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London – Greenwich

Got up this morning and headed to Westminster docks on the Thames. Caught a boat to ride up the river to Greenwich. As in Paris taking a ride in the river gives you a different perspective of the town. Saw the steps Queen Elizabeth walked down to her launch to be taken out to the ship to meet Sir Francis Drake so many years ago. After a brief stop at the London Tower on to Greenwich.
Greenwich is a site were Tudor rulers were born like Henry VIII and Elizabeth. It is also the site of 0 longitude Greenwich meridian and Greenwich mean time at the royal observatory. I visited the maritime museum were you can actual see the uniform with the bullet hole which fatally wounded Horatio Nelson during the battle of Trafalgar.
On the way back a slight detour to Stafford and the Olympic Park and stadium. However, everything is fenced off so you can not even get to within 500 yards off the place. I took some pictures from the nearby Westfield shopping mall.
Returning to London on the light rail and tube I went back to Carnaby St. and back to a restaurant I saw on my previous visit. Food was good but not up to the food I had just recently experienced in France. Must do better tomorrow night.
After a dinner a stroll though the seven dials neighborhood in Soho which is narrow streets, old buildings, shops, restaurants & clubs.