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Available Services

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While traveling you will access services on your journey. You’ll need cash to pay for goods and services as not all places except credit cards. You need to communicate back home or with business while in Europe with the use of a phone or the internet. You may require minor or major health care assistance and support. In case of a serious emergency you may need to contact police or even ask for assistance from a US Embassy. Please read our pages for information and how to attain services.

Banks & Money

The Euro has made traveling through most of Europe much easier. There are still some countries with their own currency so know the limitations of exchanging currencies.

Credit & Debit Cards

Will you credit or debit card be accepted in Europe? When should you use your cards to pay for purchases or services? Is cash or credit better?


Will your mobile phone work in Europe? Does your phone provider have international service? Is your mobile unlocked to accommodate buying a sim card in Europe? Should you buy a phone in Europe?

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Internet Apps

The Internet & Apps

Which Apps will assist you when traveling through Europe? What’s the best way to connect to the internet?

Health Access

What health services are available to you should you become ill or injured? Find hospitals and pharmacies and emergency care.

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Salzburg Police Car


What are your options in case of an emergency and who do you contact?


Know common sense practices for safe travel.

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What are your options in case of an emergency and who do you contact?