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Leaving San Diego

After years of waiting, it finally happened. A trip to Europe which has always fascinated me since reading and studying it in High School. The incredible history that happened there ultimately really defined who America was going to be and become. Why the culture of the United States isn’t all home grown but heavily influence by our European immigrants and ancestors. To see what they started and how we now speak, eat, indulge in the arts, fashion, etc. is eye opening. It is also interesting to see how some of those things have come full circle and they are now influenced by Hollywood movies, American Jazz & Blues, McDonald & Starbucks. To make those connections gives one a different perspective on who one is and where one lives in time. An experience everyone should have because America is more closely related to Europe than anywhere else.

I left San Diego on time at 8:05 pm. Fell asleep immediately on the pane but was awoken by the flight attendants serving dinner. Fell back to sleep and awoke over Northern Ireland for breakfast. Dinner was very good but breakfast, not so much.
The person next to me was a young Swiss women on her way back to Geneva. She had been in the states for several months going to school to learn English better. Apparently her new job used English extensively and she need to have deeper comprehension off the language.
I have been going to bed at 5:00 pm over the last week and waking up at 2:30 – 1:30 pm I arrived. So far, so good.