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Mont Saint Michel / Honfleur

Got up and left the substitute hotel but they did have great fresh ground coffee. Drove a little ways along the coast towards St. Malo but turned around because of time and the weather. Arrived at Mont St. Michel in light rain and wind but just after arriving on the island the rain disappeared and the sun broke through enough to make a great day. Made It to the top of the abbey and did the self walking tour. Fabulous abbey built on the island around 12th century.
Left Mont Michel and arrived in Honfleur about 4:30 pm and got and incredible room overlooking the harbor, most happy with the Best Western LaChavel Blanc. Excellent restaurant recommendation from the young lady at the hotel for a dinner of local moules (mussels). Everyone has been very friendly and many speak fairly good english. Honfleur is a very special fishing village with restaurants and shops nestled on a small harbor that leads out the where the Seine river flows into the English Channel. I highly recommend a stay in Honfleur.
A really good band was playing at the Le Village bar called Lithium. I stayed up until past midnight listening to Doobie Bros., Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Police and other great band tunes. Very good day.