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Europe’s economic history has long been based on trade and free market systems. From Greek city states, spurred by exploration and colonization it expanded even more during the industrial revolution. That period saw industry grow to a very high level. That growth continued up to the start of WWII but, war damage severely impacted industry.

Agriculture & fishing have been core segments of Europe’s economy for centuries with manufacturing, transportation, investing & banking, also primary contributors.

The overall economy of Europe has steadily been stable since after the end of the second world war with the western countries out performing those of the eastern communist countries. While some of those countries have seen good economic recovery, former states of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia still lag behind.

The opening of free trade areas with the EEC ( European Economic Community other treaty’s and agreements have led to overall trade growth.

Europe Economic Wealth by Country

GNI (Gross National Income) by country

🇱🇮 Liechtenstein116,440🇬🇷 Greece19,710
🇨🇭Switzerland87,950🇱🇹 Lithuania19,020
🇮🇲 Isle of Man83,160🇸🇰 Slovakia18,700
🇳🇴 Norway78,250🇱🇻 Latvia17,740
🇮🇸 Iceland72,930🇭🇺 Hungary16,530
🇱🇺 Luxembourg70,930🇵🇱 Poland15,270
🇬🇬Guernsey / 🇯🇪Jersey66,220🇭🇷 Croatia14,190
🇺🇸 United States65,910🇷🇴 Romania12,570
🇮🇪 Ireland63,530🇷🇺 Russia10,690
🇩🇰 Denmark 62,720🇧🇬 Bulgaria9,540
🇸🇪 Sweden53,800🇹🇷 Turkey9,050
🇳🇱 Netherlands53,060🇲🇪 Montenegro7,900
🇦🇹 Austria51,440🇷🇸 Serbia7,400
🇫🇮 Finland49,620🇧🇾 Belarus6,330
🇧🇪 Belgium48,010🇧🇦 Bosnia & Herzegovina6,090
🇩🇪 Germany46,990🇲🇰 North Macedonia5,720
🇫🇷 France42,330🇦🇱 Albania5,210
🇬🇧 United Kingdom42,130🇲🇩 Moldova4,570
🇮🇹 Italy32,200🇽🇰 Kosovo4,440
🇪🇸 Spain30,360🇺🇦 Ukraine3,540
🇨🇾 Cyprus26,110🇦🇩 AndorraNo data
🇸🇮 Slovenia25,940🇨🇾 Holy See – VaticanNo data
🇲🇹 Malta25,370🇬🇮 GibraltarNo data
🇪🇪 Estonia23,250🇲🇨 MonacoNo data
🇵🇹 Portugal22,000🇸🇲 San MarinoNo data
🇨🇿 Czechia21,930🇫🇴 Faroe IslandsNo data