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Left Heidelberg around 8:30 and arrived Mainz 10:30. I crossed the Rhein at Mannheim. I should have been there earlier but, I got off the train at Ludwigshafen Mitte to change trains. I should have got off at the next station Ludwigshafen Rhein. Not a problem, I just ask at the DB information desk when the next train came through to go to Mainz and it was 19 minutes later.
After arriving I bought a transit pass for two days and figured out which bus would take me to the Hilton.
They upgraded me to a huge room overlooking the Rhein. I am just four blocks from the old city area of Mainz. Had a pizza for lunch and walked around and did some window shopping.
When I arrived back at the hotel there was a nice surprise in the room of wine, fruit, pretzel and some soft cheese.
Because the internet was so slow in Heidelberg I still hadn’t published yesterday’s blog and pictures. It was so nice out today that I went down by the restaurant patio and drank beer and watched some of the river boats come and go.
The Rhein river traffic is extremely busy with not just tourist boats but, commercial freight boats. After the beers a little walk along the river front and a great end of the day.