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I awoke this morning and tried in vain to upload pictrures from yesterday but, the provider is slow and my server is not responding to certain functions. One of them is the ability to create a gallery and insert it into the days post.

While it rained a little early this morning we are expecting partly cloudy skies and temperatures around 70. Today is Saturday and that means market day in Aix-en-Provence. Certian streets and squares are dedicated to selling just categories if products. There is a square for flowers, books, another for clothing, shoes and leather items like purses, etc. Others have food and not just fruits and vegetables but, cheese’s, meats, seafood, olives, spices, cooked foods, bread and pastries. One thing not present was wine, which I found interesting.

Yes the French love their dogs and take them everywhere. In stores, museums, insides of restaurants, not just sidewalk cafes, on trains and buses. Many dogs were at the market today and some were so cute. 

By 1:00 pm feet started to ache so I went back to the hotel for a little rest. I have only had a bath in one hotel, all the others have showers. It is nice when you have to do so much walking that you can soak your old tried muscles once wnd a while. In previous years I would go to the pharmacie and buy some mineral salts. That last day in Budapest when I spent the day at Gellért Thermal spa was great. 

Coming back to the room also allowed me to ad to todays post. Some pictures uploaded yet some from yesterday still will not. Tomorrow off to nice and hopefully and room with a bath tub.