod
Lubyanka, the KGB prisonLandmarkMonumentCentral-North
Lumiere Brothers Center for PhotographyMuseumPhotographyCentral-South
Melnikov HouseLandmarkMonumentCentral-West
Monument to Alexander IILandmarkMonumentCentral-West
Monument to Minin and PozharskyLandmarkMonumentCentralKitay-Gorod
Moscow Design MuseumMuseumDesignCentralKitay-Gorod
Moscow Kremlin WallLandmarkRampartCentralKremlin
Moscow Museum of Modern ArtMuseumModern ArtCentral-North
Moscow OrphanageLandmarkHistorical BldgCentral-East
Moscow Print YardLandmarkPrinterCentralKitay-Gorod
Museum of History of MoscowMuseumHistoryCentral-West
Museum of Russian IconMuseumArtCentral-East
Narkomfin HouseLandmarkMonumentCentral-West
Natalia and Alexander Fountain at Nikitskiy VorotLandmarkFountainCentral-West
Nativity Church at PutinkiLandmark / ReligiousChurchCentral-North
Nativity ConventLandmark / ReligiousConventCentral-North
Pashkov HouseLandmarkMonumentCentral-West
Petrovskiy FountainLandmarkFountainCentralKitay-Gorod
Polytechnic MuseumMuseumHistorical ItemsCentral-East
Pushkin MuseumMuseumArtCentral-West
Pushkin Square FountainLandmarkFountainCentral-North
Red SquareLandmarkCity SquareCentralKitay-Gorod
Russian Navy Fountain-monumentLandmarkMonumentCentral-South
Saint Basil's CathedralLandmark / ReligiousCathedralCentralKitay-Gorod
Shazina GalleryMuseumArtCentral-East
Shchusev State Museum of ArchitectureMuseumArchitectureCentral-West
Solovetsky StoneLandmarkMonumentCentral-East
Spaso HouseLandmarkMonumentCentral-West
Spasskaya or Saviour TowerLandmarkTowerCentralKremlin
St. Andrew's Anglican ChurchLandmark / ReligiousChurchCentral-West
State Historical MuseumMuseumHistoryCentralKitay-Gorod
State Historical Museum, Palace of Romanov BoyarsMuseumHistoryCentralKitay-Gorod
State Historical Museum, Pokrovsky Cathedral, St. Basil's CathedralMuseumReligiousCentralKitay-Gorod
State Historical Museum, The War of 1812MuseumHistoryCentralKitay-Gorod
State Museum of GULAG HistoryMuseumHistoryCentral-North
Taynitsky GardenNaturalGardenCentralKremlin
Terem PalaceLandmarkCentralKremlin
The KremlinLandmark / MuseumCitadelCentral
The Tomb of the Unknown SoldierLandmarkTombCentralKitay-Gorod
Tretyakov GalleryMuseumRussian ArtCentral-South
Troitskaya Tower or Trinity TowerLandmarkCentralKremlin
Tsar BellLandmarkCentralKremlin
Tsar CannonLandmarkCentralKremlin
Tsarina's Golden ChamberLandmarkCentralKremlin
Tsentralny, Central, former Soviet FountainLandmarkCentral-North
Tsentrosoyuz BuildingLandmarkCentral-North
Tsoi WallLandmarkMonumnentCentral-West
Turandot FountainLandmarkFountainCentral-West
Tverskaya StreetLandmarkMonumentCentral-West
Vernadsky State Geological MuseumMuseumGeologyCentral-West
Vysokopetrovsky MonasteryLandmark / ReligiousMonasteryCentral-North
Zaikonospassky monasteryLandmark / ReligiousMonasteryCentralKitay-Gorod
Zoological Museum of Moscow UniversityMuseumZoologyCentral-West

Day Trips from Moscow…
  • Arkhangelskoye Estate
  • Borodino
  • Dmitrov
  • Gorki Leninskie
  • Ivanovo
  • Klin
  • Kolomna
  • Korolev
  • Kostroma
  • Losiny Ostrov National Park
  • Melikova
  • Pereslavl Zalessky
  • Rostov Veliky
  • Sergiev Posad 🏛
  • Suzdal 🏛
  • Vladimir 🏛
  • Yaroslvl 🏛
  • Zvenigorod
Transportation in Moscow…
✈️ Airports

Moscow has four airports with international and domestic services. Rail service from airports go to train stations, travel on the metros to your hotel location will probably be another 20 minutes.
SVO Sheremetyevo International Airport – Located 32 km northwest of the city center there are non-stop flights to 4 US cities from SVO. Transportation to the city is Aeroexpress train to Belorussky station. City buses #851 & 949 to Rechnoy Vokzal metro station or 817 & 948 to Planernaya metro station. Night bus H1 to Leninskiy Prospect metro station.
DME Domodedovo International Airport – Located 45 km southeast of city with no flights to the US. It is the hub for S& Siberian Airlines. Transportation is Aeroexpress train to Paveletsky train station. Express bus #308 operates to Domodedovskaya metro station.
VKO Vnukovo International Airport – Located 30 km southwest of the city with no flights to the US. Transportation is Aeroexpress train to Klevsky train station. City bus #32 goes to Novopederelkino metro station. Buses #611 & #911 go to Yugo-Zapadnaya, Troparyovo and Salaryevo metro stations.
ZIA Zhukovsky International Airport – Located 40 km southeast of the city with no flights to the US. Transportation to the city is on Shuttle bus or taxi. Express bus #441 goest to Kotelniki metro station.

🚊 Public Transportation

Suburban Train: MCC (route map)
#14 Moscow Central Circle line
#D1 line, Lobnya ↔︎ Odintsovo
#D2 line, Nakhabino ↔︎ Podolsk
#D3 line, Alabushevo ↔︎ Ippodrom
#D4 line, Zheleznodorozhnaya ↔︎ Aprelevka
#D5 line, Pushkino ↔︎ Domodedovo
AeroExpress – Express trains from airports to city center rail stations
Sheremetyevo Express – Belorussky Rail Terminal ↔︎ Sheremetyevo Airport
Domodedovo Express – Paveletsky Rail Terminal ↔︎ Domodedovo Airport
Vnukovo Express – Kievsky Rail Terminal ↔︎ Vnukovo Airport

Moscow Train Stations
Belorussky Rail Terminal
Kazansky Rail Terminal
Kiyevsky Rail Terminal
Kursky Rail Terminal
Leningradsky Rail Terminal
Paveletsky Rail Terminal
Rizhsky Rail Terminal
Savyolovsky Rail Terminal
Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal

Light Rail / Tram: Moscow Transport (tram route map)
А. Novokonnaya ploschad’ ↔︎ Chistyye prudy station
Б. Sokol’nicheskaya Zastava ↔︎ Kursky Station
1. Moskvoretsky Market ↔︎ Ulitsa Akademika Yangelya
2. Semyonovskaya station ↔︎ Metrogorogok
3. Chistye prudy station ↔︎ Balaklavsky Prospec
4л. Bulvar Rokossovskovo station ↔︎ Bulvar Rokossovskovo station (circle route)
4п. Bulvar Rokossovskovo station ↔︎ Bulvar Rokossovskovo station
6. Sokol station ↔︎ Bratsevo
7. Bulvar Rokossovskovo station ↔︎ Belorussky Terminal
9. Belorussky Terminal ↔︎ MIIT (only in weekdays)
10. Shchukinskaya station ↔︎ Ulitsa Kulakova
11. Ostankino ↔︎ 16th Parkovaya St.
12. 16th Parkovaya St. ↔︎ 2nd ulitsa Mashinostroyeniya
13. Kalanchovskaya St. ↔︎ Metrogorodok
14. Oktyabrskaya station ↔︎ Universitet station
15. Sokol station ↔︎ Tallinskaya Str.
16. Novodanilovsky Proezd ↔︎ Ulitsa Akademika Yangelya
17. Ostankino ↔︎ Medvedkovo
20. Kursky Terminal ↔︎ Krasnokazarmennaya Ploschad’
21. Tallinskaya St. ↔︎ Schukinskaya station
23. Sokol station ↔︎ Mikhalkovo
24. Kursky Station ↔︎ Proezd Entuziastov
25. Ostankino ↔︎ Sokol’nicheskaya Zastava
26. Oktyabrskaya station ↔︎ Universitet station
27. Voikovskaya station ↔︎ Dmitrovskaya station
28. Prospekt Marshala Zhukova ↔︎ Sokol station
29. Dmitrovskaya station ↔︎ Mikhalkovo
30. Tallinskaya St. ↔︎ Mikhalkovo
31. Prospekt Marshala Zhukova ↔︎ Voikovskaya station
34. 16th Parkovaya St. ↔︎ Semyonovskaya station
36. Metrogorodok ↔︎ Novogireyevo
37. Kalanchyovskaya St. ↔︎ Novogireyevo
38. Cheryomushki ↔︎ 3rd Vladimirskaya St.
39. Chistye prudy station ↔︎ Universitet station
43. Ugreshskaya MCC ↔︎ 3rd Vladimirskaya St.
45. Novokonnaya ploschad’ (Square) ↔︎ Sokol’nicheskaya Zastava
46. Bulvar Rokossovskovo station ↔︎ Oktyabrskoe tram depot
47. Nagatino ↔︎ Oktyabrskaya station
49. Nagatino ↔︎ Novodanilovsky Proezd (Drive)
50. Proezd Entuziastov (Entusiasts’ drive) ↔︎ Novovorotnikovskiy pereulok

Metro / SubwayMM (metro route map
#M1 Sokolnicheskaya line, Kommunarka ↔︎ Bulvar Rokossovskogo 
#M2 Zamoskvoretskaya line, Khovrino ↔︎ Alma-Atinskaya 
#M3  Arbatsko–Pokrovskaya line, Pyatnitskoye Shosse ↔︎
#M4 Filyovskaya line, Aleksandrovsky Sad ↔︎
Kuntsevskaya; Mezhdunarodnaya 
#M5 Koltsevaya (circle) line,
#M6 Kaluzhsko–Rizhskaya line, Novoyasenevskaya ↔︎
#M7 Tagansko–Krasnopresnenskaya line, Planernaya ↔︎
#M8 Kalininsko–Solntsevskaya (east) line, Tretyakovskaya ↔︎ Novokosino
#M8A Kalininsko–Solntsevskaya (west) line, Delovoy Tsentr ↔︎ Rasskazovka
#M9 Serpukhovsko–Timiryazevskaya line, Altufyevo ↔︎
Bulvar Dmitriya Donskogo
#M10 Lyublinsko–Dmitrovskaya line, Seligerskaya ↔︎
#M11 Bolshaya Koltsevaya (big circle) line, Savyolovskaya/Delovoy Tsentr ↔︎ Elektrozavodskaya
#M12 Butovskaya line, Bittsevsky Park ↔︎
Buninskaya Alleya 
#M15 Nekrasovskaya line, Nizhegorodskaya ↔︎ Nekrasovka
Monorail #13, Timiryazevskaya ↔︎ Ulitsa Sergeya Eyzenshteyna 

City BusMoscow Transport
950 routes, 36 electric routes

BicycleVelobike Moscow
Transit Cards / Passes:Metro Smart CardTroika Smart Card