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Trip Planning

So, You Have Made the Decision to Go to Europe. So Where Do You Start?

For those of you who have taken trips overseas and especially Europe, you already know the expectations for planning. It means about having or accessing, whatever you are going to need, be it proper documents, information, agenda, transportation, clothing and necessary supplies that will insure you have a safe, mistake free, enjoyable and memorable trip. If you missed or didn’t do something right the last trip, you will make sure to correct it this time. Planning gets better with each trip as you know what to have and what to expect.

If this is your first trip to Europe, you’ll mostly likely need some help with planning. Now these days they are many sources of help from travel agents, tour operators’, guidebooks, TV travelogs, podcasts, internet travel web sites and providers like, airlines, hotels, etc. Go to our ➾ Travel Advice & Resource page for more detailed information.

It means your trip can take some time and might even seem a little overwhelming at times but, using the right resources to get good information can be rewarding. Once your trip is done, you’ll want to do it again.

If you are a first timer, you’ll want to read these steps carefully as it will set you on the right planning path. Even if you an experienced traveler, a review may be a little helpful.

What is Your Personal Travel Style?

Who Are You? In other words, what type of traveler are you. Your age, physical ability, solo travel or in a group, luxury or budget spending and especially your likes and dislikes. Go to our➾ Determine Your Traveling Style page and fill in the questionnaire. Asking yourself these questions will help you to avoid your limitations and make the best decisions for an enjoyable trip.

How and Who is Going to Book the Trip?

There will be many booking choices and if you do not have the time someone will. The question is who will that be? Go to our ➾Start Your Plan page for assisted or non-assisted planning.

Know What You’ll Need to Have?

Traveling internationally out of the country can have its challenges. You need to be thoroughly prepared so pack correctly and leave nothing undone.

TravelAdvice & Resources

Start Your Plan

Determine Your Traveling Style

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Choose Your Destination

Create Your Agenda


Budget Your Money

Booking Online

What You’ll Need