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London- British Museum

Woke up to a raining day in London. So far practically everyday has been near perfect weather wise this trip. Got on the bus at Paddington Station and headed to the British Museum. It seemed as though everyone else in London was going to the museum on a rainy day.
The museum has a great collection of antiquities from Egypt, China, Greece & Rome. They have the Rosetta Stone there which is the one piece of ancient Egypt that allowed archeologists to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics.
After 3 hours the museum became very crowded and I had enough. I suggest that when traveling into major cities like London, Paris & etc., stay away from the major attractions during midday. I have read in guides were they get very over crowded, especially with tours, and I have found that very true.
Spent the rest of the day resting at the hotel and out for diner. Many restaurants seem to be closed early on Sundays but after a little searching in Sussex gardens the Victoria Pub was open. It was full but found a place at the bar and order a cold beer. It wasn’t the Suffolk Blonde I had in Oxford it was good. I ordered the special pork loin in a mustard gravy with Yorkshire pudding. It was a pleasant surprise and a great way to end my last night in London.