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Internet Apps

The Internet & Apps

Now these days the internet can be a valuable tool when traveling in Europe. Before you even leave for Europe you can buy and reserve just about everything you will need for the trip;

  • Buy your airline, boat and train tickets.
  • Reserve a hotel room and rental car.
  • Book tours and tickets to attractions.
  • Access information and tips from other travelers on web site forums.

Once in Europe you will be able to;

  • Read restaurant reviews and book reservations.
  • Use your GPS device or map on your smart phone or tablet for directions.
  • Have local languages translated into English.
  • Email, text, use social media or visually call friends and family back in the States.
  • Reference travel web sites for information.

Remember when purchasing online use a credit with no foreign transaction fees otherwise, you may be paying anywhere from 1% to 3% and more extra for your purchases.

Getting Online in Europe…

There are many ways to get online while traveling in Europe. The best way is to use your wifi connection at your hotel. Most hotels do provide it and if it isn’t free there will be a small fee. If your hotel doesn’t have it or you do not want to pay for it go to an internet cafe. Of course you will find these more readily available in the larger cities.

Should your mobile provider have an international plan contact them for details and your options. This could be an easy way to get connect when no wifi is available. However, your first preferance should always be to connect your devices to wifi when available. Read about this on the Electronics page and consult with your mobile provider above coverage in Europe.

Apps for Smart Devices…

As we mentioned in our mobile phone and tablet section, there are many apps you can choose for use while in Europe. Some of these can be very extremely helpful. Apps can be real time and money savers as they can provide you with important information and alerts. Being notified of a cancellation or delay in advance allows you change your plans immediately.
A good smart phone or tablet may come with a map, weather, clock or other handy built-in app. Just make sure the app can locate what country you are in so it can provide you with the local information.
There are many free apps for your mobile devices but, some of these may be not fulfill your needs. Try the free apps and if they are not what you want then spend the money for upgraded apps but, review all information first. We have found good free apps through the years that do the job quite nicely.

Now, which ones are really necessary?

Accommodation Apps…

Book, change, cancel, confirm and store your room reservation information for hotels, hostels, rentals and more. Have all of the most important information about your accommodation on your device. Go to our ➾ Hotels in Europe page for specific hotel brand links. See OTA list below for aggragate booking apps.

Communication Apps…

These are some of the most useful apps to stay in touch with family and friends while traveling throughout Europe. We recommend only communicating with those trusted friends and family. For security purposes we do not encourage posting on social media networks. Publicly announcing that you are that far away from home could invite crime.

Conversion Apps…

nguage. Some have handy everyday phrases that maybe common in their language. Some apps have apps multiple European languages where you can enter something in English and it will translate it to another language. Some have playback features where you can hear how the words are pronounced in the native tongue.
Currency Conversion – Convert Euros or other currencies to US dollars or vice versa, instantaneously. The value of currencies change continuously so keep current with an app that updates changes regularly.
Measurements -Convert common weights, measurements and Temperature to Europe scales from American standards or vice versa. Example; is Kilometers to miles.

Entertainment Apps…

You most likely already have your favorites on your device. For long flights streaming movies or playing games on your device will help pass the time. Many airlines provide limited free movies and TV programing to watch on your mobile devices. Check with your airline for what wifi services are provided during your flight. You may need to download the wifi providers app prior to your fight departure.

Financial Apps…

Keep up to date on your account balances to monitor automatic payment deductions and make transfers from one account to another and be able to access cash in case you need emergency money.
Monitor your charges to your credit cards while away as well as, pay for services with your credit or debit card app. You may also pay for services using your mobile phone if it has a pay service like Apple or Google Pay. Confirm the credit and debit cards provided by your financial institutions will work with these Pay services.

Navigation Apps…

Not only will you find country and local maps of the areas you are visiting but, city street maps. Some transportation apps will allow you to request directions to an address and calculate your best route option, by driving, public transportation or walking. Some map apps work off line so you need no internet connection.

Transportation Apps…

For detail information on the appropriate apps to use for your travel needs, go to our pages for the corresponding transportation. There you will locate the companies and information.
Airlines, you can book or change flights, download your boarding pass to your phone, get current flight arrival and departure information. Go to our ➾ Airlines page for detail information and links to all airlines.
Car Rentals, book online and have your car waiting for you upon your arrival. Go to our ➾ Autos page for detail information and links to services.
Ridesharing, Uber & Lift, request a pick and ride to another location. Go to our ➾ Autos page for detail information and links to services.
Trains, several sites act as OTA sites for booking trains in different countries or purchasing rail passes. You can also book directly with the train operator on their app. Go to our ➾ Trains page for detail information and links to services within their countries.
Public Transit, You may also find some of these available from local municipalities for metro, tram and bus lines in Europe as well. Go to our ➾ Public Transit page for detail information and links to services.
Buses, for intercity and regional bus transportation. Go to our pages on ➾ Buses page for detailed information and links.
Taxis, Requesting and finding taxi services. Go to our ➾ Autos page for detail information and links to services.

OTA ( online travel agency) Apps…

These sites work just as if you book through a travel. The difference here is you are doing the searching for your flights, hotel rooms while trying to get the best price. Some sites are aggregate web sites that search through multiple web sites to find the best pricing and availability. However, some to do not book the reservations so you will need to go the site they are pointing to and book.

Travel Guide Apps…

Remember some apps are just available for your phone and may not work on your tablet. Some will operate while just online and some will offline but, may need to be pre-loaded. Always make sure you have the right app for your device and operating system.

Remember some apps are just available for your phone and may not work on your tablet. Some will operate while just online and some will offline but, may need to be pre-loaded. Always make sure you have the right app for your operating system.

Should you have a need for a particular type of application, go and shop for a wider selection the stores listed below.
Apps for Apple Devices are at the ➾ App Store
Apps for Android devices are at ➾ Google Play
Apps for Windows devices at at ➾ Windows Store

Country Internet code top-level domains…

When surfing on the internet URL domain extensions will be dominant from the country which they come from as in the table below. These are known as top level domains (TLD) that are generally used or reserved for a country, sovereign area or territory.

CountryURLUsers% of
CountryURLUsers% of
🇦🇱 Albania.al2,105,33971.85🇽🇰 Kosovo.rsN/AN/A
🇦🇩 Andorra.ad83,88797.9🇱🇻 Latvia.lv1,570,37479.9
🇦🇹 Austria.at7,346,05584.3🇱🇮 Liechtenstein.li37,21498.1
🇧🇾 Belarus.by6,805,78671.1🇱🇹 Lithuania.lt2,122,88474.4
🇧🇪 Belgium.be9,870,73486.5🇱🇺 Luxembourg.lu567,69897.5
🇧🇦 Bosnia Herzegovina.ba2,677,50269.3🇲🇹Malta.mt450,44269.9
🇧🇬 Bulgaria.bg4,274,32859.8🇲🇩 Moldova.md2,492,44471
🇭🇷 Croatia.hr3,135,94972.7🇲🇨 Monaco.mc29,11695.2
🇨🇾 Cyprus.cy915,03675.9🇲🇪 Montenegro.me320,90277.3
🇨🇿 Czechia.cz8,141,30376.5🇳🇱 Netherlands.nl15,385,20390.4
🇩🇰 Denmark.dk5,424,16997🇲🇰 North Macedonia.mk1,475,00070.4
🇪🇪 Estonia.ee1,097,92187.2🇳🇴 Norway.no5,122,90497.3
🇪🇺 European Union.euN/AN/A🇵🇱 Poland.pl28,237,82073.3
🇫🇴 Faroe Islands.fo48,09797.58🇵🇹 Portugal.pt7,629,56070.4
🇫🇮 Finland.fi4,822,13287.7🇷🇴 Romania.ro12,852,69659.5
🇫🇷 France.fr58,038,53685.5🇷🇺 Russia.ru118,446,61276.01
🇧🇪 Germany.de77,794,40586🇸🇲 San Marino.sm17,20052.6
🇬🇮 Gibraltar.gi32,49499.44🇷🇸 Serbia.rs4,790,48867.1
🇬🇷 Greece.gr7,443,01669.1🇸🇰 Slovakia.sk4,382,55880.5
🇬🇬 Guernsey.ggN/AN/A🇸🇮 Slovenia.si1,493,38275.5
🇻🇦 Holy See.vaN/AN/A🇪🇸 Spain.es39,215,75684.6
🇭🇺 Hungary.hu7,826,69579.3🇳🇴 Svalbard.sjN/AN/A
🇮🇸 Iceland.is329,96798.2🇸🇪 Sweden.se9,041,42791.5
🇮🇪 Ireland.ie4,069,43282.2🇨🇭 Switzerland.ch7,312,74489.4
🇮🇲 Isle of Man.imN/AN/A🇹🇷 Turkey.tr62,075,87964.68
🇮🇹 Italy.it38,025,66161.3🇺🇦 Ukraine.ua23,202,06752.5
🇳🇴 Jan Mayen.sjN/AN/A🇬🇧 United Kingdom.uk65,001,01694.6
🇯🇪 Jersey.je38,95841.03