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London Landmarks & Museum

Last day in London leaving for France. First a short walk down the mall to Buckingham Palace. It was getting very crowed as the changing of the guard is at noon. Couldn’t get close to the palace but after trowing in the towel just down the street on the way to a bus stop is the Royal Guardsmen grounds. The band and a drill team were out rehearsing and very few people were around because they were all over at the palace fighting for position. I was 40 yards from them and had clear view for pictures. 
Onto the Tate Britain museum for an exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite paintings. 
Next to Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, which I was able to walk on. Unto the London Museum which is a total history of the city of London through the ages.
Dinner in Nottingham Hill at a pub and then it started to rain. Back to the Trafalgar for a good nights rest.