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After last years trip to Germany & the Czech Rep. the places on my bucket list were Amsterdam & Copenhagen Then plan B was Istanbul & Greece but, with the Greek financial crisis and everyone telling me Istanbul would be dangerous it was on to plan C. With the Euro falling everyone said Spain & Portugal were very affordable. I plan to go in October of this year but, pricing flights wasn’t getting any cheaper and I really wanted to see Andalusia, Gibraltar & Tangiers as long as I was there. Not enough time, money and Hilton properties. Looking at the British Airways rate calendar a few days in late August and early September had low rates. With laying over in London before going to Brussels was even less. So off I go on another European adventure. London, Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Copenhagen & Sweden before heading home.

Flight left San Diego only 10 minutes late and had a smooth flight all the until descending into London. Storms over England and Ireland but, it really wasn’t all that bumpy