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Awoke to a cloudy morning for my day trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco. After a Latte it was out the door and up several blocks to the train station. I am a little dissappointed with Gare Nice as half the automated ticket kiosks where out of order. With lines of poeple waiting to use them it took me over twenty minutes to get a ticket. As I got up to the platform the train was leaving. All the trains on this trip have been delayed and this one leaves on time, go figure. So another 40 minute wait until the next train for the twenty minute ride to Monte Carlo. 

Monaco is a country built on the side of mountians with a few small harbors. You can tell it is expensive with all the fancy cars, high rise condos and lavish yachts in the harbor. A lot of building going on as well with cranes protruding into the air. Someone has money to pay for all of this. It is said much of it from the Middle East where all the oil we use has made them extremely rich.

After passing by its famous casino and no I wasn’t going to pay a cover fee just to go inside, I head to the palace. It was quite a hike up the hill to the palace but, a beautiful walk as there is a manicured garden all the way up. In time to see the changing of the guards and people pushing and shoving to get their selfies. 

Right near the palace is the Oceanograhy Museum. I dedcided to take that in as it was only about an hour to see. A nice Jambon sandwich and drink and ate lunch on a park bench looking out over the blue Mediterranean. Not too shabby. The sun was coming out more frequently so a nice walk back to the train station for the trip back to Nice. 

On the way back to the hotel I tried several more pharmacies but, they don’t sell bath salts. Hmmm, found them in Germany & Italy. A little bloggin, a little rest at the room and out for dinner tonight.