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Hostels have always been very popular with young travelers because of their cost. They are the most inexpensive places to stay in Europe. Rates can run $20. to $40. a night, considerably less than that a hotel room per night. What you get is large dormitory type room you share with as many a 8 to 12 other people and a bunk or cot, with a pillow, blanket and clean sheets . There are shared baths and usually a large kitchen were you can cook your own meals. Many hostels do include a cooked breakfast in the price.

You will not have any privacy but, will meet fellow travelers from all over the world. Most hostels have meeting rooms for you to meet others and converse about your travels and yourself. many have gender segregated accommodations but, some have mixed gender availability. Hostels typically have lockout periods during the day, starting at 10:00 am in the morning and not reopening until 5:00-5:30 pm.  Many also have curfews and lock their doors at a certain time at night. This prevents people coming in late at night and disturbing others as these are not private rooms. Confirm if there is a curfew or not,  some hostels in large cities allow people to enjoy the nightlife and will them to come and go at night.

As the hostel industry has grown it has offered more upscale and family accommodations. Some have better furnishings and smaller rooms with just several beds. You can reserve a whole room for family traveling or if you want to be alone.

Finding Hostels and Reservations…

When booking at hostels you have a large organization called ➾ Hostelling International. They book reservations for tier locations all over Europe and if you plan to use them frequently you may even save more money by buying a membership.  There are also many independent hostels where you can book reservations. Go to the following web sites to book reservations and and get additional information.

 Hostels below are regional locations only…


Hostel Gonzo
Hostel Ville


Fortuna Hostel


Shanti Hostel


Hostel San Marino


Hostel Celica