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Istanbul has served as the capital of three major empires making it one of the worlds most unique cities. Located on the Bosphorus Strait that divides Europe from Asia, this has been truly where east meets west over the centuries. Located in Europe as well as Asia, Istanbul is the worlds only city in two continents.

Founded in the 7th century BC, as the Greek colony of Byzantium it Became the capital of the Eastern Roman empire under Constantine the Great in 324 CE. Renamed Constantinople it then served as the capital of the Byzantine empire until the Ottomans ceased it in 1453. It was the capital of the Ottoman empire until after its decline at the end of WW I. When the new Republic of Turkey was established in 1923 it was renamed Istanbul.

All this heritage makes Istanbul one of the worlds most unique cities. It’s rich culture, architecture and beauty set it aside from many other cities. It is a must see city for any serious traveler.

Regions of Istanbul…
New City
Golden Horn
Princes’ Island
Asian Side
Western Suburbs
Points of Interests in Istanbul…

Haydarpaşa StationTransportationTrain StationAsian Side
Maiden’s TowerLandmarkTowerAsian Side
Sabiha Gökçen AirportTransportationAirportAsian Side
Atatürk ArboretumAttractionArboretumBosphorus
Dolmabahce PalaceLandmarkPalaceBosphorus
Galata TowerLandmarkTowerGalata
İstiklal Caddesi LandmarkPedestrian StreetGalata
Taksim SquareLandmarkCity SquareGalata
Eyüp MosqueLandmark-ReligiousMosqueGolden Horn
Atatürk MuseumMuseumHistoryNew City
Military MuseumMuseumMilitaryNew City
NişantaşıNeighborhoodArt NouveauNew City
Princes’ IslandsNaturalIslandsPrinces’ Islands
Ahrida SynagogueLandmark-ReligiousSynagogueSultanahmet/Faith
Basilica CisternLandmarkMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
Chora MosqueLandmark-ReligiousMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
Column of ConstantineLandmarkColumnSultanahmet/Faith
Dimitrie Cantemir MuseumMuseumMoldavian prince homeSultanahmet/Faith
Egyptian Bazaar / Spice MarketAttractionShoppingSultanahmet/Faith
Fatih CamiiLandmark-ReligiousMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
Fethiye MosqueLandmark-ReligiousMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
Golden HornNaturalWater inlet from the BosphorusSultanahmet/Faith
Grand BazaarAttractionShoppingSultanahmet/Faith
Gülhane ParkNaturalCity ParkSultanahmet/Faith
Hagia IreneLandmark-ReligiousMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
Hagia SophiaLandmark-ReligiousMosque/CathedralSultanahmet/Faith
HippodromeLandmarkOld Center of ConstantinopleSultanahmet/Faith
History of Science and Technology in Islam MuseumMuseumHistorySultanahmet/Faith
Istanbul Railway MuseumMuseumRailwaysSultanahmet/Faith
Koca Mustafa Pasha MosqueLandmark-ReligiousMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
Little Hagia SophiaLandmark-ReligiousMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
MillonLandmarkAncient PillarSultanahmet/Faith
Museum of ArchaeologyMuseumArchaeologySultanahmet/Faith
Rüstem MosqueLandmark-ReligiousMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
Soğukçeşme StreetLandmarkHistoric Ottoman StreetSultanahmet/Faith
Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Landmark-ReligiousMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
St Stephen ChurchLandmark-ReligiousChurchSultanahmet/Faith
Süleymaniye MosqueLandmark-ReligiousMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque)Landmark-ReligiousMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
Theodosius CisternLandmarkHistoricSultanahmet/Faith
Tombs MuseumMuseumSultan TombsSultanahmet/Faith
Topkapı PalaceLandmarkPalaceSultanahmet/Faith
Valens AqueductArcheologicalAncient AqueductSultanahmet/Faith
Valens AqueductLandmarkRoman RuinSultanahmet/Faith
Walls of ConstantinopleLandmarkCity WallsSultanahmet/Faith
Yedikule FortressLandmarkOld Triumphal GateSultanahmet/Faith
Zeyrek MosqueLandmark-ReligiousMosqueSultanahmet/Faith
Aviation MuseumMuseumAviationWestern Suburbs
Istanbul AirportTransportationAirportWestern Suburbs
Istanbul HalkaliTransportationTrain StationWestern Suburbs
Sea Life IstanbulAttractionAquariumWestern Suburbs

Day Trips from Istanbul…
  • Anadolu Kavağı
  • Black Sea
    • Ağva
    • Şile
  • Bursa
  • Çanakkale
  • Edirne 🏛
  • Gallipoli Peninsula
  • Kilyos
  • Princes Islands
  • Troy 🏛
Transportation in Istanbul…
✈️ Airports

With two major airports, Istanbul is on the western European side and Sabiha Gökçen is on the eastern Asian side. The new Istanbul replaced Attaturk airport in 2019 is located 30 km northwest of the city
IST Istanbul Airport – Located 30 km northwest of the city it is where most of the international flights arrive. Turkish Airlines runs daily non-stop flights from 10 US cities.
SAW Sabiha Gökçen Airport – Located 30 km east of the city center on the Asia side it has the majority of domestic flights within Turkey.

🚊 Public Transportation

Suburban TrainİETTTCDD (rail system map)
Marmaray Train line, Gebze Halkali

Light Rail / TramİETT (tram lines map)
T1 line,  Kabataş ↔ Bağcılar
T4 line, Mescid-i Selam ↔ Topkapı
T5 line, Eminönü ↔ Alibeyköy Coach Staion

Metro / SubwayMetro Istanbul  (metro lines map)
M1A line, Yenikapı ↔ Atatürk Airport
M1B line, Yenikapı ↔ Kirazlı
M2 ine, Yenikapı ↔ Hacıosman
M3 line, Kirazlı ↔ Metrokent–Olimpiyat
M4 line, Kadıköy ↔ Tavşantepe
M5 line, Üsküdar ↔ Çekmeköy
M6 line, Levent ↔ Boğaziçi Üniversitesi/Hisarüstü
M7 line, Mecidiyeköy ↔ Mahmutbey

City BusİETT
783 lines

Ferry / Boatido
Bicycle: Isbik

FunicularTünel funicular
F1 line, Taksim ↔ Kabataş
F2 line, Karaköy ↔ Beyoğlu
F3 line, Seyrantepe ↔ Vadistanbul
F4 line,
Aerial / Cable:
TF1, Maçka ↔ Taskisla
TF2, Eyup ↔ Piyerlotí

Transit Cards / PassesIstanbulkart